Thomas Andrew Joyce (James Madison): A Nation of Employees: The Rise of White-Collar Workers and the Perceived Crisis of Masculinity in the 1950s. A review of Why Labor Organizing Should be a Civil Right by Richard D. Kahlenberg and Moshe Marvit. Republicans have accomplished what Democrats and unions never could: they’ve made the National Labor Relations Board a household name. Class warfare in the USA: Gordon Lafer on anti-unionism and the legislative agenda of the 1%. From Monthly Review, Michael Yates on the Great Inequality. From Boston Review, a forum on "what to do about inequality", including a lead essay by David B. Grusky: "If we’re serious about reducing inequality, we need to do more than raise taxes on the rich. We need to correct the market failures in labor and education that generate it"; and responses by Rick Perlstein; Mike Konczal; Thomas Piketty, Emmanuel Saez, and Stefanie Stantcheva; Barbara R. Bergmann; Anne L. Alstott; Glenn C. Loury; and more. Three decades of growing inequality and collapsing public morality have pitched America into crisis, imperilling its democracy — but there are precedents for a way out.

From Greek, Roman, and Byzantine Studies, John Wortley (Manitoba): Discretion: Greater than All the Virtues. From Imprimis, do we need the Department of Education? Charles Murray wonders. What remains: Conversations with America's funeral directors. Symbolic violence, memes, identity: Dave Paul Strohecker on the crisis of authenticity. Former president George W. Bush has shied away from the public spotlight, but he's remained active on Facebook. Amazon's erotica section isn't just rife with tales of lust, incest, violence, and straight-up kink — it's also a hotbed of masked merchants profiting from copyright infringement. Why won’t the GOP stick up for Dwight Eisenhower? Peru’s government is ignoring new UN guidelines on the protection of uncontacted Indians in the Amazon. And all of a sudden, the world becomes dickish — as in Philip K.: Google gets transparent with Glass, its augmented reality project. A look at why the Tea Party can thank the Sun for its success. Do sports build character or damage it? The official blog post of beer and football: Why sports sponsorships work.

A new issue of Journal of Men, Masculinities and Spirituality is out. Linda Mizejewski (Ohio State): Feminism, Postfeminism, Liz Lemonism: Comedy and Gender Politics on 30 Rock. From Reconstruction, a special issue on gender and popular fiction. From Rhizomes, a special issue on Becoming-Girl. From Hypatia, a special issue on feminist critiques of evolutionary psychology and another on the myths of maternity. Following a review of current academic literature by psychologists, biologists and anthropologists, the study concludes that men are biologically programmed to be warriors because of our deep ancestral history of inter-tribal war and conflict. Neely Steinberg on 20 things to love about men (and more). From Ms., a series on the future of feminism. Behind every great woman: As more women earn high-level corporate roles, more husbands are staying home, raising the kids, and changing the rules. The fairer sex: A new study shows that, women bosses take better care of their employees than men do. Would it be a more peaceful world if women in charge? A look at the evolution of humor from male aggression.