Alison Bailey (Illinois State): On White Shame and Vulnerability. From the IMF's Finance and Development, a special issue on Africa. The politics of impunity: Alex Lichtenstein on human rights in Mugabe’s Zimbabwe. Circle of life: Namibia is trying to save its lions by charging trophy fees to kill them. Fall of Gaddafi opens a new era for the Sahara's lost civilisation: Libyan leader showed no interest in ancient culture of Garamantes, but now archaeologists hope to unearth neglected slice of history. The Great Green Wall of Africa can either be a literal project, a 15km-wide west-east forest meant to keep the Sahara out, or a metaphor for the addition of trees to the African landscape wherever they’re needed. Martin W. Lewis on the migration of place names — Africa, Libya, Ethiopia, Eritrea, and Sudan — and on ethnic politics and the relocation of Ghana, Benin, and Mauritania. A review of Origins of Pan-Africanism: Henry Sylvester Williams, Africa, and the African Diaspora by Marika Sherwood. Life in hell: Can Somalia survive as a nation? Conflict in the Comoros: By some accounts, the Comoros is the most coup-wracked country in the world. The Mapa Cor-de-rosa: Frank Jacobs on a Portuguese empire that never was.

Here is the latest Edge Question 2012: What is your favorite deep, elegant, or beautiful explanation? From Wired, Anonymous 101: Quinn Norton on an introduction to the Lulz (and part 2 and part 3). Claire Potter on history and the politics of scholarly collaboration: Or, why Anthony Grafton is a rock star (and part 2). It’s time for the U.N. to admit Palestine: Who won the Intelligence Squared debate, and how. Can well-heeled insiders create a populist third-party sensation? Michelle Dean on the struggle for the Occupy Wall Street archives. A look at how a UN vote could allow mankind to control the Sun. Reaction was swift and passionate to Public Editor Arthur Brisbane’s blog post about whether The New York Times should be a “truth vigilante” — here are the 5 most interesting comments you may have missed. The life of Tariq Aziz, Foreign Minister of Iraq under Saddam Hussein, hangs in the balance. Mesodinium chamaeleon is a newly discovered single-celled organism is a unique mixture of animal and plant. Why Tim Tebow is the Sarah Palin of football: The harder the Broncos quarterback and the Alaskan governor fall, the more convinced their supporters become that they are modern messiahs. Sebastian Junger on how we’re all guilty of dehumanizing the enemy.

Colin Farrelly (Queen's): Patriarchy and Historical Materialism. Chandrakala Padia (BHU): Resisting Logocentrism: Mainstreaming the Gender. From Qualitative Sociology Review, Annalisa Murgia (Trento): "Flexible Narratives": Discursive Positionings of Gender and Identity in Precarious Times; Jeni Loftus (Purdue) and Paul Namaste (PHE): "Expectant Mothers": Women’s Infertility and the Potential Identity of Biological Motherhood; and a review of Erotic Mentoring: Women’s Transformations in the University by Janice Hocker Rushing. The reality of sexist abuse online: Female bloggers speak out about misogynist comments, rape threats and death threats. A review of Duels and Duets: Why Men and Women Talk So Differently by John L. Locke. Battle of the sexes: Traits that help one sex but hurt the other are not sufficient for maintaining genetic variation. No, men's magazines aren't written by "rapists": Melissa Petro says to give the guys a break — women are writing and editing these magazines too. Why is "white male" the default? Maria Pawlowska wants to know. Geoffrey Arnold on how heightism is a social construct based in gender norms. Mark Manson on the truth about universal masculinity. Gay vs. straight: What’s a sexy man? Peter Lawler on what we can learn about courage from the philosopher of manliness Harvey Mansfield. A look at 4 evolutionary explanations for modern annoyances.