The latest issue of Indi@logs: Spanish Journal of India Studies is out. Beatrice Jauregui (Toronto): Just War: The Metaphysics of Police Vigilantism in India. Amartya Sen on the stormy revival of an international university (and more and more and more). Taylor Dibbert on the rise of Narendra Modi. Ananya Vajpeyi interviews Pankaj Mishra on how modern India looks at its premodernity. Rebecca Leber on India’s war on environmental activists. Shoaib Daniyal on an India-Bangla land swap: Was the world’s strangest border created by a game of chess? “Whoever raises their head suffers the most”: An article on workers’ rights in Bangladesh’s garment factories. Omer Aziz on what Pakistan must do to rid itself of violent extremism. Ahmed Rashid on the fierce pressures facing Pakistan. A thin line of defense against “honor killings”: Alissa Rubin on how women’s shelters are one of the most provocative legacies of the Western presence in Afghanistan. Shannon Sutton on think tanks and universities: The South Asian context.

From Essays in Philosophy, a special issue on Philosophy and Gun Control. James Rowe, Jessica Dempsey, and Peter Gibbs (Victoria): The Power of Fossil Fuel Divestment (and its Secret). Daniel Larison on why the deal with Iran is a serious blow to threat inflation (and more and more and more and more). A memo from the International Monetary Fund may finally force eurozone members to move closer to fiscal union or break up. Barry Eichengreen on saving Greece, saving Europe (and more). Here is the Euro-Summit agreement on Greece annotated by Yanis Varoufakis. The chairman of Hillary Clinton's 2016 presidential campaign is worried about two things: Jeb Bush and the “psychosis of the media”. Meet Teresa Ghilarducci, Hillary Clinton’s least-likely adviser. Jonathan Chait on how Donald Trump destroyed the Republican Party’s best-laid plans (and more). Matthew Yglesias on how Trumpism would be the perfect ideology for a third party. Welcome to Voat: Reddit killer, troll haven, and the strange face of internet free speech.

Melanie Reid (Lincoln Memorial): Crime and Punishment, a Global Concern: Who Does It Best and Does Isolation Really Work? (and more) Michele Goodwin (UC-Irvine): Invisible Women: Mass Incarceration’s Forgotten Casualties. Josef Montag (Mendel) and Tomas Sobek (Masaryk): Should Paris Hilton Receive a Lighter Prison Sentence Because She’s Rich? (and more). David Honeywell (York): Doing Time with Lifers: A Reflective Study of Life Sentence Prisoners. Inside Rikers Island, by the people who live it. Dana Liebelson on a terrifying glimpse into life in prison — as a kid. Quinn Norton on exploring American incarceration. The war on thugs: Jason Stanley on how propaganda fuels our prison problem. Howard Lovy reviews The United States of Incarceration: The Criminal Justice Assault on Minorities, the Poor, and the Mentally Ill by Tim Anderson (and more and more). Gabriel Arkles (Northeastern): Regulating Prison Sexual Violence. “Suck dick, fight or quit doing gay shit”: Anna Merlan on the Texas prison rape problem (and more). Alice Li on how caring for horses could provide a better path for inmates (and more and more).