Tonya L. Brito (Wisconsin): What We Talk About When We Talk About Matriarchy. Laura Rosenbury (WUSTL): Work Wives. Bryce Covert on the radical movement to close the gender wage gap that you’ve never heard of. Louise O'Shea on Marxism and women's liberation. Tired of capitalism? Try ecofeminism — economies undervalue “women’s work”, but are men to blame? You’re a woman, I’m a machine: Haley Mlotek on how self-help for the “working woman” isn’t helping. Nitasha Tiku on how to get girls into coding. Kat Stoeffel on closing Wikipedia’s gender gap — reluctantly. Amanda Hess on why women aren't welcome on the Internet. Virtual brutality: For many women, the Internet has become a pit of sexual harassment and death threats; government — and tech companies — can do something about it. Let’s be real: Online harassment isn’t “virtual” for women. Katie Heaney on what men don’t know about being a woman online. Jessica Valenti on the end of hisses, whistles and stares: we need to walk the streets without fear. Amanda Marcotte on how what's really happening with rape isn't “brainwashing”. Zerlina Maxwell on the insane (and hopeless) logic of #YesAllWomen critics. Chris Osterndorf on Lena Dunham and the history of calling women “sluts”. Are you a slut? That depends — are you rich? There's no such thing as a slut: A new longitudinal study examined how college students slut-shame — and found that the practice is as illogical as it is damaging. Who is a feminist now? Marisa Meltzer wonders. Kat Stoeffel on why it’s great that women say “I don’t know”. Feminism has just started (and it’s not stopping now): An excerpt from Men Explain Things to Me by Rebecca Solnit (and more and more).

Anita Bernstein (Brooklyn): What's Wrong with Stereotyping? Lars Tonder (Northwestern): Comic Power: Another Road Not Taken? Jordana Rosenberg (UMass): The Molecularization of Sexuality: On Some Primitivisms of the Present. From The Writer, how I write: An interview with MK Asante; and can a writer get something from a book group of nonwriters? Jack Hamann investigates. Simon Kuper on the next big rights revolution: “The new interest in disabled people reflects the belated discovery that there are no second-class humans”. Edirin Oputu reviews The Secret World of Oil by Ken Silverstein. We know more than ever before about our government’s mass surveillance apparatus, and we now have the power to rein it in — a message from Edward Snowden, one year later. No time: How did we get so busy? Horse racing can't be saved, even if California Chrome wins the Triple Crown. Kevin Drum on five quick things to know about Bowe Bergdahl (and more). David Weigel on how quickly conservatives turned on Bowe Bergdahl (and more). Has Obama saved the Earth, or doomed it? There is only so much one American president can do. Mr. Magazine reports on a record-breaking month in new consumer magazine launches. Hurricanes vs. Himmicanes: Who's to blame for the hype about a recent study with sensational claims about the effects of hurricane names? Colorado's director of pot enforcement thinks legalization is going great. One hundred years ago this month, Archduke Franz Ferdinand was assassinated — but what happened next will astound you.

Aaron Perzanowski (Case Western) and Jason Schultz (NYU): Reconciling Intellectual and Personal Property. John R. Allison (Texas), Mark A. Lemley (Stanford), and David L. Schwartz (IIT): Understanding the Realities of Modern Patent Litigation. Harold Furchtgott-Roth (Hudson): Property, Copyrights, and Economic Growth. Daryl Lim (John Marshall): Patent Misuse and Antitrust: Rebirth or False Dawn? Charles E. Colman (NYU): Takeoffs, Takedowns, and Trademarks. Gaia Bernstein (Seton Hall): The Rise of the End User in Patent Litigation. Pamela Samuelson (UC-Berkeley): Protecting Privacy Through Copyright Law? David L. Schwartz (IIT): On Mass Patent Aggregators. Guy A. Rub (OSU): Rebalancing Copyright Exhaustion. Frederick M. Abbott (FSU), Carlos M. Correa (Buenos Aires), and Peter Drahos (ANU): Emerging Markets and the World Patent Order: The Forces of Change. Yang Sun (Indiana): Copyright Law Enforcement in Online Environment. Dash DeJarnatt (Seattle): Pot-Pourri of Possibilities for Marijuana in Trademark Law. Abraham Bell and Gideon Parchomovsky (Bar Ilan): Reinventing Copyright and Patent. Andrew Gilden (Stanford): Life, Death, Public Domain. Dotan Oliar, Nathaniel Pattison, and K. Ross Powell (Virginia): Copyright Registrations: Who, What, When, Where, and Why. Dean Baker on the high cost of treating chronic diseases: Can you say "patent monopolies"? Rani Molla on 5 reasons patents are on the rise. Are copyrights a “privilege”'?: Robert VerBruggen reviews Intellectual Privilege: Copyright, Common Law, and the Common Good by Tom W. Bell. Alex Tabarrok on how copyright is out of control. Will the Supreme Court save us from software patents? The Supreme Court may have just exterminated “patent trolls”.