From Studies of Transition States and Societies, Dragos Adascalitei (Mannheim): Welfare State Development in Central and Eastern Europe: A State of the Art Literature Review; and Jelena Helemae and Ellu Saar (Tallinn): Estonia: Highly Unequal but Classless? Klondike in Lapland: Renate Nimtz-Koster on how mining companies are swarming to Finland's far north. “Exploitation of Arctic resources will happen”: An interview with Norway's foreign minister Espen Barth Eide on the dangers of resource extraction. Knut Olav Amas on the Norwegian public sphere after Breivik. Anti-Semitism in Parliament: Hungary's far-Right rhetoric reaches new dimension. All roads lead to Berlin: Germany is no longer Europe’s most troublesome player — it’s now an indispensable nation. Markha Valenta on the moral sadism of the Dutch state. Gilles d'Aymery on the French political circus — it's not a pleasant sight. Roma activist Valeriu Nicolae departs for Euro-Narnia, a parallel world ruled over by the mighty Baroslan whose inhabitants discuss in strange and wonderful terms remedies for the Roma problem. Get your garlic, crosses and stakes ready: a bloodsucking vampire is on the loose in Serbia.

A new issue of OnEarth magazine is out. From Judgment and Decision Making, Arne Roets (Ghent), Barry Schwartz (Swarthmore), and Yanjun Guan (Renmin): The Tyranny of Choice: A Cross-cultural Investigation of Maximizing-satisfising Effects on Well-being; Ruty Keinan and Yoella Bereby-Meyer (Ben-Gurion): "Leaving It to Chance": Passive Risk Taking in Everyday Life; and Helena Szrek (Porto), Li-Wei Chao (Penn), Shandir Ramlagan (HSRC), and Karl Peltzer (Limpopo): Predicting (Un)healthy Behavior: A Comparison of Risk-taking Propensity Measures. Gavin McInnes on 10 white people problems. Religion, politics, and Election 2012: Rob Boston on who won, who lost, and what it means for Church State separation. Dug in for the duration: Philippe Descamps on Azeris versus Armenians 20 years later. Robert Talisse interviews Corey Brettschneider, author of When the State Speaks, What Should it Say?: How Democracies can Protect Expression and Promote Equality. Eduardo Porter on how combating inequality may require broader tax. An interview with longtime sex columnist Dan Savage on fatherhood, ethics, politics and freedom.

A new issue of the Journal of Terrorism Research is out. Christine Mele (Florida State): Choosing Sides: Terrorism, Counter-Terrorism, and Social Goods Provision. William E. Scheuerman (Indiana): Barack Obama's War on Terror. Rivka Weill (IDC Herzliya): Law as a Bargaining Strategy for Dealing with Terrorist Kidnapping. From German Law Journal, a special issue on terrorism. Samuel Arbesman on the probabilities of large terrorist events. What if we can't catch terrorists in America because there aren't any? John Mueller wonders. A review of Find, Fix, Finish: Inside the Counterterrorism Campaigns That Killed Bin Laden and Devastated Al Qaeda by Aki Peritz and Eric Rosenbach. Does “See Something, Say Something” do nothing? Dwyer Gunn on the case against the anti-terrorism staple. Robert F. Worth reviews The Last Refuge: Yemen, al-Qaeda, and America’s War in Arabia by Gregory D. Johnsen and High-Value Target: Countering Al Qaeda in Yemen by Edmund J. Hull (and more). Jason Wiseman on why suicide terrorism is rational and what this means for counter-terrorism officials. Jacob Phillips reviews Terrorism: A Philosophical Enquiry by Anne Schwenkenbecher. John Arquilla on what the Vikings can teach us about terrorism.

A new issue of the Journal for Communication and Culture is out, including Jason Gao (Birmingham): A Bourdieusian Study of the Use of Media by Chinese Public Intellectuals. Manuel Possolo (Stanford): Morals Legislation after Lawrence: Can States Criminalize the Sale of Sexual Devices? Gun control, RIP: Brian Doherty reviews Living With Guns: A Liberal’s Case for the Second Amendment by Craig R. Whitney. How do we reduce gun crime when Americans already own nearly 300 million firearms? Maybe by allowing more people to carry them. Hipsters and hamster balls: When it comes to arts and culture, evangelicals don’t know their Adele’s from their Elmo’s. #Kony2013: Benjamin Runkle on why the manhunt is taking so long — and how it can succeed. Justin Dett on the Vice guide to business school. “Wake up from your mechanistic, Cartesian dream!”: Cornel West and Nobel Prize-winning economist George Akerlof talk markets and morality (and more). From Buzzfeed, Chris Stokel-Walker on the inside story of Pong and the video game industry's Big Bang. Jon Cheese on 5 popular jokes that only make people want to punch you.

From Crisis, Brian Jones on cultivating the Catholic mind. Why can’t Catholics speak English? Michael Brendan Dougherty. John Flynn reviews The Seven Big Myths About the Catholic Church by Christopher Kaczor. From Catholic World Report, saints who smoked, popes who puffed, and others who snuffed: John B. Buescher on a history of Catholicism and tobacco; and Catholics and evangelicals: An interview with Kenneth J. Collins, author of Power, Politics, and the Fragmentation of Evangelicalism. Can Catholics have the assurance of salvation? Dan Delzell wonders. Why does good creativity happen to bad people? D.C. Innes on the puzzle of creative infidels. John M. Grondelski on how the spread of pornography is a new pastoral challenge for confessors, but there is another moral issue deserving to be taken seriously — that issue is masturbation. At the Ohio Supreme Court, a teacher claims an "academic freedom" right to push creationism in public school. For a new theme park, Creationists (with a little help from a geneticist, some Amish men, and generous tax breaks) are building a replica of Noah’s ark — exactly as God instructed.