From New York, Jonathan Chait on the Party of Andrew Jackson vs. the Party of Obama, and on Rick Perry, Republicans, and the African-American vote. Brian Beutler on how the Republican Party is still trying to decide if minorities matter. Why does immigration divide the GOP along lines of education and age? The GOP doesn’t have a Donald Trump problem — it has an angry conservative base problem (and more). Jelani Cobb on how Donald Trump is a rapper. Heath W. Carter on how Scott Walker's evangelical faith and union-busting do not go hand in hand. Jonathan Allen on why Scott Walker is the perfect Republican (and more). Americans already work more than our European counterparts, but Jeb Bush wants us to work more for the collective good — who’s the socialist now? The Jeb Bush formula: Andrew Prokop on how the staunch conservative learned to talk moderate — and win. Rick Santorum proposes constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage.

Matt Grossmann (Michigan State) and David A. Hopkins (BC): Ideological Republicans and Group Interest Democrats: The Asymmetry of American Party Politics. From The Baffler, reflections on domestic violence from the introduction to American Violence: A Documentary History, edited by Richard Hofstadter and Michael Wallace and published in 1970. Jade Helm 15, the military exercise that drove Texas insane, is finally here. Kathryn Schulz on the Really Big One: An earthquake will destroy a sizable portion of the coastal Northwest — the question is when. The euro zone was supposed to strengthen European democracy — instead, it’s undermining it. Hamilton Nolan on moral hazard and its victims. David Huyssen and Mary Reynolds on the return of gilded feminism: Alva Belmont vs. the Glam-SAHMs. Welcome to our new visual culture: In 2014 we took 1tn photos, an estimated 30bn selfies, and we load 300 hours of video on to YouTube every minute — how is it affecting the way we see the world? The RCP/LM runs a school.

From Foreign Affairs, Rodney W. Nichols on why diplomacy and science need each other. Does Islamic ideology overwhelm pragmatic considerations in Iranian foreign policy? A closer look reveals that politics often informs Islamic ideology not the reverse. Why isn’t there an anti-Iran alliance? Even if Obama wins an Iran nuclear deal in Vienna, can he sell it at home? The White House is already waging an all-out PR war as it prepares to bring a potential nuclear deal back to Washington (and more). Dalia Dassa Kaye on what will happen if the Iran deal falls through (and more). Graham Ellison on Nietzsche and the nuclear era: Decades’ worth of arms-control negotiations reinforce the philosopher’s warning — “The most common form of human stupidity is forgetting what one is trying to do.” An Iran nuclear deal is reached after long negotiations. Far from the nuclear negotiations, a new tech-savvy Iranian generation takes shape. Alex Vatanka on Bijan Namdar Zangeneh, Iran’s most important oil salesman.