Thomas Owen McGarity (Texas): But What About Texas? Climate Disruption Regulation in Recalcitrant States. Exxon knew of climate change in 1981, email says — but it funded deniers for 27 more years. Kevin Kalhoefer on how the media is covering presidential candidates’ climate science denial research. Eric Roston on what’s really warming the world: Climate deniers blame natural factors; NASA data proves otherwise. Weather forecasters used to be among the country’s staunchest climate deniers — why that’s changing fast. Fredrik Albritton Jonsson reviews Behind the Curve: Science and the Politics of Global Warming by Joshua P. Howe. Eduardo Porter on why climate change calls for science, not hope. What does the US actually gain from tackling climate change? The EPA outlines our choices on global warming: Moderate disaster or major disaster. Is climate policy reaching a turning point? Brad Plumer interviews EPA head Gina McCarthy. Elizabeth Kolbert on a new climate-change danger zone.

A new issue of Ricoeur Studies is out. Luvell Anderson (Memphis): Racist Humor. Stephen Silliman (UMass): A Requiem for Hybridity? The Problem with Frankensteins, Purees, and Mules. Dylann Roof should be tried as a terrorist: Marcy Wheeler on America’s disturbing double-standard on political violence (and why it matters). Gwyneth Kelly on Right-wingers’ solution to movie theater shootings: More guns. “Only a snob would underestimate such a man. And now those snobs have cream pie all over their smug faces”: Donald Trump surges to commanding lead on post-McCain backlash poll (and more). The Dark Heart of the Republican Party: Donald Trump isn’t going off-script — this is who the GOP is (and more and more). Thanks, Donald: Peter Dreierp on how Trump could help the Democrats win (and more and more). Larry Sabato on how Jeb Bush is meaner than he looks. Hillary Clinton wants to take on “quarterly capitalism” — here’s what that means.

Lawrence O. Gostin (Georgetown): The Americans with Disabilities Act at 25: The Highest Expression of American Values (and more and more). Guy Kahane and Julian Savulescu (Oxford): Disability and Mere Difference. Kelly Fritsch (York): Gradations of Debility and Capacity: Biocapitalism and the Neoliberalization of Disability Relations. Mark C. Weber (DePaul): Intent in Disability Discrimination Law: Social Science Insights and Comparisons to Race and Sex Discrimination. Rebecca Vallas on why “Orange Is the New Black” is dead wrong about disability: Media portrayals that reinforce negative stereotypes about social programs and the individuals helped by them sow the seeds for damaging cuts. David Perry on removing the barriers to participation for disabled scholars. What’s the matter with the federal disability insurance program? Kevin Drum on how disability insurance is going to be a big deal in next year’s presidential campaign. From canes to closures, designing with style for people with disabilities.