From Asia Times, Charles Horner and Eric Brown on the new politics of Sinophone Asia. An interview with Zheng Wang, author of Never Forget National Humiliation: Historical Memory in Chinese Politics and Foreign Relations. You’ll never be Chinese: Mark Kitto on why he’s leaving the country he loved. This is awkward: Evan Osnos on the politics of a Chinese orgy. Massoud Hayoun on understanding China's One-Child Policy. An interview with Brian Griffith, author of A Galaxy of Immortal Women: The Yin Side of Chinese Civilization. Patriot games: Teaching Hong Kongers how to be patriotic can cut both ways. Taiwan official Stephen Shen says men should pee sitting down. Jumping the Dragon Gate: Nick Holdstock on life in Shaoyang. Everything you think you know about China is wrong: Are we obsessing about its rise when we should be worried about its fall? Teenage angst: An article on the implications of China’s slowdown. Charles Kenny on why you should not bet on the end of China’s growth miracle. The lack of transparency surrounding the appointment of China’s new Communist Party government later this year extends to basic political and economic philosophy. A review ofChinese Philosophy by Haiming Wen.

Karen Barad (UCSC): Nature's Queer Performativity. From Vanity Fair, at the apex of this year’s New Establishment list is a Digital Age grudge match, but this crowd has entertainment powerhouses too, not to mention some real outlaws; and having earned their place in the firmament, the Powers That Be include titans of industry and media moguls — not to mention a smattering of comedians. The flight of the young chicken hawk: H. Bruce Franklin on how Mitt dodged the draft. Does wisdom really come with age? It depends on the culture. Slavoj Zizek on the Apostate Children of God. David Sloan Wilson on Ayn Rand and modern politics. Jennifer Burns on how being a guest on The Colbert Report compares to being a guest on The Daily Show. When do we become truly conscious? Daniel Bor on how the new science of consciousness should change how we think about thorny ethical dilemmas. From Nerve, Alexa Scordato on sex advice from Republican activists: "The French are into hairy women, and if the French like it, it's got to be wrong." Ferguson vs. Krugman: Where are the real conservative intellectuals?

Carrie Benjamin (SOAS): Visca el Barca! Ideology, Nationalism, and the FIFA World Cup. Amy C. McCormick and Robert A. McCormick (Michigan State): Race and Interest Convergence in NCAA Sports. From GQ, here is everything you need to know about this year's college football storm. From IHE, a review of books on Penn State football. Lance Armstrong’s secret is out: The news leaks about The Secret Race have vastly undersold its importance — Tyler Hamilton’s book is a historic, definitive indictment of cycling’s culture of doping during the Armstrong era. Solidarity: Marc Tracy on why the NFL referee lockout is an important labor stand-off. The world's greatest athlete: In which Rick Rhoden takes his place alongside The Hulk, Jan-Michael Vincent and Gabe Kaplan. The New York Review of Magazines reviews Grantland. Troubled by mounting evidence that football’s physical and psychological consequences are literally life-threatening, some fans are questioning whether the game is morally defensible (and more from New York). The most dangerous game: Is baseball really more hazardous to players’ health than football?

Jeff VanDam (Northwestern): The Kill Switch: The New Battle Over Recess Appointments. From The Scavenger, what is “fake” and “real” in the sex industry? Hitler on the campaign trail: Republican and Democratic politicians are reviving a favorite Nazi debating point this election season. Will the world’s middle classes rise up, in a “Helvetian War”? David Brin wants to know. Mark Karlin on how Chris Hedges believes that serious revolt is the only option people have left. Breakthrough study overturns theory of junk DNA in genome: The international Encode project has found that about a fifth of the human genome regulates the 2% that makes proteins. Why is Bill Clinton so good at speaking to a crowd? Communications expert Greta Stahl reveals the five keys to a great political speech. Why is Jonathan Krohn, a nerdy, quirky Jewish kid from Georgia, writing a column for Vice? Move over, Pussy Riot: Alex Heigl and Jeremy Popkin on the ten sexiest political dissidents in human history. Can you die from a nightmare? It was creepy to wake up violently in the middle of the night — it was creepier when no one could tell me why it was happening.

Mark Malaby and Benson Green (Ball State): Playing in the Fields of Desire: Hegemonic Masculinity in Live Combat LARPS. Back off, masculinity patrol: Decades after women were allowed to wear pants and play sports, the culture is finally expanding its definition of masculinity. A review of The Second Sexism: Discrimination Against Men and Boys by David Benatar. Are men who don't want to be men really necessary? A review of The Richer Sex: How the New Majority of Female Breadwinners Is Transforming Sex, Love and Family by Liza Mundy. Who wears the pants in this economy? Welcome to the new middle-class matriarchy. Masculinity and mass violence: Elizabeth Drescher on the “intimate enemy” we refuse to name. A review of The End of Men: And the Rise of Women by Hanna Rosin (and more and more and more). A review of Enlisting Masculinity: The Construction of Gender in U.S. Military Recruiting Advertising During the All-Volunteer Force by Melissa Brown. From Ms. Magazine blog, is Ryan Gosling a feminist? Kaylia Payne on why we need to avoid feminist men. (Re)creating multiple masculinities: A look at Hamish Crocket’s ultimate frisbee. Here is a photo history of male affection.