Ciara O’Connell (Sussex): What a “Private Life” Means for Women. From Horizonte, Jolanda Guardi (URV): Women Leadership in the Mosque; and Kochurani Abraham on enlisting in the struggle to be free: A feminist wrestles with gender and religion. From Buzzfeed, Somalia has one of the highest rates of female genital mutilation in the world — but two activists are trying to change that, breaking one taboo at a time; and Jina Moore on why new numbers on FGM should make you at least a little optimistic. Carers of the world unite: Women carers are still fighting for the right to not be impoverished, overworked, isolated, or exploited in their work. Who’s afraid of Simone de Beauvoir? Fernanda Canofre on how a national exam had millions of Brazilians talking about gender. Bodies of revolution: Eve Ensler, Monique Wilson, Nimmi Gowrinathan, and other female leaders from around the globe trade notes on building a new women’s solidarity movement.

The inaugural issue of the Journal of International Trade, Logistics and Law is out. Venkat Kuppuswamy (UNC) and Peter Younkin (McGill): Blaming the Customer: The Effect of Cast Racial Diversity on the Performance of Hollywood Films. Jennifer Gerson Uffalussy on how Nancy Reagan had the ideal perch to advance women’s rights — she didn’t use it. There have been six Democratic debates and zero questions on abortion: Here are 6 questions the moderators at Democratic debates should ask about abortion. 10 years on Twitter: Its 320m users include pop stars, politicians and revolutionaries — so why does the site’s future look so unsure? The American Statistical Association (ASA) has released a “Statement on Statistical Significance and P-Values” with six principles underlying the proper use and interpretation of the p-value.

Mike DeBonis and Kelsey Snell on how Donald Trump is ruining Paul Ryan’s speakership. As Cruz gains, Rightbloggers contemplate the true meaning of Trump. Lust for destruction: The key to understanding the Trump phenomenon — his ability to do all these things and pay no price — is that it has very little to do with Trump and almost everything to do with the portion of the electorate he is currently operating. Why, exactly, is Trump driving conservatives so crazy? The secret fear lying beneath Rubio’s accurate depiction of Trump as a “con artist” is that Republican voters are easy marks. Josh Barro on how the Republican “establishment” made Donald Trump’s nomination possible. This is how the GOP imploded: Heather Cox Richardson on the real story behind the conservative crack-up, and the creation of Donald Trump. Get real: Stopping Trump at a convention will be a hot mess.

What’s popular replaces what’s newsworthy: Eric Boehlert on how the media’s not being honest about its Trump obsession. How I wish this were not a news headline.