L. Randall Wray (Bard): The Dismal State of Macroeconomics and the Opportunity for a New Beginning. Russell B. Korobkin (UCLA): What Comes after Victory for Behavioral Law and Economics? Geoffrey P. Miller (NYU): Law and Economics Versus Economic Analysis of Law. Alexandra Constantin (AICU) and Iuliana Marina Cindea (Petre Andrei): Entropy in Economics: Epistemological Perspectives. What can the Law of Diminishing Marginal Utility teach us? A review of Toward a Truly Free Market by John Medaille (and more on the uselessness of utility). The first chapter from Peddling Protectionism: Smoot-Hawley and the Great Depression by Douglas A. Irwin (and more). Robert Kuttner reviews The Globalization Paradox: Democracy and the Future of the World Economy by Dani Rodrik and Exorbitant Privilege: The Rise and Fall of the Dollar and the Future of the International Monetary System by Barry Eichengreen. Olivier Blanchard on the future of macroeconomic policy: Nine tentative conclusions. Heleen Mees on the false panacea of labor-market flexibility. From the Distributist Review, is a free market a good thing? Thomas Storck investigates. A review of The Economics of Enough: How to Run the Economy as if the Future Matters by Diane Coyle (and more). A review of The Monster: How a Gang of Predatory Lenders and Wall Street Bankers Fleeced America — And Spawned a Global Crisis by Michael W. Hudson. More on Ha-Joon Chang's 23 Things They Don't Tell You About Capitalism. Timothy A. Canova (Chapman): Black Swans and Black Elephants in Plain Sight: An Empirical Review of Central Bank Independence. The first chapter from Guaranteed to Fail: Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and the Debacle of Mortgage Finance by Viral V. Acharya, Matthew Richardson, Stijn Van Nieuwerburgh and Lawrence J. White.

Rex D. Glensy (Drexel): The Right to Dignity. Jolanta Reingarde (Vytautas Magnus): Heteronormativity and Silenced Sexualities at Work. Naughty by nature: What should we think of people whose addled brains are driving them to nymphomania? Philip Tetlock and Dan Gardner on why most predictions are so bad — and what is actually being done about it. A review of books on old age and aging. That was then: Greg Beato on the art of the before-and-after photograph. Do extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence? Politically incorrect claims require impossible evidence. A review of When I am playing with my cat, how do I know she is not playing with me? Montaigne and Being in Touch with Life by Saul Frampton. A look at 6 things our kids just plain won't get. The safest countries in the world: If you're looking to avoid natural disasters, you might consider moving to Estonia. Does the universe need God? Sean Carroll wonders. The Koch-Whore Archipelago: Mark Ames on how the billionaire Kochs screwed my scoop while screwing America. Robert Cristiano deconstructs Barack Obama. Why being straight is gay: If defining who you are as a heterosexual were as basic as figuring out your jean type at a mainstream retailer, that’d be easy. A review of Helvetica and the New York City Subway System by Paul Shaw. Canadian tar sands: Evan O'Neil on how there's no such thing as ethical oil (or nuclear power). Discovery Communications Inc. is launching a television network for rich guys and their toys called Velocity; the target audience is men with incomes of $150,000 a year and more: "We just felt like this was a space missing in the marketplace". Martin W. Lewis on the simplistic world-view of Thomas L. Friedman. According to the French government and California’s Imperial County, the official center of the world lies in the town of Felicia in California’s Sonora Desert.

A new issue of Africa Spectrum is out. From Le Monde diplomatique, Philippe Rekacewicz on utopian Africa, useful Africa, and unequal development, selective investments. How African is the Arab revolution? The belief that countries need strong dictators runs deep in Africa, but Kenya, Namibia and South Sudan point to a freer future. The happiest place on earth: Nigeria is beset by poverty, corruption and violence, but a poll says it is the world's most optimistic nation. Without a savior: Rian Malan on the staggering breadth of southern Africa's political dysfunction (and more). Mapping the “Green Sahara”: We should not think of the Sahara as a recent phenomenon — it does seem to be geologically ancient, despite periodic humid interregnums. To fight AIDS, Swaziland turns to mass circumcision. Why Western military contractors are a terrible idea for Somalia. William Duggan, co-author of The Aid Trap, says a Marshall Plan model could work in Africa, too. A review of Chocolate Nations: Living and Dying for Cocoa in West Africa by Orla Ryan. Eric Reeves on the promise and peril of an independent Republic of South Sudan. Barry Malone on the African Union’s existential crisis. Mickey Mouse Independent Nations: Femi Akomolafe debunks the disingenous argument that African colonialists packed their bags and left the continent alone and independent. Ending malaria in Africa any time soon is nearly hopeless — and in trying, Jeffrey Sachs and Bill Gates may be doing more harm than good. Can you hear us now? Why technology is Africa's latest, greatest poverty fighter. Rapped Up: How Uganda’s regime harnessed social media to keep itself in power. When they beg for alms, are Senegalese “talibes” supporting Quranic schools — or being exploited? A review of The Curse of Berlin: Africa After the Cold War by Adekeye Adebajo.