Ted Striphas (Indiana): Algorithmic Culture. When big data becomes bad data: Corporations are increasingly relying on algorithms to make business decisions and that raises new legal questions. Anupam Chander (UC-Davis): Robots, the Internet of Things, and the Future of Trade. Erica L. Neely (Ohio Northern): The Risks of Revolution: Ethical Dilemmas in 3D Printing. Ana Swanson on how the most disruptive technology of the last century is in your house. A look at why self-driving cars must be programmed to kill. David Roberts on the transformative potential of self-driving electric cars. VR will make life better — or just be an opiate for the masses. Why does one of the world’s most reviled technologies keep winning? Adrienne LaFrance on the triumph of email. Tyler Cowen on how Silicon Valley has not saved us from a productivity slowdown.

Annalee Newitz on how half of inventions “arise unexpectedly” from serendipity — not direct research: Research institutions are the least likely inspirations for that spark of creativity. Is technology making the world indecipherable? Samuel Arbesman on how human ingenuity has created a world that the mind cannot master. Why do we need technology? The only way to report on something as powerful as technology is to take a critical look, not at its superficial utility, but at its relationship with the end user and everyone else.

A new issue of the Annual Review of Interdisciplinary Justice Research is out. Turkey seizes newspaper, Zaman, as press crackdown continues. Nate Schenkkan on the death blow to Turkey’s media. Police detained Brazil’s ex-president — here’s what you need to know. David M. Perry on sexual ableism and former philosophy professor Anna Stubblefield. Bitcoin transactions get stranded as cryptocurrency maxes out. Seth Stephens-Davidowitz on the return of the D.I.Y. abortion. The University of Notre Dame will present two Catholic officials from opposing political parties — Vice President Joe Biden and former Speaker of the House John Boehner — with its 2016 Laetare Medal, the oldest and most prestigious honor accorded to American Catholics (and more). Nicholas Goddard, an Oxford-educated professor of chemical engineering at the University of Manchester, works as porn star on the side.

From Democracy Corps, Stanley Greenberg and James Carville on the GOP Civil War and Its Opportunities: Report from Republican Party Project Survey. Marco Rubio wins the Puerto Rico primary, but he and the GOP establishment are still doomed: At this point, Rubio’s continued presence in the race is tantamount to supporting Trump. You can imagine a scenario in which the stop Trump forces produce a hung convention, and Kasich emerges as the supposedly reasonable candidate; so an advance warning: He’s a con artist too. Clash of Republican Con Artists: “In fact, you have to wonder why, exactly, the Republican establishment is really so horrified by Mr. Trump. Yes, he’s a con man, but they all are. So why is this con job different from any other?” Glenn Greenwald on how Donald Trump’s policies are not anathema to U.S. mainstream, but an uncomfortable reflection of it. Trump is closer to what most Republicans believe than the “establishment” candidates are.

Republican voters kind of hate all their choices. Rank and file Republicans tell party elites: We’re sticking with Donald Trump. Trump “tells it like it is” — that’s not necessarily a good thing for democracy, and it’s also not new; politicians have been doing it for ages — literally. Anti-Trump forces have few options for third party alternative. The beast is us: It’s time to place the blame for the elevation of a tyrant as the presumptive Republican presidential nominee where it belongs — with the people. This is what we call the #TrumpEffect.

How political science helps explain the rise of Trump: It’s the economy, stupid. Trump isn’t a creation of the media — he’s a creation of the media market. “Winning, winning, winning”: Steven Poole on the genius of The Donald’s Trumpspeak. Donald Trump is the personification of a Norse god named Loki.

Neocons for Hillary: Why some conservatives think Trump threatens democracy itself. Let Hillary win: If GOP leaders really want to stop Trump, they need to be willing to lose the election. James Downie on why Donald Trump won’t be elected president. Lauren Fox on five points to watch for in a Clinton v. Trump general election showdown. Why House Democrats think Donald Trump can deliver them big gains.