From Living Reviews in Democracy, Timm Beichelt (EUV): The Research Field of Democracy Promotion; and Rinaldo Kuhne (Zurich): Media-induced Affects and Opinion Formation: How Related and Unrelated Affects Influence Political Opinions. A 3-D printed house: The applications of such rapid-fire housing are endless: affordable housing for the poor; “extraterrestrial buildings constructed from in situ materials”; emergency FEMA-style housing, and the like. Calls for a Western intervention in northern Mali, now being called “Africa’s Afghanistan,” rely on logical fallacies and ignore recent history. Inarticulate by choice: Elisabeth Lasch-Quinn on the decline of letter writing and the future of the intellectual past (and a response). Mark Leon Goldberg on why Beyonce is teaming up with the United Nations. Researchers unravel twenty-five-year-old riddle of buckyball formation.