From Room for Debate, are trade agreements good for Americans? Robert Scott and Jeffrey Schott debate. Fair hits on free trade: You can believe that Ricardian theory explains trade, or you can believe that high tariffs make a serious difference, but you cannot logically believe both — the fact that many mainstream economists make both claims is dismaying. Will Trump win over Sanders’ voters on free trade? These 3 graphs help explain how trade affects the election. Miriam Sapiro on what Trump and Sanders get wrong about free trade. Donald Trump is counting on an anti-trade backlash that doesn’t appear to exist. Hey, Bernie Sanders, trade isn’t all bad. Martin Sandbu on how manufacturing didn’t leave; it left workers behind. Ben Casselman on how manufacturing jobs are never coming back. Elizabeth Segran on why clothing startups are returning to American factories.

The biggest threat to American workers is slowly starting to go away: There’s a good reason to stop freaking out so much about the one country has has taken so many American jobs. Steven R. Weisman on the moral case for globalization: The 2016 consensus against trade is missing a big point. Jared Bernstein on the new trade paradigm: Pro-globalization, anti-“free” trade agreement.

Timothy Caulfield (Alberta): From Kim Kardashian to Dr. Oz: The Future Relevance of Popular Culture to Our Health and Health Policy. Brazil in free fall: This was supposed to be a triumphal year for Brazil — instead, Brazil has entered the year of ungovernability. Joshua Simon on why Obama honored Cuban hero Jose Marti in Havana. What is the point of critics? AO Scott defends his craft, arguing that criticism has never been more necessary. Reminder: Liberalism is working, and Marxism has always failed. Erik Prince in the hot seat: Blackwater’s founder is under investigation for money laundering, ties to Chinese intel, and brokering mercenary services. Dilley in retrospect: Barbara Eisold on how humanitarian needs expose machismo (and part 2). Study finally shows a causal link between body size and success.

Ahmed E. Souaiaia (Iowa): The Genealogy, Ideology, and Future of ISIL and its Derivatives. Alper Dede (Zirve): The Rise of the IS (Islamic State) in Syria and Iraq after the Arab Spring. Why are so many Tunisians joining IS? While Tunisia is managing its democratic transition, it is also the number-one supplier for recruits for IS. The next front against ISIS: Frederic Wehrey and Wolfram Lacher on the right way to intervene in Libya. From Indonesia, a Muslim challenge to the ideology of the Islamic State. The front lines: On the border of ISIS territory, Iraqi civilians fight for their survival. Stephen Lee Naish reviews Hunting Season: James Foley, ISIS, and the Kidnapping Campaign That Started a War by James Harkin. The game theory of terrorism: Jacob Olidort on how ISIS radicalizes others. Frederic Lemieux on how radicalization happens and who is at risk.

Since Paris, there have been hundreds of terrorist attacks — many that have gone unnoticed. Ishaan Tharoor on the Saudi origins of Belgium’s Islamist threat. Beenish Ahmed on how ISIS’ battlefront appears to be shifting to Europe. Daniel Byman on the Islamic State’s European front. Joshua Hersh on what to do about Brussels: Going to war won’t solve Europe’s homegrown terrorism problem. Amanda Taub on how shutting down immigration won’t solve Europe’s terrorism problem. Peter Beinart on what Trump and Cruz should learn from Belgium.

Einer Elhauge (Harvard): Why Ted Cruz Is Not a Natural Born Citizen Eligible to Be President and Why the Issue Is Not a Political Question. Anthony Curtis Adler on Trump, an Intervention: Narcissism, addiction, capitalism. Clinton-style centrist economics rests on a surprisingly shaky foundation. Markos Moulitsas to Bernie Sanders: Time to bow out. Meet Emidio “Mimi” Soltysik, the socialist running for president in the shadow of Bernie Sanders. Scott McLemee reviews Stanley Fish, America's Enfant Terrible: The Authorized Biography by Gary A. Olson. Here are one two three excerpts from Fortunes of Feminism: From State-Managed Capitalism to Neoliberal Crisis by Nancy Fraser. Amber A’Lee Frost is here to save you from the terrible self-satisfied performative male feminist types. All of your attempts to redeem Martin Shkreli will fail.

Peter O'Brien on how the Brussels attacks are exposing Europe’s identity crisis. Matthew Yglesias on how the Brussels attacks are a profound threat to the European project. Christopher de Bellaigue on how France’s clampdown on radical Muslims could be storing up trouble: Radicalisation is still happening — but out of sight. Jeremy Harding reviews Who is Charlie? Xenophobia and the New Middle Class by Emmanuel Todd. Marine le Pen, L’Etrangere: Sophie Pedder examines the brutal beginnings of Marine Le Pen, leader of the nationalist revival sweeping Europe. “We are the People”: Ben Mauk on the rise of the German Right. Far Right in Europe hope Donald Trump will set them free. Europe the Unready: The hope for a growing European unity has suffered setbacks amid terrorism, the refugee crisis and financial challenges.