Here is a map that presents a model of the migratory pattern of humans as we moved outward from Africa into Asia, and later the Americas, Indonesia and Australia. In experiments with total strangers to whom they're unrelated, and whom they'll never see again, people are, in short, surprisingly nice — why should this be? (and more). A look at how cities might influence not just our civilizations, but our evolution. Modern Humans 10, Neandertals 1: Did the sheer number of modern humans in Europe force Neandertals to go extinct? (and more) Benefits for nice guys, who finish 2nd: Alpha males may hold power and attract females, but a study shows they also have very high levels of stress. An organized war effort as a sign of advancing society: Organized hostilities between chiefdoms required that people subordinate individual self-interest to that of the group. A review of Epigenetics: The Ultimate Mystery of Inheritance by Richard Francis. Wisdom of grandparents helped rise of prehistoric man: As more Homo sapiens lived beyond the age of 30, scientists say, they passed on knowledge and skills to the young (and more). A possible human relative, 2 million years old, is a "snapshot of evolution in action". Being immersed in genetics and the whole Darwinian perspective, does it make Bruce Lahn a ruthless SOB? From lecture halls to city streets: David Sloan Wilson on putting evolution to work. Quamrul Ashraf and Oded Galor on the “Out of Africa” hypothesis, human genetic diversity, and comparative economic development. Daniel Lieberman, an evolutionary biology professor at Harvard, spends his time studying how the human head and foot have evolved over the millenniums. Is the "hobbit" just a deformed human? A review of Dark Ages: The Case for a Science of Human Behavior by Lee McIntyre.

A new issue of Ode is out. Murat C. Mungan (Florida State): Don't Say You're Sorry Unless You Mean It. Brian Leiter on Paul Krugman and the Right-Wing Blob. Diplomacy 2.0 and the expanding world order: An interview with Carne Ross. The people who attacked America on 9/11 were suicidal and soulless, but they were human — ten years later, we should no longer fear them. PopMatters looks at the 100 essential directors in film history. The war without end is a war with hardly any news coverage. We must be superstars: Nitsuh Abebe writes in defense of pop (and maybe narcissism, too). Travel is supposed to be a transformative agent, but sometimes you go someplace new, see some different things, and come home the same person — and that's OK. Five reasons geek culture should go away: Someone should go to ComicCon and give everyone in attendance a wedgie (and a response). An interview with Harold Bloom, author of The Anatomy of Influence. The magical world of voodoo "economists": Listening to Republicans discuss economic policy is like entering into an alternative reality. Is air conditioning a form of gender discrimination? No surprise for bisexual men: Report indicates they exist. A look at the trillions of microbes that call us home — and help keep us healthy. You can download for free The End of Loser Liberalism: Making Markets Progressive by Dean Baker. Cartoonist Dan Meth created a mashup of movie scenes featuring the Twin Towers, spanning 1969 to 2001. Where do dwarf-eating carp come from? Tarn Adams ditched a career in mathematics to build an ingenious, ever-evolving computer game. An interview with with Eddie Van Halen on his custom-made Frankenstein 2 that is now in the collections of the American History museum. Jon Stewart, stop hurting America!

How is it that our nation is awash in money, but too broke to provide jobs and services? David Korten introduces a landmark new report, “How to Liberate America from Wall Street Rule.” Can the middle class be saved? The Great Recession has imperiled America's values as well as its economy — here's how we can rebuild our hollowed-out middle class (and a roundtable). The American political system isn’t working for average Americans anymore; don’t blame the Tea Party, new political science research suggests — blame inequality. Does America need manufacturing? Amid the working-class ruins of Michigan, the Obama administration is pursuing what amounts to a stealth industrial policy. The Dollar-Store Economy: The ubiquitous dollar store is the American dream writ small. Umair Haque on how our economy was overrun by monsters and what to do about it. Is socialism possible in the United States? There is no reason Wall Street parasites must run this country forever. Why journalists need to keep telling the sad stories of the American recession, and how to do it better. Here are 8 reasons young Americans don't fight back: How the US crushed youth resistance. Our National Time Bomb: Here is a guide to the U.S. fiscal outlook. The return of a zero-sum world: Reaganomics and Rubinomics are both doomed — what will replace them? What Republicans get wrong about capitalism: Conservative hero Adam Smith thought workers — not Rick Perry's "job creators" — were the engine for growth. Sally Kohn on how American businesses don't succeed in spite of government — they succeed because of it. As companies move production overseas and as other industries grow faster, manufacturing is accounting for a smaller share of the economy — and the nation has no distinct plan for the sector’s future.