Nahshon Perez (BU): The Privatization of Jewishness in Israel (or, on Economic Post-Zionism). From Commentary, Ben Cohen on attacking Israel online. Bill V. Mullen on building the Palestinian International. When the Right is right about the Left: Jay Michaelson on why critics of Israel should be open about beliefs. Peter Beinart on what Gingrich and Adelson and Santorum really mean when they say the Palestinian people are “invented”. Daniel Gordis on why the future of American Judaism as we know it depends on the survival of the Jewish state. The Checkpoint: Oded Na’aman on terror, power, and cruelty. “Jew-Washing” is bad practice and phrase: Using Jews to obscure anti-Semitism is wrong — and confusing. How the dream died: Geoffrey Wheatcroft reviews The Crisis of Zionism by Peter Beinart and Knowing Too Much: Why the American Jewish Romance with Israel Is Coming to an End by Norman Finkelstein (and more). Seth Mandel on how all of Israel is a terrorist target. Israel’s extreme tourism: Matt Carr on war and occupation for fun and profit. Shmuel Sandler and Efraim Inbar on the fading Left and Israel's flourishing democracy. Teaching Israelis and Palestinians to ride longboards, Michael Brooke saw the power of the sport to bring kids together.

From M/C Journal, a special issue on embodiment. From Defunct, Russell Scott Valentino on Lenin's Empty Place; and Sonya Huber on Legoland. Steven Heller on how hoaxes, spoofs, and parodies play a huge and sometimes dubious role in our social and political discourse. How “personhood” hurts real people: Some say unborn babies and corporations are people, too. Meet the comedians around the world who challenge government orthodoxy. Hunting for a new house? Soon, you can yank one right out of a machine. Sid Kirchheimer on the sneakiest new scams. What is a nerd? When people identify as geeks for obsessively liking cooking, the Civil War, or football, nothing is being diluted — instead, the rest of us are just getting more things to learn about. There is a pervasive notion that the crowd is always right — but what happens when it is wrong?

From Hazlitt, Michael Takasaki interviews Calvin Trillin, the man who — among many other things — casts the U.S. presidential campaign in iambic pentameter. Martin Cohen on five myths about political conventions. Molly Redden on the six strangest items in the GOP party platform. Do party platforms even matter? Much of the political science research suggests not. A look at five areas that the campaigns muddled, ignored, or failed to think big about. What’s wrong with the Republican Party? Kathleen Parker on how GOP men are ruining the party. Jonathan Chait on Team Romney white-vote push: “This is the last time anyone will try to do this” (and more; and more by Thomas Edsall). We'd like to believe race isn't playing a part in the 2012 election, but that's just not true. How to Speak Republican: Leaked document reveals the secrets of the GOP's coded language. What does Catholic Social Teaching have to do with the presidential race? Meet Page Gardner, the woman signing up Democratic voters more efficiently and effectively than ACORN ever did. While campaigns trumpet their VP picks, voters get little insight into who might staff a president-to-be's cabinet — and help set administration policy.

From Logos, Nancy Fraser (New School): Equality, Identity and Social Justice; Ian Williams on the long-lasting relationship between George Orwell and Dwight Macdonald; an article on the Quebec Strike and the politics of a new social awakening; Frank Kirkland on Susan Buck-Morss, Hegel, Haiti, and universal history; and Marston H. Morgan reviews Bloodlust: On the Roots of Violence from Cain and Abel to the Present by Russell Jacoby. City, Empire, Church, Nation: Pierre Manent on how the West created modernity (and more at National Review). Is nice nihilism enough? Russell Blackford reads The Atheist’s Guide to Reality by Alex Rosenberg. Buddhism or Buddhisms? Richard Payne on the rhetorical and lexical consequences of geo-political categories. The AP Stylebook is archaic: A manual that insists on “fund-raising” and “non-profit”, and only allowed “email” as opposed to “e-mail” months ago?

Sophie Moullin (Columbia): Why Progressives should be Pro-Family. If you happened to come across the January/February 2012 issue of Thriving Family magazine, you might have found yourself smiling along with the friendly-looking people on the cover. In Everybody Has Everything, Katrina Onstad explores an uncomfortable part of motherhood: ambivalence. Is baby talk a happy accident, or a smart parenting strategy developed over the ages? ‪Babies have long been known to be freeloading, pants-shitting, boob-crazed whiners with an entitlement complex who refuse to get jobs or learn English, even though this is America — are babies assholes? Toddler Man: Ed Leibowitz on Harvey Karp’s quixotic crusade to teach adults how to talk to 2-year-olds. What’s so bad about a boy who wants to wear a dress? Ruth Padawer on a new approach to parenting gender-fluid children. Why are American kids so spoiled? Nikita Singh on six childhood lessons that one should forget. The adolescent brain: The idea that the brain is somehow fixed in early childhood, which was an idea that was very strongly believed up until fairly recently, is completely wrong.