Should Trump be allowed to kick protesters out of his rallies? Jeffrey Blehar says the demonstrations are unhelpful and counterproductive. Matt Taylor on Donald Trump and the long history of American politics turning violent. Ana Mallen on flirting with populist politics: “He reminds me of Hugo Chavez”, I blurted out to the group discussing Donald Trump and the current state of the US presidential election. Jon Reinish on the GOP wasteland, where basic humanity goes to die. Who sponsored the hate? David Koch is reportedly flummoxed by the toxic rhetoric of Donald Trump, but he and his brother have their own history of fearmongering and racial intolerance. Some on the Left are beginning to suggest that openly expressed bigotry is an improvement, but this fails to take account of the way that every one of these once-shocking utterances changed not just our political discourse, but our standards for acceptable conduct. Seth Masket on the obligations of a political scientist during a political crisis.

Reformicons had a plan for the middle class, and Donald Trump killed it. Donald Trump is Republican leaders’ fault. Marco Rubio’s demise tells the full story of the GOP’s Trump denial: Until they accept that Trump is their problem, Republicans will be unable to wean themselves from the politics that gave rise to him. Mark Leibovich on the end of Marco-mentum. The end of Marco Rubio’s campaign is a dodged bullet for America (and more). Margaret Hartmann on what the March 15 primaries mean for the GOP race. Trump foe Glenn Beck to Kasich: “You son of a bitch, the Republic is at stake”.

John Cassidy on Hillary Clinton versus Donald Trump: The battle ahead. Don’t be so sure Hillary Clinton will crush Donald Trump: Every presidential election is just like all the other ones until it’s not. The long march: Bernie Sanders will probably lose the Democratic nomination to Hillary Clinton, after his impressive but inadequate showing on March 15th — but the Left still won that night. Bernie Sanders needs a new reason to stay in the race — here’s one. Bernie Sanders can still lead a political revolution — even if he loses: “If rather than waste money on more TV ads, Sanders starts raising funds to build an enduring activist infrastructure, he could do an enormous amount to help anchor the progressive flank of the Democratic Party in Congress”.

From the Unz Review, Ilana Mercer on the winning Trump ticket and cabinet: Webb for VP, Cruz for DoJ, Paul for State. Daniel Hemel on President Trump vs. the bureaucratic state. Would President Trump kill freedom of the press? Isaac Chotiner interviews Geoffrey Stone, author of several books on press freedom. Donald Trump is too gullible to be president. Matthew Cooper on what the world will look like under President Donald Trump. The Economist rates Trump presidency among its top 10 global risks.

Kristen Van de Biezenbos (Texas Tech): Where Oil is King. What is “political will”, anyway? Scholars take a whack at defining it. On trade, angry voters have a point. A reference guide to reference: Genevieve Valentine reviews You Could Look It Up: The Reference Shelf from Ancient Babylon to Wikipedia by Jack Lynch. Corey Robin on Local 33, Yale, and the spirit of conservatism. To establish the rule of law, cut off elites’ purses and power — here’s how. Christopher Schaberg on first-class reading and airport futures. Neera Tanden and Matt Browne on what’s shaping the global progressive movement. Michael N. Barnett on what really unites and divides American and Israeli Jews. Lloyd Grove on how Breitbart is trying to muzzle its critics. Do I like you? Research suggests humans assess each other within milliseconds, deciding whether someone is likeable or not.

From ThinkProgress, who is Merrick Garland? (and more and more and more) Why would Obama nominate an old white guy to the Supreme Court? There are a few reasons — political calculation isn’t one of them. Merrick Garland’s probably doomed, strategically interesting nomination, explained. Merrick Garland is an extraordinarily disappointing choice. Six quotes from Senate Republicans about Merrick Garland that are really awkward now. Here are the big players in the inevitable smear campaign against Judge Merrick Garland (and more). The real reason Republicans won’t give Obama’s Supreme Court nominee a hearing. Republicans who block Obama’s Supreme Court pick are violating the Constitution. The Republican Party is doomed if it denies Obama’s Supreme Court pick.

Obama’s gutsy “Godfather” move: Merrick Garland nomination is as big a GOP nightmare as Donald Trump. Alicia Parlapiano and Margot Sanger-Katz on how a Supreme Court with Merrick Garland would be the most liberal in decades. Merrick Garland is the best conservatives could hope for. Here’s the crazy (but possible) way Republicans confirm Merrick Garland to SCOTUS. Get serious: Supreme Court nominee Merrick Garland is not going to be confirmed before November — he’s the perfect sacrificial nominee. GOP split on lame duck confirmation of Garland: “You can’t have it both ways”. Mitch McConnell’s obstruction falls apart as 8 Republicans to meet with SCOTUS nominee. Richard Posner on how the Supreme Court is a political court — Republicans’ actions are proof.