Black Sheep Squadron: Is Switzerland Europe's heart of darkness? Fadela Amara, France’s urban minister, is passionate about helping the banlieues. A review of Azouz Begag's Ethnicity and Equality: France in the Balance. A review of The Discovery of France by Graham Robb (and more and more). Form New Statesman, the gagging of the mandarins: How the Foreign Office systematically silences critical civil servants and does Britain really understand its true position in the new world order? Jeremy Greenstock, Britain's former ambassador to the UN, gives a controversial analysis. A review of Politics & the People: A History of British Democracy Since 1918 by Kevin Jefferys. A review of From Anger to Apathy: The British Experience Since 1975 by Mark Garnett. A look at how the Iraq War is responsible for Scottish independence. Really.  

The General in Our Labyrinth: David Petraeus and grandiose failure in the Middle East. The No-Exit Strategy: He broke Iraq. Why trust Bush to fix it? More False Optimism on Iraq: How many mulligans should we let Iraq war boosters take? Sunni World: Marc Lynch on how the cheerleaders for the surge have constructed a Disney-esque fantasy of Iraq which might as well be in Orlando for all it has to do with the grim reality on the ground. And Abu Risha's assassination isn't likely to dim that fantasy.  Deceptive or Delusional? Fred Kaplan on Bush's appalling Iraq speech and Dennis Ross on Bush's sad, ignorant Iraq speech. Why It’s So Hard to Win: As we’ve seen in Iraq, premodern enemies have become more effective in insurgencies against postmodern societies. Victor Davis Hanson tells why. The Missing Measure of Our Outrage: If most of us can agree the Iraq War is a colossal failure, why aren't we doing much about it

A look at why the GOP's '08 candidates can't keep dodging Iraq much longer. From Reason, an article on The Unbearable Lightness of Fred: The Big Voice announces for president. America’s Mayor Goes to America: Rudy Giuliani has staked his campaign on the idea that he will keep America safe from terror the same way he kept New York City safe from crime — with ruthless efficiency. Is there a method to his relentlessness? The Looming Republican Delegate Disaster: Think the GOP nomination will be sewn up by the convention? Think again. The Conditional Retirement of Chuck Hagel: The dream of a Bloomberg-Hagel presidential ticket next year, as far as the Senator is concerned, is very much alive. From Slate, The Great Presidential Mashup: What the Democrats have to say about health care, Iraq, and more. The Legacy Problem: Hillary and her rivals take on the Clinton Administration. Hillary's Enforcer: Meet Patti Solis Doyle, the Clinton campaign's consigliere.