C. Ulises Moulines (Munich): The Nature and Structure of Scientific Theories. What if there were rules for science journalism? No false balance, no miracle cures, no opaque statistics. A review of The Quantum Universe by Brian Cox and Jeff Forshaw. Are there mysterious forces lurking in our atoms and galaxies? Physicists stalk a delicate “fifth force” of nature, hidden within the interstices of the other four — what they have not found is even more amazing. David Pescovitz on the map "A Multiverse of Exploration: The Future of Science 202". Who really discovered the expanding universe? From TLS, a review of The Copernican Question: Prognostication, Skepticism, and Celestial Order by Robert S. Westman and Leviathan and the Air Pump: Hobbes, Boyle, and the Experimental Life by Steven Shapin. In physics, telling cranks from experts ain’t easy. Philip Ball is going to try to be like an arts critic, but for science. An interview with Allen Everett and Thomas Roman, authors of Time Travel and Warp Drives: A Scientific Guide to Shortcuts through Time and Space. Here are the top 5 implications of finding the Higgs Boson. Delusions of grandeur: Information systems professor Ian Angell tells Laurie Taylor where science has gone wrong. The accidental universe: Alan P. Lightman on science's crisis of faith. Science affects everyone on the planet, so how and to what extent should the public help set its agenda? Jon Turney looks to the notion of vox populi research for some ideas. Oxford and Cambridge in partnership with US cluster to establish Philosophy of Cosmology as a new field of study. Michio Kaku addresses the question What if Einstein's theory of relativity is wrong?

Jo Lind (Oslo) and Dominic Rohner (Zurich): Knowledge is Power: A Theory of Information, Income, and Welfare Spending. Wesley Morris on the rise of the NBA nerd: Basketball style and black identity. Adrian Chen’s got his lasso out and damned if he isn’t going to catch the most illustrious stallion on the Internet’s wild frontier, @horse_ebooks. Doomsday Clock moved 1 minute closer to midnight. At Bain Capital, Mitt Romney was a cold, ruthless destroyer of jobs and families — does America need someone like that in the White House? Jim Naureckas on why it's good that Romney has no principles. It's easy to talk about disarmament, it's much harder to get it done: As long as treaties remain purposefully vague — and as long as we create more nuclear technology through the civilian use of nuclear power — disarmament is a fancy illusion. More fundamental than mathematical or statistical literacy, shouldn’t we make “quantitative literacy” a basic and integral part of our education curriculum, beginning in first grade? The cure for math anxiety might be in your head. In Mexico and Latin America, old migratory patterns are changing as migrants move to a wider range of cities and countries, creating regional challenges and opportunities. Bananas from Jersey: Penelope Chester on how the world is losing trillions to tax havens. A look at 5 insane ways fear of masturbation shaped the modern world.

Nicolai N. Petro (URI): Is Ideological Competition in Europe Necessary? From Qualitative Sociology Review, Maritza Felices-Luna (Ottawa): Anti-establishment Armed Groups as Total Institutions: Exploring Transformations of the Self; and Chris Hardnack (Oregon): More than an Activist: Identity Competition and Participation in a Revolutionary Socialist Organization. From Quadrant, Kenneth Minogue on the intellectual left’s treason of the heart. From The Utopian, Timothy Stanley on Thatcher and conservatism. Amid the rough and tumble of partisan politics, it can be hard to admit a liking for someone on the "other side"; eight progressives nominate their favourite Tory. A review of The Strange Non-Death of Neoliberalism by Colin Crouch. Left at the crossroads: Leftist governments in Latin America are facing resistance not only from the right, but from their own bases, as well. Immanuel Wallerstein on the social-democratic illusion. Teabagger Dundee: America exports libertarian revolution to Australia. A review of Domenico Losurdo's Liberalism: A Counter-History (and more). You can download Capitalism Class, & Class Struggle for (ex) Dummies. New Left Project profiles Gustav Landauer, nationalist anarchist. A review of The Conservatives: A History by Robin Harris (and more and more). Siryako Akd on the New Right and what it can offer the rest of the world. Honduras shrugged: Two start-ups want to try out libertarian ideas in the country’s new special development regions. David Ropeik on the roots, and dangers, of pig-headed closed-minded ideological thinking. The historical circumstances created by the implosion of contemporary capitalism requires the radical left, in the North as well as the South, to be bold in formulating its political alternative to the existing system.