From TAP, was the court’s ruling on marriage democratic? Contrary to critics, extending rights to long-oppressed groups lies at the heart of our democratic system (and more). Was this the right way to legalize gay marriage? Emily Bazelon on how the Supreme Court’s dissenters raise a reasonable point about the historic decision (and more). Don’t listen to same-sex marriage foes: It was always about hating on the gays (and more). Zach Ford on 12 things conservatives have predicted would happen now that marriage equality is law. Emma Green on the conservative split on the meaning of marriage. Jonathan S. Tobin on what conservatives can do about the gay marriage decision. From Public Seminar, has fiscal conservatism found a partner in gay rights? Betsy Beasley on another new kind of marriage; and is marriage equality a conservative victory? H. Howell Williams on Obergefell and the enduring legacy of family values. Rich Juzwiak on why the SCOTUS ruling on gay marriage feels so good: “I can’t help but be happiest, though, about the defeat of the anti-marriage equality crusaders”.

Eric Posner (Chicago): The Law, Economics, and Psychology of Manipulation. Europe’s impossible dream: Paul Krugman on how fantasy economics led to disaster. From Vox, a look at why Martin O’Malley had to apologize for saying “all lives matter”; #BernieSoBlack: Dara Lind on why progressives are fighting about Bernie Sanders and race; given two days to think, Hillary Clinton outdoes her opponents in responding to #BlackLivesMatter; and Amanda Taub interviews Deborah Schildkraut on Donald Trump and the politics of white insecurity. GOP presidential candidates Jeb Bush, Rick Santorum, Lindsey Graham, Bobby Jindal, Scott Walker, Rick Perry, and Ted Cruz decry Trump’s attacks on veterans, but they were bankrolled by Swiftboat funder. Men who harass women online are quite literally losers, new study finds. Britney Summit-Gil on a sociology of the Reddit revolt. Reddit as a feminist utopia: Everything you think you know about “the front page of the Internet” is wrong.

Jack Turner (Washington): Reconstructing Liberalism: Charles Mills’ Unfinished Project. Linda Zerilli (Chicago): Feminist Critiques of Liberalism. Aurelia Bardon (UCL): Liberal Pluralism in a Secular Age. John D. Inazu (WUSTL): A Confident Pluralism. Margaret F. Brinig (Notre Dame): Two Treatments of Pluralism: Canada and the United States. Melissa Schwartzberg reviews Rationalism, Pluralism, and Freedom by Jacob T. Levy (and more and more). Beneath the veil of ignorance: Annalisa Marie Leibold on examining the clash between liberalism and multiculturalism. Carole Baillie (Glasgow): Revealing the Multiculturalist’s Illusion: A Liberal Critique. Will Kymlicka (Queen’s): Defending Diversity in an Era of Populism: Multiculturalism and Interculturalism Compared. Tariq Modood (Bristol): Multiculturalism and Moderate Secularism. Meital Pinto (CAC): The Right to Culture, the Right to Dispute and the Right to Exclude: A New Perspective on Minorities within Minorities.