Eleni Polymenopoulou (Brunel): A Thousand Ways to Kiss the Earth: Artistic Freedom, Cultural Heritage and Islamic Extremism. From The Critique, a symposium on the philosophical challenges of terrorism and warfare: Charlie Hebdo, Free Speech and Religious Violence. Beenish Ahmed on why converts to Islam are so susceptible to becoming terrorists. U.S. military releases bizarre paper claiming wearing hijab is “passive terrorism”. Is true religion always extremist? Beware defining a person’s beliefs for them. How “religious” is religious violence? Michael M. Rosen reviews Not in God’s Name: Confronting Religious Violence by Jonathan Sacks. “Violence more common” in Bible than Quran, text analysis reveals. Democracy in a time of war: Patrick Provost-Smith on the figure of the religious extremist.

Meredith Kolsky Lewis (SUNY Buffalo): International Political Economy and the Prisoner’s Dilemma: Compliance with International Law. Airstrikes won’t save us: Thanassis Cambanis on how civil wars really end. Does leadership matter? Leaders shape history less than they think — with some exception. Sail (far) away: Anna Merlan is at sea with America’s largest floating gathering of conspiracy theorists. Justin Fox on how free trade doesn’t have to devastate workers. Become a great American, watch Univision. Harvard Law School is officially dropping its controversial seal. Momentum to remove Confederate symbols slows or stops. This is where right-wing radicalism is festering: While the nation watches the presidential race, there are scary things happening at state legislatures. Why therapists should talk politics: Sometimes, the patient is depressed because the world is unjust.

From ThinkProgress, America is supposed to be a democracy, so why do we still have caucuses? If you want to encourage people to have a voice in your party process, the last system you want to design is caucuses. Felix Salmon on how the delegate system works makes no democratic sense. Top conservatives gather to plot third-party run against Trump. Adelson signals support for Trump: “Why not?” Walter E. Block and Donald Miller are starting up a new group to be called Libertarians for Trump. Jennifer N. Victor on the clockwork rise of Donald Trump and reorganization of American parties. Introducing Donald Trump’s fire-eaters: How the Republican Party made the mob that the GOP frontrunner exploits. Abraham Lincoln warned us about Donald Trump: Philip Gourevitch on how Donald Trump inspires a lawlessness that Lincoln saw as the most pressing threat to the republic.

National Review’s revolt against the masses: Thanks to Donald Trump, the conservative journal is regressing to the aristocratic conservatism of its founder William Buckley. The reason Republicans let a non-issue like Mexican immigration destroy their party is racism. Jelani Cobb on Donald Trump, a frightening window into the American present. Donald Trump is making conservatives turn on the white working class. Donald Trump is thriving because nobody else speaks up for conservative globalization skeptics.

Mark Thoma on rising insecurity and the rise of Trump and Sanders. Katherine Cramer on what Trump is telling resentful Americans (and Sanders is not). Jim Tankersley on the new Democratic Party proposal to rival Bernie Sanders’s socialism. Michael Schulson on the moral vision of Bernie Sanders. Deborah Tannen on the self-fulfilling prophecy of disliking Hillary Clinton. Looking for a president made with 100 percent natural ingredients: What are we even saying when we say someone isn't a natural politician?