From TAP, Harold Meyerson on how the American South drives the low-wage economy: Just as in the 1850s (with the Dred Scott decision and the Fugitive Slave Act), the Southern labor system (with low pay and no unions) is wending its way north. Unions are about freedom or: This is why the richest have been trying to kill America’s labor movement. Ben Zipperer on bolstering the bottom by indexing the minimum wage to the median wage. Noam Scheiber on how the growth in the “gig economy” fuels workforce anxieties. Annie Lowrey on why the Uber economy requires a new category of worker, beyond “employee” and “contractor”. Lydia DePillis on what Jeb Bush has right — and terribly wrong — about worker productivity: Some workers need more hours, but that's partly because others are working too many. Matt Bruenig on why Jeb Bush is wrong to focus on growth alone; and should Americans work more? Absolutely not. Chantal Panozzo on how living in Switzerland ruined her view of America and its lousy work culture.

The inaugural issue of Con-Textos Kantianos is out. Binay Adhikari and Anup Agrawal (Alabama) and James Malm (Charleston): Do Women Stay Out of Trouble? Evidence from Corporate Litigation. From the Barrett Brown Review of Arts and Letters and Prison, a visit to the sweat lodge. Ezra Klein on the unexpected and ingenious strategy of Obama’s second term. Maria Bustillos on why Gawker, and gossip, are good (and more). Atticus was always a racist: Catherine Nicholas on how why Go Set a Watchman is no surprise. Donald Trump is Fox News incarnate: Elspeth Reeve on why Republicans can’t disown their presidential frontrunner (and more and more). National Review says Bernie Sanders is a national socialist (and more). Charles Wyplosz on why Greece should prepare for Grexit and then not do it. Larry Clark’s Kids shocked audiences and critics when it was released in 1995, and two decades later, it still feels controversial. Olga Lexell goes inside the secretive, exclusive social networks of Hollywood.

Matt Zwolinski (San Diego): A Libertarian Case for the Moral Limits of Markets. Anastasia P. Boden (PLF): Caricature Assassination: Andrew Koppelman and the Myth of Tough Luck Libertarianism. Bret N. Bogenschneider (Vienna): The Will to Tax Avoidance: Nietzsche and Libertarian Jurisprudence (“The Will to Power often manifests for Libertarians in the accumulation of money and the avoidance of taxation”). Milo Yiannopoulos writes in defense of Ayn Rand, monster under the progressive bed. Jill Filipovic on how Ayn Rand became libertarians’ sociopathic Pixie Dream Girl. Why are libertarians mostly dudes? Rand Paul is polling terribly among women — his political philosophy might be to blame (and more). Shikha Dalmia on how conservatives and liberals are both hijacking libertarian principles for partisan gain. Amanda Marcotte on how the Reddit debacle proves libertarians wrong. Benjamin Selwyn on Friedrich Hayek and the defence of dictatorship.