From Fast Capitalism, a special section on Academia in the Internet Age. From History of Intellectual Culture, John R. Thelin (Kentucky) and Richard W. Trollinger (Centre): "Forever is a Long Time": Reconsidering Universities’ Perpetual Endowment Policies in the Twenty-First Century. UC-Davis Chancellor Linda Katehi is a bona fide 1-percenter — when did executive pay at public universities get so high? College presidents discuss the relevance of Christian higher education, the theological issues facing Christian universities, and more. Apartheid in Academia: Arizona’s war on Mexican-American studies. To judge by the gleefully bull-headed ignorance shown by politicians, bloggers and others, scientific evidence and scholarly analysis may soon count for nothing; Jon Marcus considers where this anti-intellectual climate leaves the academy. The problems facing scholarly journals extend well beyond the "publish or perish" syndrome, and grow from it. Humanities and public life: Teresa Mangum explains how a new book series aims to promote a broader sense of the mission of academic work.

A new issue of The Examined Life is out. Kevin Hylton (Leeds Met): Talk the Talk, Walk the Walk: Defining Critical Race Theory in Research. Jean-Michel Glachant (EUI): Regulating Networks in the New Economy. Dimitris Fasfalis on Pierre Bourdieu, a thinker of emancipation (and more). From Social Policy, is it becoming harder to “ACORN” progressive groups? Wade Rathke wonders. When did Facebook become Congress? Wendy McElroy wants to know. From Free Inquiry, Christopher Hitchens writes in defense of Richard Dawkins. From Electronic Book Review, can a corporate-dominated Web become an environment conducive to literary activity? The novelist, essayist, and cultural critic Curtis White is skeptical. The book that drove them crazy: Andrew Ferguson on Allan Bloom’s The Closing of the American Mind 25 years later. Rick Perlstein on why conservatives are still crazy after all these years. Derek Thompson on the spectacular rise and fall of U.S. whaling: An innovation story. Platform for Pedagogy is a group that publicizes and promotes public lectures, symposia and related cultural events in and around New York City.

Jose-Antonio Orosco (Oregon State): Jose Vasconcelos, White Supremacy, and the Silence of American Pragmatism. From The Mankind Quarterly, David Bulbeck (ANU): Principles Underlying the Determination of Population Affinity with Craniometric Data. From National Vanguard, Day Brown on a new Aryan prehistory: Are the sources and scholars revered among white nationalists now woefully out of date when it comes to our own people’s earliest times?; and none dare call it white genocide. From Stormfront, the following are 19 signs that America has become a crazy control freak nation where almost everything is illegal. A review of White Identity: Racial Consciousness in the 21st Century by Jared Taylor (and more and more on Jared Taylor). An excerpt from Arthur Goldwag's The New Hate: A History of Fear and Loathing on the Populist Right (and more). An interview with Kerry Bolton, author of Revolution from Above (and part 2). Ku Klux Klan in decline: Why did the KKK lose so many chapters in 2010? A Southern Poverty Law Center report finds that as election season heats up, the number of extremist groups rise to record levels.