Maxine Burkett (Hawaii): In Search of Refuge: Pacific Islands, Climate-Induced Migration, and the Legal Frontier. From the International Journal of Bahamian Studies, Lisa Benjamin (UWI): Climate Change and Caribbean Small Island States: The State of Play. From Antrocom Online Journal of Anthropology, Kerry Bolton on the enigma of the Ngati Hotu. In Macau, a succession saga fit for a casino king. A review of Islanders: The Pacific in the Age of Empire by Nicholas Thomas. Atlas Obscura visits Rockall, the British Empire's last territorial expansion. Why do the world's fattest people live on islands? The Lost Decade: Has Fiji been lost for the past 10 years? From Open Democracy, meet the world’s smallest democratic government. A South Pacific island, under the microscope: Mo‘orea becomes a biodiversity lab as researchers catalogue the DNA of its species. Testing the limits of where humans can live: On an isolated segment of islands in the Pacific Ring of Fire, residents endure volcanoes, tsunamis, dense fog, steep cliffs and long and chilly winters — sounds homey, huh? Joseph Stiglitz on the Mauritius miracle. Caribbean Hangover: Turks and Caicos was poised to become the Monte Carlo of the Caribbean — so how did it end up a tropical hell? Novelist T.C Boyle’s When the Killing’s Done uses California’s Channel Islands to delve into the thorny effort to restore lost habitats, a theme and a locale familiar to our readers. Some men would like to be islands: The hows and whys of seasteading. Mustique Island, in the country of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, rarely makes the news — unless one counts celebrity gossip sheets. From Paris Review, Sam Stephenson writes to managing editor Nicole Rudick from the island of Guam. Caribbean Maritime Disputes: When is an island not an island? An article on the little-noticed dissolution of the Netherlands Antilles. It seems worthwhile to map the potential geopolitical division of the Caribbean entailed by the existence of the ALBA alliance and that of its nemesis, NATO (and more).

Jane Yakowitz (Brooklyn): Tragedy of the Data Commons. D. Wade Hands (Puget Sound): Normative Rational Choice Theory: Past, Present, and Future. Extreme How To Skills: Start here, then move on to more DIY fun — you can do this! Malls of a certain age: Greg Beato on the shopping mall — a look back. How free is your will? A clock face, advanced neurosurgery — and startling philosophical questions about the decision to act. A review of The Novel: An Introduction by Christoph Bode. Protective Bargaining: Thomas A. Kochan on how to prevent the labor wars. Rethinking snow: How we could use the white stuff as architecture — or art. More people than ever before work in call centres in the UK but are they the modern-day equivalents of the factory production line? Weird Science: Nick Pinto on how a bogus child sex trafficking study fooled some of the most respected media outlets in the country. A review of The Oxford Companion to the Book (and more). From McSweeney's, James Warner on the future of books. From the BBC, here is a brief history of time zones. From Big Think, when is a prostitute not a prostitute? Politics by other means: We've allowed the judicial election system to be overrun by politics, and that's bad for democracy. “People publishing their passions” or mass print, one magazine at a time: MagCloud marries print expertise and Cloud services. Hate crimes against people with disabilities are widespread and often involve extraordinary levels of sadism. The power of lonely: What we do better without other people around. Can Tarzan ever escape his own origins in early twentieth-century America, a creation soaked in the racial, gender, and other politics of its time? A review of Making the Social World: The Structure of Human Civilization by John Searle. Anthony Grafton on the Cronon Affair: Wisconsin answers.

Sean E. Mulholland (Stonehill): Hate Source: White Supremacist Hate Groups and Hate Crime. From The Occidental Quarterly, Baird Peterson on why secession is a bad idea for whites (and more). William R Thomas is more than a racist — he's an interesting-conversation-ist, a stands-up-straight-ist, a decent-grooming-ist, a beauty-and-fitness-ist, a pro-literacy-ist. From Alternative Right, our Glenn Beck: An article on Alex Jones and the Alt Right; Richard Spencer on the triumph of Sailerism; and in Toby Ord we are witnesses to over two centuries of liberalism — let’s end it; The Antifa Fad: Michael C. Tuggle on totalitarian anti-fascism; Robert T. Burnham on White Nationalism 2.0: Some might call it progress; and who has a claim to the United States? Alex Kurtagic investigates. An interview with Richard Spencer, editor of Alternative Right. Noble lies are for children: John Derbyshire interviews Jared Taylor, founder and editor of the American Renaissance. That American Renaissance Conference: Peter Brimelow on the War against Whites. Seceding from history: Slavery apologists are using the 150th anniversary of the Civil War to whitewash history. A review of Rabble Rousers: The American Far Right in the Civil Rights Era by Clive Webb. From AEI, Charles Murray on the State of White America. Saint Joe: Patrick Casey on Joseph Sobran and the Tribe. An interview with Kevin MacDonald, professor at CSU-Long-Beach. The SPLC hate group count tops 1,000 as Radical Right expansion continues. They are, some say, the new face of racial oppression in this nation and their faces are white — are whites racially oppressed? (and more) States across the country are considering far-right bills to ban Islamic law — for that, we have hate-group leader David Yerushalmi to thank. Mary Grabar on reading Kant and debating white nationalists. A recent history of violent right-wing extremism: David Holthouse on how neo-Nazis and other white supremacists are most dangerous.