From the New Yorker, John Cassidy on Bernie Sanders and the case for a new economic-stimulus package. Justin Wolfers on uncovering the bad math (or logic) of an economic analysis embraced by Bernie Sanders. Has the mainstream Democratic Party become too pessimistic about the possibility of boosting economic growth? That’s the more interesting question sparked by economist Gerald Friedman’s analysis suggesting that Bernie Sanders’s economic agenda, if fully enacted, would lead to 5.3 percent annual GDP growth. Who’s winning the great Bernie magic-math battle? Annie Lowrey investigates. Professor Frances Fox Piven describes Sanders: You could call him a New Deal Democrat. Paul Krugman on the cases for public investment. Economists on candidates’ proposals: Mostly bad. Ezra Klein and Jeff Stein on how we’ve lost sight of how wildly irresponsible the Republican tax plans are.

Donald J. Kochan (Chapman): Bubbles (Or, Some Reflections on the Basic Laws of Human Relations). Barbara A. Perry on how one-third of all U.S. presidents appointed a Supreme Court justice in an election year. No, Bernie Sanders’ moment isn’t over: Why his gargantuan impact can’t be erased by a Super Tuesday drubbing. Confirmed: Carnegie Mellon University attacked Tor, was subpoenaed by feds. Jacob Brogan on how Umberto Eco taught intellectuals that blue jeans and comic books matter. Max Fisher on America’s unlearned lesson: The forgotten truth about why we invaded Iraq. Melena Ryzik on what it’s really like to work in Hollywood — if you’re not a straight white man. What’s the point of moral outrage? It may seem noble and selfless, but it’s also about improving your reputation. Ryan Carey on reducing catastrophic risks: A practical introduction.

From Bloomberg, Joshua Green on why Ted Cruz probably won’t drop out, no matter what: The Texas senator may be playing a long game. When everybody was distracted, Marco Rubio may have just blown up the Republican Party. GOP legislators face new pressure to decide: Can they get behind Trump? Donald Trump killed the GOP — here’s how Republicans can bring it back to life. Trump will win or lose — either way, the Koch network will still shape the Republican Party. Spokesman: Story that Kochs are getting involved in GOP primary is “completely false”. Obama didn’t create Trump — the GOP’s opposition to Obama did. Donald Trump ditched free market ideology for nationalism — and it’s working. Republican anti-anti racism reaches its logical conclusion: Only a dirty liberal would condemn someone for refusing to condemn the KKK.

Who are Donald Trump’s supporters, really? Four theories to explain the front-runner’s rise to the top of the polls. The rise of American authoritarianism: A niche group of political scientists may have uncovered what’s driving Donald Trump’s ascent — what they found has implications that go well beyond 2016. Lloyd Grove on how Breitbart unleashes hate mobs to threaten, dox, and troll Trump critics. Democrats are taking the Trump threat very, very seriously — they’re right. Obama’s chief strategist on how a Democrat could beat Trump (and more). New York writers have a conversation on imagining President Trump. Michael Tomasky on the dangerous election.