As part of the "Reinvention of Europe" project, the ECFR is running a series of responses from leading thinkers and academics to Mark Leonard's recent paper, "Four scenarios for the reinvention of Europe". Europe’s decline in global affairs is a process widely assumed to be already in motion — Tony Barber inquires what can be done to stop this descent. From NYRB, Timothy Snyder on how democracy can save Europe. Luca Zarrilli on Iceland and the crisis: Territory, Europe, identity. Georges Prevelakis on Greece and the history behind the collapse. Russell Short on the way Greeks live now. Meet Greece’s new transport minister: Just who are these people whom the EU has put in charge of Greece? James Heartfield on Europe’s soft coup d’etat (and part 2). From The International Economy, Hans-Werner Sinn on the striking similarity between today’s eurozone situation and the end of Bretton Woods; William H. Overholt on the price of German leadership: Having exploited the eurozone, it's fair that Berlin and Frankfurt now pay the price; and a symposium on eurozone austerity: Will the medicine kill the patient? More than twenty important global strategists weigh in. From Socialist Resistance, here is a short history of the euro zone.

From Perspectives on Evil and Human Wickedness, Rosa Slegers (Babson): Unsettling Banality: The Unheimlichkeit of Evil; Ralph Poole (Salzburg): Sex Shape-Shifting: Male Body Spectacles of Vampires and Other Monstrous Border Crossers; and Katja Kontturi (Jyvaskyla): Ancestor Haunts: Ghosts in Don Rosa’s Donald Duck Comics. Nowtopia — class, capital, and new communities: An interview with Chris Carlsson. From The New Yorker, an article on Tyler Clementi’s suicide and Dharun Ravi’s trial. Is the Maldives a moderate Islamic state or a Taliban state? From Philosophy Pathways, Tejasha Kalita on Kant and the problem of abortion. From Small Axe, “the narrative is not written in stone”: An interview with Caryl Phillips, author of Color Me English: Migration and Belonging Before and After 9/11 (and more). From The New York Times Magazine, a cover story on how companies learn your secrets. An interview with Michael Shermer on why people believe weird things. A look at how a Christ-centered girl scouts alternative group is gaining popularity.

A new issue of Synthesis/Regeneration is out. Holly Doremus (UC-Berkeley): Climate Change and the Evolution of Property Rights. Putting a price on the real value of nature: An interview with Pavan Sukhdev on why policymakers and businesses must rethink how they assess environmental costs and benefits. Thom Brooks (Newcastle): How Not to Save the Planet. From TMC Journal, Drita Kruja (Shkodra) and Marinella Sichi (Florence): Climate Change and Tourist Activity. Inside COP17: Why UN climate summits like the one in Durban are challenging, but worth covering. Killing environmentalism to save it: Two greens call for "postenvironmentalism". Life on the edge: Four visions for inhabiting a world transformed by climate change. Three challenges for environmental philosophy: Jim Moran explains why saving the planet will be an uphill struggle. The smart way to play God with Earth's limited land: An excerpt from Mark Lynas's The God Species: Saving the Planet in the Age of Humans. Why the planet doesn’t care about your eco-friendly lifestyle.