Peter Kinderman (Liverpool): Knots and Black Holes: Why We're All Prone to Madness and What We Can Do About It. Malfrid Braut-Hegghammer on why some dictators are more likely to get nuclear weapons — 5 lessons from Iraq and Libya. In Iraq, Trump doesn't understand what he doesn't understand. Donald Trump appears to have no idea what Obamacare is. Obamacare is a policy triumph and a political failure. "The mandate penalties are not working": Sarah Kliff interviews Caroline Pearson on what is broken with Obamacare. To work as intended, Obamacare needs a bigger, more unpopular mandate. Are progressives being played by WikiLeaks and Julian Assange? Tom Hayden and the unfinished business of democracy. There's a word for buying books and not reading them. Meet Charles Harder, the Gawker killer now working for Melania Trump and Roger Ailes.

What drives Donald Trump? Fear of losing status, tapes show. Trump in 2014: “I don’t like to analyze myself because I might not like what I see”. Trump's supporters are more liberal than he is — with one big exception. Trump’s graying army: In the Republican nominee’s nostalgia-fueled campaign, older voters see their last chance to bring back the 1950s. Shy Trump supporters? This new evidence says no. The Trump supporters who are secretly voting for Hillary: Meet the Evangelical Christian women resolved to go behind the backs of their families, friends, and pastors to break party lines. One GOP woman wonders why the men in her party won’t defend her. Kellyanne Conway’s and Donald Trump’s relationship is becoming bizarre. Donald Trump’s campaign has spent more on hats than on polling.

Trump stops holding high-dollar fundraisers that were raising big cash for the GOP. The Republican Party is ready to give up and pull the plug on Trump’s dying campaign. Jennifer Rubin on the Republicans who want to beat Trump by as much as possible. Ed Kilgore on what the early-voting numbers are telling us. You’ll likely be reading one of these 5 articles the day after the election. How will Trump supporters react if he loses? There will be no Trumpism after Trump: The pundit class fears a Trump afterlife — those fears are overblown. Don’t expect Republicans to change after a crushing Trump defeat. Want to save the Republican Party? Drain the right-wing media swamp. Fact-free conservative media is a symptom of GOP troubles, not a cause. Obama was right about Republican extremism all along.

The philosophy that fuels the Clinton Scandal Machine: One political theory generates many dead-end investigations. The new blue and red: An educational split is replacing the culture war. There is no neutral there: Elizabeth Catte on Appalachia as a mythic “Trump Country”. Would progressive economics win over Trump’s white working class voters? (and more) George Packer on Hillary Clinton and the populist revolt: The Democrats lost the white working class, the Republicans exploited them — can Clinton win them back? There’s a new “silent majority”, and it’s voting for Hillary Clinton: Trump voters and Bernie Bros get all the press, but it’s Hillary voters who are going to win. Paul Krugman on why Hillary wins: Maybe she actually deserves it. Charles M. Blow on Clinton’s specter of illegitimacy.

The first big question about the Clinton transition: What happens to the thousands of Obama appointees already in place? To know what President Clinton will really do, listen to what she says: Nobody believes it, but politicians mostly keep their promises. Why the next president may have more power than usual. Will Democrats be able to govern? Hillary Clinton’s plan to squeeze the ultra-rich. David Dayen on the huge corporate tax cut Hillary Clinton doesn’t talk about: If you believe Chuck Schumer, she’s planning to slash taxes on overseas profits next year — massively and permanently. Elizabeth Warren warns Democrats not to cave on corporate tax reform. Liberals hope Elizabeth Warren will serve as Clinton’s Scrutinizer in Chief. Sanders is prepared to be a liberal thorn in Clinton’s side. Milo Beckman on the leftist case for Clinton.

New study finds the American Dream is even more dead than you thought. We still haven't recovered from the Great Recession. Obama's trickle-up economics: New statistics show that government can raise the quality of life for ordinary families without hurting the economy. Barack Obama makes the malcontent's case for the center Left in an op-ed for The Economist. Thanks, Obama: Derek Thompson on the historic and underrated economic record of the 44th president. How much impact can a president have on the economy? Hillary Clinton is proposing a policy to tackle deep poverty. The surreal politics of a billionaire's tax loophole: Hillary Clinton has gone even further than Donald Trump in promising to kill a tax break that benefits some of the wealthiest people in finance — so why are private equity titans giving all their campaign money to Clinton?

Mark Thoma on 4 reasons Trump's economic policies would be a disaster. Yet another poll shows that Trump's economic populism is not all that popular. Ian Anson on why Republicans and Democrats can't agree on basic economic facts. Richard Reeves on why economics has become political once again. The election matters for the future of the economy.

Paul Graham Raven (Sheffield): Imagining the Impossible: The Shifting Role of Utopian Thought in Civic Planning, Science Fiction, and Futures Studies. Bridget J. Crawford (Pace) and Carla Spivack (Oklahoma City): Tampon Taxes, Equal Protection and Human Rights. Why won’t anyone admit that America is fighting 5 wars? AT&T set to rack up massive debt as Time Warner CEO hits the jackpot. AT&T buying Time Warner looks like an ego-driven mistake. Struggling to serve at the nation’s richest university: We Harvard dining hall workers are on strike because we can’t afford to pay more for health care. Inside the strange, paranoid world of Julian Assange: The WikiLeaks founder is out to settle a score with Hillary Clinton and reassert himself as a player on the world stage, says James Ball, who worked for Assange at WikiLeaks. Donald Trump faces foreign donor fundraising scandal.

From The Upshot, Jasmine C. Lee and Kevin Quealy on the 281 people, places and things Donald Trump has insulted on Twitter: A complete list. Imagine a sane Donald Trump: You know he’s a nut — what if he weren’t? A guide for undecided Republicans:⁠⁠⁠ Choosing a president isn’t easy in this election, but here are three ways a principled conservative might vote. Republicans threaten lawsuits over TV ads linking them to Donald Trump. Trump’s greatest service to America may be ending Paul Ryan’s career. Republicans’ worst nightmare isn’t what they think it is: Donald Trump might refuse to concede defeat — but he could do something much worse to the GOP. Does Donald Trump believe in anything but himself? The Republican candidate’s fascist impulses are frequently rooted in his own self-interest.

Republicans told their voters that politics is inherently evil — that stuck them with Trump. The Right is giving up on democracy: It’s not just Donald Trump and his fans who think the system is rigged. Yes, American democracy could break down: It might not be Trump, but our system is more vulnerable to a demagogue than you’d think. The GOP is breaking — it’s not Trump’s fault. The GOP must do something about the conservative media industrial complex if it wants to survive. It will take conservatives a lot of work to clean up after Trump — we should start now. Is Donald Trump a fake Republican or the ultimate Republican? It’s Trump’s party — don’t let anyone pretend otherwise.

Camil Alexandru Parvu (Bucharest): Populism, Cosmopolitanism and the Reconfiguration of Contemporary Politics. Takis Pappas (CEU): Are Populist Leaders “Charismatic”? The Evidence from Europe. Tim Vlandas and Daphne Halikiopoulou (Reading): Why Far Right Parties Do Well at Times of Crisis: The Role of Labour Market Institutions. James F Downes (Hong Kong): Extreme Right-Wing and Center Right Party Competition on the Salience of Immigration: Evidence from the 2008-2013 Economic Crisis in Europe. The introduction to Trouble on the Far Right: Contemporary Right-Wing Strategies and Practices in Europe, ed. Maik Fielitz and Laura Lotte Laloire. From Public Seminar, Agata Lisiak on fearing the foreign on Europe’s streets. In face of Brexit, signs of E.U. pulling together. Brexit is part of a much longer contest between governance by experts and governance by citizens. As Brexit becomes ever more a reality, central and eastern European migrants in the UK are facing a growing backlash.

France’s National Front draws strength from Brexit: The party has long shrouded racism in the language of “self-determination” — now, they feel vindicated. How Marine Le Pen has upended French politics: Six months before the presidential election, the dominance of the National Front has shaken up the country’s establishment parties. Nicolas Hube and Naomi Truan (Paris): France: The Reluctance to Use the Word Populism as a Concept. The new star of Germany’s far Right: Frauke Petry is a mother, a scientist, and the leader of the country’s most successful nationalist phenomenon since the Second World War. The end of German populist exceptionalism: The right-wing AfD is to stay, and will constrain Merkel’s leadership — but less so than in neighbouring EU countries.

Quo vadis, Poland? Shlomo Avineri on the motivation behind the recent legislation on historical matters introduced by the current Polish government. David Ost on the Hungarian and Polish new Right in power. The Illiberal International: Slawomir Sierakowski on the Hungarian/Polish nationalist axis. Luxembourg calls for Hungary to be kicked out of European Union.

From Anthropology Now, Jonathan Marion (Arkansas): Becoming Popular: The Impact of Contemporary Media on the World of Competitive Ballroom Dance. South Africa just filed notice that it will leave the International Criminal Court, and Burundi plans to do the same — is this the end of the ICC? Brian Feldman on why it’s so easy to break the Internet — and why it’ll happen again (and more). The dream of a fully connected future is starting to look like a nightmare. Historic DDoS attack proves Internet voting is still a terrible idea. Jeremy Hance on Hillary Clinton’s little-known crusade to save Africa’s elephants. Will the next president have to deal with a recession? Elizabeth Dias and Eliana Dockterman on the teeny tiny fine print that can allow sexual harassment claims to go unheard. Secret Nazi military base discovered by Russian scientists in the Arctic.

The smearing of Donald Trump’s accusers: The effort to undermine their credibility — carried out by right-wing bloggers, social media trolls and the Trump campaign itself — is another reminder of why so many victims choose to remain silent. What it’s like to experience the 2016 election as both a conservative and a sex abuse survivor. The price I’ve paid for opposing Donald Trump: Trump’s alt-Right trolls have subjected me and my family to an unending torrent of abuse that I wouldn’t wish on anyone. FBI warned of white supremacists in law enforcement 10 years ago — has anything changed? “It feels like the Molotov Ribbentrop Pact all over again. Good times.” What is Russia trying to achieve? He is trying to pull off a so-called “color revolution” in the US.

From PS: Political Science and Politics, Patrick A. Stewart, Austin D. Eubanks, and Jason Miller (Arkansas): “Please Clap”: Applause, Laughter, and Booing during the 2016 GOP Presidential Primary Debates; Marty Cohen (James Madison), David Karol (Maryland), Hans Noel (Georgetown), and John Zaller (UCLA): Party Versus Faction in the Reformed Presidential Nominating System; Wayne P. Steger (DePaul): Conditional Arbiters: The Limits of Political Party Influence in Presidential Nominations; and Matthew C. MacWilliams (Mass): Who Decides When The Party Doesn’t? Authoritarian Voters and the Rise of Donald Trump.

How fascist is Donald Trump? There’s actually a formula for that. These factors predict how likely you are to support Donald Trump. Why Trump supporters are so susceptible to conspiracy theories: The paranoid style in American politics has its roots in a deep insecurity. Sympathy for the Devil: Refusing to engage with Trump’s base will only guarantee the growth of the far Right. “Real worry is that @realDonaldTrump's banner will be picked up by someone much smarter and more self-disciplined next time”.

Breitbart News, a right-wing website closely tied to Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, is taking its war against House Speaker Paul Ryan to new levels. Martin Longman on how the GOP will split apart next year. Richard Branson: Donald Trump told me he wanted “to spend the rest of his life” getting revenge. Note to Donald Trump: This is why you can’t run government like a business. Trump hotels ditching name for new hotels. Ivanka Trump fights to save the brand. Stephen E. Nash on the way Trump wears his cap.

From the European Journal of Political Theory, Fabio Wolkenstein (Frankfurt): Populism, Liberal Democracy, and the Ethics of Peoplehood. Shaun Bowler (UC-Riverside), David Denemark (Western Australia), Todd Donovan (Western Washington), and Duncan McDonnell (Griffith): Right-Wing Populist Party Supporters: Dissatisfied but Not Direct Democrats. John Judis on us v them, the birth of populism: It’s not about Left or Right — populism is a style of politics that pits “the people” against “the establishment” and its rise is a warning sign that the status quo is failing. Jonathan Alter reviews The Populist Explosion: How the Great Recession Transformed American and European Politics by John B. Judis (and more). Beyond liberalism: John Milbank and Adrian Pabst on defining a new centre ground of Western politics. Ross Douthat is among the post-liberals: The Western order finds internal critics. Liberal internationalists have to own up: We left too many people behind.

What’s behind a rise in ethnic nationalism? Maybe the economy. Ronald J. Granieri on exceptionalism, empire, and the dark side of national greatness. Joseph E. Stiglitz on how Trump happened. Richard Seymour on the globalization of Donald Trump. Donald Trump may be a threat to global democracy, experts warn. Martin Wolf on how the west might soon be lost: Under a President Trump, democracy would lose credibility as a model for a civilised political life. Nathan Pippenger on the revolution that gave us Trump: What would Tocqueville say about the Donald? Alexander Nazaryan on getting close to fascism with Sinclair Lewis’s It Can’t Happen Here. It could happen here: Democracy is facing setbacks around the world, but there hasn’t been reason to doubt America’s resilience — until now. Donald Trump can’t undermine American democracy because it barely even exists — and anyway, we’ve survived far more serious threats than this loathsome joker in the past.

He’ll likely lose — but Trump is the final warning to elites.

George Lawson (LSE): Within and Beyond the “Fourth Generation” of Revolutionary Theory. Helle Lykkebo (Copenhagen): Carnophilia: The Sexual Obsession of Eating Baby Animals. What is the Islamic State without a state? Control of territory is at the core of ISIS ideology — but the group can outlast its recent losses. “The wall is a fantasy”: A week in the borderlands with migrants and guards. If Hillary Clinton wins, she won’t be able to implement any of her agenda, right? Wrong. What are we allowed to say? David Bromwich reviews Free Speech: Ten Principles for a Connected World by Timothy Garton Ash; Reclaiming Conversation: The Power of Talk in a Digital Age by Sherry Turkle; Democracy, Expertise and Academic Freedom: A First Amendment Jurisprudence for the Modern State by Robert Post; Freedom of Speech: Mightier than the Sword by David Shipler; and Trigger Warning: Is the Fear of Being Offensive Killing Free Speech? by Mick Hume.

Scott Shackelford and Amanda Craig (Indiana), Bruce Schneier, Michael Sulmeyer, Anne E. Boustead, Ben Buchanan, and Trey Herr (Harvard), and Jessica Zhanna Malekos Smith (UC-Davis): Making Democracy Harder to Hack: Should Elections Be Classified as “Critical Infrastructure”? Thomas Rid on how Russia pulled off the biggest election hack in U.S. history: Putin, Wikileaks, the NSA and the DNC email fiasco that gave Trump and Clinton another reason to be at odds. Why is Assange helping Trump?

A short history of white people rigging elections: If Trump supporters really loved law and order, they wouldn’t be going around calling the election “rigged”. Trump’s rigged election talk is reaping what Republican leaders have sowed. RNC warns against poll watching, citing decades-old court decree. When Donald Trump says he may not concede, imagine what his voters are hearing. Jonathan Chait on six fatal problems the GOP’s new talking point equating Trump’s “rigged” fantasies with Al Gore in 2000.

“Rip the baby out of the womb”: What Donald Trump got wrong about abortion in America. “Nasty woman” becomes the feminist rallying cry Hillary Clinton was waiting for. 2016’s manifest misogyny: At the second Presidential debate, Trump declared Clinton a fighter — but what she’s had to fight all along is sexism like his. Remember when we thought climate change would matter this election? While you were watching the debate, Trump just launched Trump TV. Trump TV? CNN’s Jeff Zucker explains how he became Donald’s useful idiot.