Kyle Powys Whyte (MSU) and Robert Crease (Stony Brook): Trust, Expertise and the Philosophy of Science. You might as well be a Raelian: Sibling statistics, software secrecy and study shortcuts all show why scientific authority derives from transparency. If I ruled the world: Why don’t we put scientists in charge of everything? Surely they’d do a better job than politicians. From Seed, history — not to mention differing languages, cultures, and values — can make peace difficult to achieve; science is a common ground upon which nations can collaborate to improve our world; emerging global challenges demand rapid responses from the scientific community — this can only be achieved through a reformation of the culture and practice of science and its relation to the wider world; and the scientific paper has long been the unit of scientific knowledge — now, with print media lapsing into obsolescence, the internet is poised to transform science publishing and science itself. Are scientists addicted to using metaphorical imagery at the cost of misleading the public and themselves? Measuring the fog of prose: Marc Abrahams on the needless use of long words, and other problems that obscure scientific writing. Does all scientific work deserve public attention? A review of Escape from the Ivory Tower: A Guide to Making Your Science Matter by Nancy Baron, and Explaining Research: How to Reach Key Audiences to Advance Your Work by Dennis Meredith. A review of The Commodification of Academic Research: Science and the Modern University.

Hong Liu (Lanzhou Jiaotong): The Perplexing Choice in Existence Predicament: An Existential Interpretation of Burgess’s A Clockwork Orange. Why isn't Wall Street in jail? Matt Taibbi wants to know. You’re entitled to wonder whether any executives who helped kindle the financial crisis will see jail time. Tech Revolutionaries: The Arab Revolt shows that Google's and Twitter's corporate values are better than Facebook's. Ezra Klein on why unions are worth fighting for. 10 realistically awkward movie sex scenes: Sex isn't always perfectly choreographed — which is why these films got it right. The powerful protests spreading across the Middle East and North Africa have shunned the two central tenets of Al Qaeda’s credo: murderous violence and religious fanaticism. Does favoring free enterprise mean favoring "business"? Wanted — More and Better Protesters: All you guys out there who like to talk tough? Log off, and take it to the streets — you’re needed out there. A review of Freedom of Expression in a Diverse World. Shaken-baby Syndrome faces new questions in court: Some doctors are taking issue with the diagnosis of the syndrome, raising the possibility that innocent people have been sent to jail. Don’t say it: Jan Freeman on the art of dodging bad words. When cash is the difference between life and death: Governments are loathe to admit it but ransom payments are often only way to bring an end to kidnapping ordeals. Off the Books: The popularity of public libraries shows just how hollow the promise by conservatives to cut spending really is. The secret of IKEA's success: Lean operations, shrewd tax planning and tight control. Alexandra Lange on what food should look like. How to rack up 557 safety violations and not get shut down: Why Massey Energy and other serial mine-safety offenders have been getting off easy.

From Cosmos, origins of animals: The humble sea sponge has a surprisingly intricate genome including the blueprint for complex vertebrates — and it’s not even a true animal; and animal pharm: Transgenic animals are poised to become pharmaceutical factories, churning out everything from natural insulin to cancer treatments. Travis the Menace: He was the most famous ape in America — but to really understand a chimp, you have to know his mother. Arctic roamers: Ed Struzik on the move of southern species into far north. Can you hear me now? Animals all over the world are finding interesting ways to get around the human din. A review of Life in a Shell: A Physiologist's View of a Turtle by Donald C. Jackson. Rebirth of the guinea hens: Mark Bowden's fowl defy the blogosphere and stage a comeback. On photography and how it's changed our perception of animals: An interview with Matthew Brower, author of Developing Animals: Wildlife and Early American Photography. Everything you wanted to know about dinosaur sex: By studying dinosaurs' closest living relatives, we are able to uncover their secret mating habits and rituals. A kinder, gentler, bisexual great ape: An article on Dominique Morel’s quest to save the bonobo. The history of lice and men is a long, itchy story that intertwines co-evolution not only with these blood-sucking little parasites but also with the microbes they carry. The Mind of a Police Dog: How misconceptions about dogs can lead to abuse of humans.