From Humanitas, Ryan Holston (JHU): Burke’s Historical Morality; Colin D. Pearce (USC-Beaufort): History for Life: Simms and Nietzsche Compared; Michael P. Federici (Mercyhurst): Imperialism Destroys the Constitutional Republic; and a review of Conservatism in America: Making Sense of the American Right by Paul Gottfried. From The Humanist, a review of What's So Great about Christianity by Dinesh D'Souza; a review of I Don’t Believe in Atheists by Chris Hedges; and a brief history of Jonathan Miller. From the International Journal of Baudrillard Studies, Slavoj Zizek on The Prospects of Radical Politics Today; Sally Hart (Chichester): Jean Baudrillard and Jacques Derrida: At the Limits of Thought; Gerry Coulter (Bishop’s): Passings: Richard Rorty and the Voluntary Servitude of Philosophy; Marc J. LaFountain (UWG): Obscene Ethics: A Baudrillardian View of Spurlock’s Super Size Me; a review of Cyborgs and Barbie Dolls. Feminism, Popular Culture and the Posthuman Body by Kim Toffoletti; and was Baudrillard a nihilist? Ashley Woodward investigates. From The L Magazine, man walks along famous street, writes story about it. Economic relations, political values: Which is the tail, and which is the dog? Hundreds of economic blogs have sprung up on the Internet, many written by academics — what gives, and how did economics become so popular?

From Australian Humanities Review, a special issue on The Idea of the South, including an essay on the keys to the South; and an excerpt from Southern Theory: The global dynamics of knowledge in social science by Raewyn Connell. From Ethic@, Janyne Sattler (UQaM): Kantian Anthropology and the Feminine Task of Morality; and Iain Law (Birmingham): Evil Pleasure is Good for You! Kristof Magnusson looks into Iceland's culture and history to find out how this mini-state with its global ambitions became buried in debt. David Gordon reviews Who Killed the Constitution? The Fate of American Liberty from World War I to George W. Bush by Thomas E. Woods Jr. and Kevin R.C. Gutzman. Nicola Karras on how she learned to stop worrying and love the vast right-wing conspiracy. From Freethought Today, an article on violence in religion; a look at the real religious terrorism; and what is a good righteous person? From Free Inquiry, living without religion: I want (not) to believe.  An article on the Codex Sinaiticus, the rival to the Bible. A review of Butcher and Bolt: Two Hundred Years of Foreign Engagement in Afghanistan by David Loyn. Eight years after Bush v. Gore, why is there still so much election litigation and what does this mean? A review of Kingmakers: The Invention of the Modern Middle East by Karl E. Meyer and Shareen Blair Brysac. 

From Kritike, Kenneth Masong (KUL): Iris Murdoch’s The Bell: Tragedy, Love, and Religion; Saitya Brata Das (Marc Bloch): ‘To Philosophize is to Learn How to Die?’; and Saladdin Said Ahmed (Brock): Mass Mentality, Culture Industry, Fascism. From The Independent Review, Max Hocutt (Alabama): In Defense of Herbert Spencer; Rafael Reuveny (Indiana): The Last Colonialist: Israel in the Occupied Territories since 1967; a review of The Roman Predicament: How the Rules of International Order Create the Politics of Empire by Harold James; and a review of The Bottomless Well: The Twilight of Fuel, the Virtue of Waste, and Why We Will Never Run Out of Energy by Peter W. Huber and Mark P. Mills. Why crime pays: An interview with Raymond Fisman and Edward Miguel, authors of Economic Gangsters: Corruption, Violence and the Poverty of Nations. From the Electronic Journal of Human Sexuality, it starts in the womb: An article on helping parents understand infant sexuality. From Green Anarchy, Sal Insieme on questions for the nomadic wanderers in all of us. From The African Review of Books, Soyinka's life and work in pictures: A review of WS: a life in full by Bankole Olayebi. From The Root, Henry Luis Gates, Jr. interviews Wole Soyinka on the future of Africa. From NPR, Ken Rudin on the Republican Party after Bush.

From Arion, Camille Paglia on Feminism Past and Present: Ideology, Action, and Reform; and Maria Rybakova on two genders of the soul regarding the love of God. From The Futurist, a review of Futurecast: How Superpowers, Populations, and Globalization Will Change the Way You Live and Work by Robert J. Shapiro; where's my flying car? An interview with Paul Moller; and a series of interviews on the future of ocean habitation. Still the Border State: Maryland remains unclassifiable, even as the rest of the country gets split into easy divisions. A review of Taking on the Pledge of Allegiance: The Media and Michael Newdow's Constitutional Challenge by Ronald Bishop. Counting how votes count: A rational person will vote, economists show, as an act of altruism. Why Wall Street will prevail: Things are bad now, but the world will never out-finance us (and more). Cass Sunstein reviews Leaderless Jihad: Terror Networks in the Twenty-First Century by Marc Sageman. From Big Think, Cliff Schorer on the problems with tax incentives. From Dark Roasted Blend, an article on castles that will inspire and haunt you. From Strange Maps, an article on the forgotten Kingdom of Araucania-Patagonia.  A hundred little Napoleons: Is anyone in charge in today's nonpolar world? Why dogs don't enjoy music: Human neurons are extraordinarily sensitive to changes in pitch.