Patricia Salkin and Irene Crisci (Touro): Billy Joel: The Chronicler of the Suburbanization in New York. SpearIt (Texas Southern): Sonic Jihad: Muslim Hip Hop in the Age of Mass Incarceration. Now that the former outsiders have survived misogynist critics, a fickle industry, and each other, the stars are aligned for Tegan and Sara to become two of the biggest names in pop. Rob Tannenbaum on an oral history of “We Built This City”, the worst song of all time. Taylor Mugavin on Beyonce and the sexual objectification of Lemonade. Why rock criticism was essential to the Replacements. Does Nicki Minaj portray the image of a phallic mother? Elena Petrova investigates. The South stole Americana: Josh Garrett-Davis on America’s untended musical roots. Hua Hsu on how nostalgia drives the music industry: The returns of Dinosaur Jr. and De La Soul are reminders of how yearning for the past shapes pop history.

Andrew Jensen Kerr (Georgetown): Rap Exegesis: Interpreting the Rapper in an Internet Society. The end of the angry guitar: A couple of decades ago, the guitar still ruled in rock and pop, but now it’s in eclipse. Lisa Aslanian on rap’s civility game. Craig Jenkins on how Britney Spears and Carly Rae Jepsen stay relevant. Clio Chang on the case for Carly Rae Jepsen. Hip-hop hymnals: Why are rappers like Kanye West, Chance the Rapper, and Kendrick Lamar finding religion? Matthew Kassel reviews Rock Critic Law: 101 Unbreakable Rules for Writing Badly About Pop Music by Michael Azerrad.

Euzebiusz Jamrozik, Toby Handfield, and Michael J Selgelid (Monash): Victims, Vectors and Villains: Are Those who Opt Out of Vaccination Morally Responsible for the Deaths of Others? Gerald Lebovits (Columbia): Say It Ain’t So: Leading Logical Fallacies in Legal Argument (and part 2). Nina L. Khrushcheva on how direct democracy strikes again, in Colombia: Colombians have taken a leap in the dark. Dexter Filkins on Turkey’s thirty-year coup: Did an exiled cleric try to overthrow Erdogan’s government? Duterte on US alliance: “Do you really think we need it?” Why clowns are the real victims of the clown craze. History suggests Jill Stein and Gary Johnson will do worse than the polls say. Thousands of girls are locked up for talking back or staying out late. You can download Ten Theses for an Aesthetics of Politics by Davide Panagia.

James Fallows on primate dominance moves at the debate. Sukjong Hong on why Donald Trump’s obsession with “inner cities” is so gross. Moron-in-Chief: Everything Donald Trump says about Syria is crazy, wrong, or both. With new vigor, Trump pushes for Clinton’s imprisonment. Michael Mukasey, a former Republican attorney general who spoke at this summer’s GOP national convention, warns that Donald Trump’s vow to imprison Hillary Clinton represents a “watershed” moment in American politics. Maine Gov. Paul LePage: Maybe the country needs Trump to show “authoritarian power”. Putin doesn’t need a mole on the Trump campaign when he has the Internet. Trump knows “nothing about Russia”, he just repeats their propaganda. Don’t worry: The Trump campaign isn’t infiltrated by Russian intelligence (probably) — they’re just awash in neo-Nazi and white supremacist propaganda.

Todd VanDerWerff on Mark Burnett, the reality TV titan who could hold Donald Trump’s fate in his hands, explained. Heather Cox Richardson on why Trump’s tape could destroy the GOP. Trump dismisses “disloyal” Republican party as support collapses. Trump tries to intimidate Republicans into sticking with him. Trump vanquished his rivals for the GOP’s soul: Trump’s debate performance assured the base that he intends to realize its darkest fantasies — it also means that Trump can keep the base after the election. How much does Trump really need the Republican Party? Donald Trump is blowing up the Republican Party. The Republican Party made Donald Trump — now Donald Trump is destroying the Republican Party. Republican politicians have only their fears to blame. Reasonable Republicans can’t save the GOP from Trump.

Steve Bannon, the chairman of the right-wing news outlet Breitbart who became CEO of Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, gave explicit orders to his staff to destroy Speaker Paul Ryan (and more). Gerrymandering helped Republicans take control of Congress, but now it’s tearing them apart over Trump. “Um.”: New PRRI/Atlantic survey finds Trump down double-digits nationally, yet up double digits among men. A conservative woman on the moral collapse of a Trump-excusing GOP: “Now some Trojan horse nationalist sexual predator invades the @GOP, eating it alive, and you cowards sit this one out?” Here’s why Republicans are still willing to vote for Donald Trump.

Glenn Beck says electing Hillary Clinton “is a moral, ethical choice”. From TNR, policy wonk, pragmatist, truth-twister: There are many versions of Hillary Clinton — and we’ll need them all to navigate the political chaos unleashed by Trump; and Graham Vyse on the case for a “two-faced” Hillary Clinton: It’s not hypocritical to take “both a public and a private position” on certain issues, it’s pragmatic — but also risky to talk about. “I’m the last thing standing between you and the Apocalypse”: Mark Leibovich goes inside the final weeks of Hillary Clinton’s cautious — and surprisingly risky — campaign.

Doomsday preppers in Utah see Donald Trump’s candidacy as a sign of the Apocalypse. Bunker builders anticipate lucrative Trumpocalypse: Panic, anxiety spark rush to build luxury bunkers for L.A.’s superrich.

Republican vice presidential nominee Mike Pence chided a Trump supporter Tuesday who talked about there being a post-election revolution if Hillary Clinton wins the election. Benjamin Wallace-Wells on Clinton’s coming struggle with Trump supporters.