Peter Tiersma (Loyola): Language Policy in the United States. Let's stop pretending the Constitution is sacred: Freedom rests on a culture of constitutionalism, not a particular document. A government report finds rich white men are most likely to survive nuclear blast. A review of Quest for Equality: The Failed Promise of Black-Brown Solidarity by Neil Foley (and more). As Gulf fishermen are forced to work for the oil company that destroyed their livelihoods, who will train Louisiana’s next generation to fish? The U.S. postal service is struggling for survival and broadcast airwaves feed hate — how two key information commons, “owned” by citizens, have dammed the flow of communication and birthed Rush Limbaugh. Think Again: Gideon Rachman on American decline — this time it's for real. Born in the USA? Some Chinese plan it that way. Why is gun control controversial? Scott McLemee wonders while waiting for the next massacre. The Worst of the Worst: Lance Tapley on supermax torture in America. Does anyone in America believe in the rule of law? WikiLeaks, immigration, tax havens, illegal wars — both the left and right ignore the law when it suits them. State and local corporate welfare are mind-boggling — where's the reporting? A review of The Essential American, A Patriot's Resource: 25 Documents and Speeches Every American Should Own. R. M. Arrieta on the state of Native America: Very unemployed and mostly ignored.

Peter G. Turner (St. Catharine's): Degrees of Property. So fake it's beyond real: A review of In Praise of Copying by Marcus Boon. A review of Intellectuals Incorporated: Politics, Art, and Ideas Inside Henry Luce's Media Empire by Robert Vanderlan. A review of Soul Dust: The Magic of Consciousness by Nicholas Humphrey. Cattle Call: Why is a Washington watchdog attacking an obscure USDA official? Humans are overconfident creatures, which boosts our persistence, ambition, and drive, but can also lead to disasters — we can make such false beliefs work to our benefit. People neglect who they really are when predicting their own future happiness. Lords of the rings: An article on understanding tree ring science. An interview with Nancy Brown, author of The Abacus and the Cross: The Story of the Pope Who Brought the Light of Science to the Dark Ages. A review of All Things Shining: Reading the Western Classics to Find Meaning in a Secular Age by Hubert Dreyfus and Sean Dorrance Kelly (and more and more). Americans Abroad: Charles Glass chooses five books about his countrymen in other countries. A now infamous PowerPoint presentation exposes a lot about men, women, sex, and alcohol — and about how universities are letting their female students down. A review of Is the Internet Changing the Way You Think?, ed. John Brockman. How many Gitmo alumni take up arms? Not nearly as many as the Department of Defense is claiming.

Mohammad Omar Farooq (BIBF): Self-Interest, Homo Islamicus and Some Behavioral Assumptions in Islamic Economics and Finance. From Vice, an interview with an ex-Muslim. Lesley Hazleton sat down one day to read the Koran, and what she found wasn't what she expected. A review of iMuslims: Rewiring the House of Islam by Gary Bunt. Is Islam "worse" than any other religion? Reza Aslan on anti-Islamic feelings in the U.S. and how other faiths have faced down feelings of “otherness”. Is the new Islamophobia also anti-Semitism? A review of The Closing of the Muslim Mind: How Intellectual Suicide Created the Modern Islamist Crisis by Robert Reilly. Is Mecca cashing in on its status as one of the world’s most important seasonal destinations — by reinventing itself as a centre of religious tourism? How the capitalist west has taken over the heart of Islam. A review of In Ishmael's House: A History of Jews in Muslim Lands by Martin Gilbert. With his George W. Bush-era travel ban revoked, Tariq Ramadan has now journeyed back to the United States, where his faith in faith has been put to the test by a painful year for American Muslims. Forbidden Love: An article on taboos and fear among Muslim girls. For the first time, an imam has joined the debate on the future of Islam in Europe with his own publication. A review of The Islamic World in the New Century: The Organisation of Islamic Conference 1969-2009 by Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu. Here are 5 ridiculous things you probably believe about Islam.