From ThinkProgress, Beenish Ahmed on how women enforce ISIS’ abhorrent laws against women. To maintain supply of sex slaves, ISIS pushes birth control: Modern methods allow the Islamic State to keep up its systematic rape of captives under medieval codes. Prisoners describe what it was like being detained inside an ISIS jail. “If they don’t like someone, they just behead him”: Zack Beauchamp on why ISIS fighters quit. Is ISIS no longer a good place to work? A new report suggests ISIS grunt work has gone from lucrative and exciting to a real crummy slog. American defector Mohamad Jamal Khweis says living with ISIS is kinda lame. Leaked ISIS documents tell the stories of hundreds of foreign jihadis. A leaked ISIS document: We’re cutting fighter salaries in half.

The ISIS economy — crushing taxes and high unemployment: Joanna Paraszczuk on how the Islamic State uses economic persecution as a recruitment tactic. A look at how the predatory Islamic State wrings money from those it rules. Leaked records cast light on how ISIS makes its money. Jose Pagliery on how ISIS is obsessed with gold currency. Is ISIS good at governing? Quinn Mecham investigates (in 5 parts). Jaime Fuller on how ISIS is still learning that governing is super hard. ISIS promise of statehood falling far short, ex-residents say. Megan Stewart on why the Islamic State is so bad at being a state. End times for the caliphate? Patrick Cockburn investigates.

Eleni Polymenopoulou (Brunel): A Thousand Ways to Kiss the Earth: Artistic Freedom, Cultural Heritage and Islamic Extremism. Anshul Kumar Pandey and Nilotpal Bansal (Delhi): Mutilating the Past: The Islamic State and the Last Song of History. Omur Harmansah (UIC): ISIS, Heritage, and the Spectacles of Destruction in the Global Media. Frederick Bohrer on the destruction of art and antiquities in our time. Amr Al-Azm on why ISIS wants to destroy Syria’s cultural heritage. Ben Taub on the real value of the ISIS antiquities trade. Libya’s cultural heritage “being destroyed and plundered by Isis”: Museums and UN say ancient artefacts and artwork are in danger of obliteration or being looted and sold illegally. The UN is sending squads of elite troops to defend world heritage sites (and more). The battle for Palmyra: Syrian government forces have regained control of the historic city after a months-long siege by the Islamic State.

Raymond H. Brescia (Albany): Uber for Lawyers: The Transformative Potential of a Sharing Economy Approach to the Delivery of Legal Services. Jacob E. Gersen and Jeannie Suk (Harvard): The Sex Bureaucracy. Richard McDonough (Arium): Wittgenstein: From a Religious Point of View? Dear conservatives: Don’t peddle racist garbage if you are not racist. Undercover with the Asian marriage investigators: A growing number of British Asian families are hiring detectives to check on potential spouses — but does “honeytrapping” cross the line? They made him a moron: Evgeny Morozov on the strange career of Alec Ross, the Tom Friedman of digital diplomacy. Life, by subscription: The American dream is no longer for sale — but it is for rent. The first chapter from Ultimate Questions by Bryan Magee (and more). Here’s a guide to the best astrologists on the Internet.

Have we ever had a president like Donald Trump? Yes, we have — but you have to go back to the nineteenth century. Trump and the Tea Party: Kate Aronoff on how the Tea Party laid the groundwork for Donald Trump’s rise. Donald Trump vs. the Republican Brain: “The true source of the schism is between Republicans who intellectualize conservative impulses and those who do not”. Lost in Trumplandia: Patricia Lockwood goes looking for the soul of the Trump voter. Jennifer Sclafani on the idiolect of Donald Trump: His idiosyncratic patterns of speech, not just what he says, are why people tend either to love him or hate him. Stormfront founder Don Black urges listeners to vote for Trump. Donald Trump’s giant convention con: The front-runner is desperately trying to change party rules, turning a loss into a win he doesn’t deserve.

Can Democratic attack ads tear down Donald Trump? Republican groups’ attacks haven’t done the trick — but one big-money Democratic super PAC believes it has the formula. Will big money Republicans break the Democratic wave? They’re fleeing from Trump — and finding a wiser way to spend their millions. No, Trump won’t win votes from disaffected Democrats in the fall. Bhaskar Sunkara on how the “Sanders Democrat”’ is paving the way for the radical Left. The kids are all Left: Cora Lewis interviews Sarah Leonard and Bhaskar Sunkara, editors of The Future We Want, about the decline of unions, the rise of alt labor, and why so many young people are backing Bernie Sanders. Melissa Hillman on how privilege is what allows Sanders supporters to say they’ll “never” vote for Clinton (and more).

Jeremy Kidd and Joseph Padgett (Mercer): Trucker Shortage as Government Failure. Landon Schurtz (Northeast State): Batman in the Classroom: Academic Philosophy and “...and Philosophy”. Matt Phillips on how the world has too many ships. The Right wing is carping that President Obama is “downplaying” the dangers of Daesh (ISIL, ISIS) in the wake of the Paris and Brussels attacks on soft targets, but 30 Americans die worldwide from terrorism annually, while 130,000 die by accident. Glenn Greenwald on highlighting Western victims while ignoring victims of Western violence. Denise Cummins on what Ayn Rand got wrong about human nature. Petition requests open carry of guns at Republican National Convention. Emma Bazilian on how teen mag Tiger Beat is evolving to target celeb-obsessed Gen Z-ers.

From the International Journal for Crime, Justice and Social Democracy, a special issue on Islamophobia and crime: Anti-Muslim demonising and racialised targeting. The year in Islamophobia: Islamic terrorism hasn’t occurred in a vacuum — if people wanted to hear from Muslims, they could have asked us a long time ago. Islamophobia is an epic waste of time and energy and this graph shows exactly why. Arun Kundnani on how the west’s Islamophobia is only helping the Islamic State. Adrienne Mahsa Varkiani on the disturbing rise of Islamophobia in America. Haroon Moghul on how Islamophobia is ruining America — but not how you think. Lamya H on a personal history of Islamophobia in America: Islamophobia isn’t new — it’s been part of my daily life for years. “The talk”: 6 Muslim parents on what they tell their kids about Islamophobia. “I feel like a despised insect”: Jeanne Theoharis on coming of age under surveillance in New York.

Brian J. Bowe and Taj W. Makki (Michigan State): Muslim Neighbors or an Islamic Threat? A Constructionist Framing Analysis of Newspaper Coverage of Mosque Controversies. The New York Times portrays Islam more negatively than cancer, a major study finds. What a 19th century campaign to declare Mormons “non-white” tells us about modern Islamophobia. 100 years ago, Americans talked about Catholics the way they talk about Muslims today.

Khaled A. Beydoun (Barry): Electing Islamophobia. Dear politicians: Muslim Americans aren’t just tools in the war on terror. From George Bush voters to feeling the Bern: Jack Jenkins on why Muslim Americans abandoned the GOP. Jacob Bronsther on how radical Islam explains the appeal of Trump and Cruz: Both candidates are tapping into powerful forces that are unleashed when a great community perceives it’s in decline. Dearborn Mosque director: Trump’s rise is like a “reality show that we are living”. Trump says Muslims aren’t helping fight terrorism — bullshit. Muslims need to start speaking out against radical Islam, and if they’re already doing that, nice.