From Dissent, an essay on interrogating the Great Depression. From Big Think, Paul Krugman on the return of depression economics (and a review). Madison Powers on the return of the Wall Street Democrats. The trouble with Starbucks: As Howard Schultz nears his goal to make the coffee chain the world’s most recognised brand, he faces a dilemma. A review of Arthur Miller by Christopher Bigsby. Josh Strawn writes in defense of Zizek. From HNN, should Obama lead from the center or not? A debate. The War Dividend: Will the Pentagon lock the Obama administration into ever-escalating military budgets? Jon Favreau, Obama's chief speechwriter, works on inaugural address while making his own transition. Terry Eagleton on Milton's republic: Our great dissident poet did more than just hymn the praises of revolt. Milton the poet was a bore and a prig, but on liberty he was majestic. James Frey is moving on from his drugs and booze-soaked memoirs to write the third book of the Bible. In the first of a remarkable series of video interviews, Britain's leading green commentator, George Monbiot, charges Yvo de Boer, the UN's leading climate change official, with lacking ambition for a global emissions deal; and more with International Energy Authority's chief economist Fatih Birol. The sex blogger's sex blogger: Fleshbot's Lux Alptraum believes quality porn will survive the Internet free-for-all.

From Folio, a look at How to Get Out of the Traffic Ghetto: Magazine publishers will try anything to ramp up page views. From FLYP, Brewster Kahle wants to give you digital access to every book, film, video, song, TV show and periodical ever published; if he succeeds, the world will be a different place; and color can lift our spirits and put us in a buying mood — or so marketers hope; the top color consultants are doing their best to revive the economy and the nation’s mood. Here's a Field Guide to Financial Scams: Ponzis, pyramids, and bucket shops. From Archeology, forensic archaeologists uncover evidence of a secret massacre — and help convict Saddam Hussein of crimes against humanity; and Paleolithic pastime: An interview with Celine Rainville, captain of the Hurling Ravens, on the new sport of ancient spear-throwing. From Culture11, Malcolm Gladwell is praised and panned. Not just a comedian anymore: An article on Tommy Chong, the unanticipated warrior. What I've learned: Here is wisdom and damn good advice from hundreds of headliners. Web 3.0: What's next after what's next. From Foreign Policy, here are the top 10 stories you missed in 2008; and an interview with Lt. Gen. Paul Van Riper on how to kick pirate booty (and more). Pin-striped pirates: Why does the UK retain a handful of colonies? To destroy the world’s taxation systems.

From Adbusters, the growth economy is failing and we have to attempt a steady-state economy, and more on economist Herman Daly. From Britney to Barney, any music can drive you mad if it's played enough — and unlike with physical torture, you can't mentally prepare yourself. Michael Tomasky explains how Milan Kundera's The Joke changed his view of politics. Jack Shafer on what's killing newspapers — the same thing that killed the slide rule; and Peter Osnos on how to save newspapers. Who will mourn local newspapers? From Culture11, beauty or bust: An article on the case against breast implants. Does sex addiction have any basis in science? First Things remembers Avery Cardinal Dulles. From Cracked, here are 7 bullshit rumors that caused real world catastrophes; and here are 6 insane discoveries that science can't explain. From The Daily Beast, Renata Espinosa on the new fashion porn; and an interview with Perez Hilton on Red Carpet Suicide: A Survival Guide on Keeping Up With the Hiltons (and more on how to wreck a home). If aliens decided to destroy humanity, could we blame them? Here's the five obscure bowl games every pro fan should watch. From Esquire, an article on Joshua Prince-Ramus, the young savior of American architecture burying Frank Gehry. Literary band names: What are the bookish bands just begging to come into existence?

From The Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science, a special issue free online on The Moynihan Report Revisited: Lessons and Reflections after Four Decades. More on Philosophy and Real Politics by Raymond Geuss. From TAS, a review of The Encyclopedia of Libertarianism. From First Principles, a longer and deeper view of our cultural divide shows conservatives to be those Americans who take the side of religion and morality against intellectual liberationism; and a review of The Way We Argue Now: A Study in the Cultures of Theory by Amanda Anderson. Politics and poor English: Harvard’s plans to restructure its literature course reveal a confusion about what a college English department is supposed to do. From Campus Progress, an article on the death of intellectual conservatism. Yale brought me to conservatism: How Nicola Karras learned to stop worrying and love the Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy. From Counterpunch, left control of academia? An article on the case of William Felkner. A look at the 4 craziest right wing fears about Obama. An article on Obama’s cabinet: A diverse center-left team, picked quickly. A review of To Serve the President: Continuity and Innovation in the White House Staff by Bradley H. Patterson. John Bicknell writes in defense of dynasties. Andrew Keen writes in defense of sleazy lobbyists.