Ramy Elitzur (Toronto): Is Moneyball a Myth? A “Bang for the Buck” Analysis of Major League Baseball Teams and General Managers. Susan Logan Nelson and Steven Dennis (North Dakota): Performance or Profit: A Dilemma for Major League Baseball. William O’Connor on how Bud Selig almost ruined baseball. Can baseball’s new commissioner actually change the game? Kiley Kroh on how football forced Major League Baseball to wake up on domestic violence. Average baseball salary tops $4 million — players should be making even more. Barry Petchesky on how MLB’s attempts to speed up the game appear to be working. The records that seem unlikeliest to fall are a combination of an extraordinary player and fundamental shifts in the game. Steven Roberts reviews Knuckleball: The History of the Unhittable Pitch by Lew Freedman. The greatest forgotten home run of all time: Martin Espada on myth, race, and the legacy of Roberto Clemente. Natasha Geiling on the urban farming trend that’s taking over Major League Baseball.

Carrie-Ann Biondi (Marymount Manhattan): Three Enemies of Capitalism: Part I and Part II. Lars Christensen on the euro as a monetary strangulation mechanism. Alex Gourevitch on the Greek package and the preference for technocratic domination over popular sovereignty. Harris Mylonas on the agreekment that could break Europe: Euroskeptics, Eurocritics, and life after the bailout. A look at why Saudi Arabia and Israel oppose Iran nuclear deal (and more and more). Peter Beinart on why Republicans are so mad about Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran (and more and more). Justin Salhani on the “insane” plan for more useable nuclear weapons. Pentagon confirms plans to lift ban on transgender military service. From Jacobin, here is a guide to the French Revolution. A party of latecomers: Francis Mulhern etches the portrait of the Brooklyn-based n+1, which has been both forerunner and intellectual flagship of this effervescence. Alexandrea Boguhn and Hannah Groch-Begley on 3 deceptive edits in the video claiming Planned Parenthood is “selling aborted baby parts” (and more).

Ana Swanson on the greatest threat of planetary extinction that we’re all not talking about. Daniel Oberhaus on the underfunded, disorganized plan to save Earth from the next giant asteroid. Caleb Scharf on life beyond the pale blue dot: Our own oasis of life in the cosmos is blue, but will others be? Rob Beschizza on the flag we’ll use to colonize the galaxy. What’s behind the dream of colonizing Mars? Elizabeth Kolbert on Project Exodus. Thomas Levenson on Pluto’s misbehaving moons: These two chaotic bodies engage a mystery as old as human fascination with the motions of the heavens. The New Horizons Pluto mission is a big deal — here are 7 reasons why. Dennis Overbye on reaching Pluto, and the end of an era of planetary exploration. David W. Brown on the dark future of American space exploration: NASA’s golden age is about to come to a thudding halt. Margaret Lazarus Dean mourns the loss of the space shuttle, NASA’s 40-year embarrassment (and more and more).