From Democracy, Jim Sleeper on our Puritan heritage: Ever since Mencken, the Puritans have had a terrible reputation — they deserve a better legacy, and it’s time we rediscovered it. Not our Independence Day: William Hogeland on how the Founding Fathers were more interested in limiting democracy than securing and expanding it. Kay Steiger on 21 great Americans who aren’t the Founding Fathers. Daniel Lazare on the cult of the constitution: A fixed constitution has no place in a modern democracy, so why is the founding document of the US still seen as sacred? Thomas L. Jeffers reviews The State of the American Mind, ed. Mark Bauerlein and Adam Bellow. Jordan G. Teicher: “What I learned about America at a Las Vegas monster truck show”. Christopher Ingraham on what it takes to be a real American, according to real Americans. Chris Osterndorf on how the American Dream isn’t dead — straight white men have just killed it for everyone else. Ted Widmer on what the man behind the “American Dream” really meant. How exactly is America exceptional? Karl Jacoby wonders. Eric Liu on what every American should know: Defining common cultural literacy for an increasingly diverse nation. Camila Rey and Sofi Sinozich on how America is divided on the secret to its success. Max Fisher on how America became the most powerful country on Earth, in 11 maps. What is to be the future of the American empire: the responsible beaver or the marauding bear? We love America, and you should, too.

Nathan Ballantyne (Fordham) and Justin Tosi (Arizona): David Foster Wallace on the Good Life. Pnina Alon-Shenker (Ryerson) and Guy Davidov (HUJI): Organizing: Should the Employer Have a Say? Doron Taussig (Penn): Living Proof: Autobiographical Political Argument in We are the 99 Percent and We are the 53 Percent. Maritza Reyes (Florida A&M): Professional Women Silenced by Men-Made Norms. The US is a helpless bystander on Greece: Washington has urged EU to write off Athens’ debts in return for restructuring, to no avail. Simon Kuper on how “vision” messed up Europe: Today the European project consists of trying to digest the euro. Koch-backed group calls for no more national parks. Heather Digby Parton on how Ann Coulter has fallen from grace. Somebody forgot to tell Bush, Cruz and Rubio the GM bailout worked. Can Medium replace the op-ed page? The site is working to establish itself as a platform where politicians can get out their message and interact with voters. Corey Pein on the unbearable emptiness of politics as code. David D. Perlmutter writes in defense of ethnography: It has pluses and minuses, as the Alice Goffman controversy highlights — but the methodology complements other approaches in crucial ways. Josh Armstrong reviews Seeing Things as They Are: A Theory of Perception by John Searle. The Justice Department has started a civil antitrust investigation into several yet-unnamed airlines. The first chapter from Invitation to Peace Studies by Houston Wood.

Ingerid S. Straume (Oslo): Politics as Creation: Arendt, Castoriadis, the Greek Polis and Us. Irini Kadianaki (Cyprus) and Eleni Andreouli (Open): Essentialism in Social Representations of Citizenship: An Analysis of Greeks’ and Migrants’ Discourse. Fighting Golden Dawn: Catarina Principe and George Souvlis on how the Greek left has a historic opportunity to marginalize fascists and address the needs of migrants. Dream nation and the phantasm of Europe: Obrad Savic interviews Stathis Gourgouris, author of Does Literature Think? Literature as Theory for an Antimythical Era (and part 2). Did the ancient Greeks get Ebola? Josiah Ober debunks long-held beliefs about economic growth in ancient Greece. Charalambos Tsekeris and Nikos Kaberis (Academy of Athens) and Maria Pinguli (Aegean): The Self in Crisis: The Experience of Personal and Social Suffering in Contemporary Greece. Joshua Stephens on what no one is talking about when they talk about Greece. Greece is solvent but illiquid: Paul De Grauwe on policy implications. Greece votes “no” — here’s what it means (and more and more). Henry Farrell on the Greek referendum and game theory. Now Europe must decide whether to make an example of Greece. “Germany has never repaid”: Thomas Piketty calls for a major conference on debt — Germany, in particular, should not withhold help from Greece. Is it all Greek to you? Thank medieval monks, and the Bard, for the phrase.