From Financial Times, goodbye to Barack Obama's world: It is the failing of liberal technocrats to think reason governs how people act; and the elite's Marie Antoinette moment: At a time when Britain has voted to leave the EU, when Donald Trump has been elected US president, and Marine Le Pen is marching towards the Elysee Palace, we — the gatekeepers of the global liberal order — keep on doubling down. The rich can't save us: The Democratic donor class will resist the very policies that could unite workers of all races — they can't subdue Trumpism. Why the Bernie Sanders approach to winning isn't enough for Democrats to rise again: The situation is much more complicated than some liberals make it seem. Demoralized Democrats have a roadmap for success in Trump's America — it was written by Jesse Jackson.

Jonathan Chait on David Brooks and the intellectual collapse of the center. Pro-democracy Republicans can counter Trump: Challenges to the president from a handful of GOP members of Congress won't derail the conservative agenda. Want to know if the Trump administration will lurch into radicalism? Don't look at Trump. In defense of doomsaying: Airing the worst-case scenarios of a Trump presidency is the only way we can avoid them. Manuel Serrano on the road from democracy to kakistocracy — and back.

From LARB, Manash Firaq Bhattacharjee on Trump and the fascism of common sense. Ayan Omar: “I’m Muslim. Here’s how I explain my faith to fearful Americans”. What a Trump crackdown on Muslims might look like. Qasim Rashid on why a strong Muslim identity is the best defense against extremism. Why two top Muslim and Jewish groups joined forces to fight bigotry — and why some are trying to stop them. George Soros pledges $10 million to fight hate crimes. Stop playing defense on hate crimes: Studies have shown that influencers and communities can de-legitimize violence. As the pressure to act like “real” Americans mounts, let’s not.

The New York Times inaugurates “This Week in Hate”, a column to track hate crimes and harassment around the country since the election of Donald Trump. A time for treason: A reading list created by a group of Black, Brown, Indigenous, Muslim, and Jewish people who are writers, organizers, teachers, anti-fascists, anti-capitalists, and radicals.

Daniel R. Cahoy, Zhen Lei, Yuxi Meng, and Seth Blumsack (Penn State): Global Patent Chokepoints. Kari E. Hong (BC): Rape by Malice. Dov A. Waisman (Southwestern): Moral Context and Risks of Death. Paul C. Bauer (EUI) and Markus Freitag (Bern): Measuring Trust. Don't build Trump's Wall — amend the Constitution. Erin Sheehy reviews True Homosexual Experiences: Boyd McDonald and "Straight to Hell" by William E. Jones and Cruising the Movies: A Sexual Guide to Oldies on TV by Boyd McDonald. No, Christians were not driven by persecution to vote for Donald Trump. When you grow up, your heart doesn't have to die: Kevin Smokler and Jason Diamond on the perfectly imperfect world of John Hughes. Here’s what you really need to know about Trump’s Carrier deal.

From The Nation, Republicans cannot claim a mandate when Hillary Clinton has a 2-million-vote lead. Donald Trump's political mandate is historically small. Team Trump relies on a bizarre definition of "landslide". War is peace, freedom is slavery, Trump won in a landslide. If you're even asking if Russia hacked the election, Russia got what it wanted. FBI may have been investigating Trump when Comey announced new Clinton emails. This story ends with the demise of James Comey as FBI chief. "If Trump can appoint Petraeus to State after running an entire campaign against Hillary's email practices, then truly nothing matters".

From Government Executive, Steven L. Schooner and Daniel I. Gordon on GSA's Trump hotel lease debacle: The existing agreement presents unprecedented — and intolerable — conflicts of interest (and more). The Trump conflicts of interest we can see are just the tip of the iceberg. Paul Krugman on why corruption matters: It's not the money, it's the incentives. Democrats plan assault on Trump's ethical conflicts: They're eager to make Republicans uncomfortable with oversight of a president who ran on a promise to "drain the swamp". Donald Trump will not be draining any swamps as president: A candidate who campaigned against Washington corruption will likely be practicing more of the same.

It's a mistake to think Trump's policies will line his own pockets only — they'll help conmen throughout the country. Trump might be a dream come true for megarich campaign donors: Dark money helped elect him — and now the "rigged" system could get even worse. Republican Jason Chaffetz has suddenly lost interest in investigating the president. Top Republican Kevin McCarthy advises Democrats to just chill on Trump's conflicts of interest. The GOP Congress is out of the checks-and-balances business.

Trump is apparently still terrified about financial conflicts so now he's tweeting about flag-burning and CNN. Trump wants you to burn flags while he burns the Constitution. Newt Gingrich explains how Trump feeds media false narratives to distract from real stories.

From TPM, why the GOP is still playing with fire with Obamacare repeal and delay (and more). Trump’s pick for HHS signals he is dead serious about repealing Obamacare (and more). His plan is basically a way of subsidizing the rich and screwing the poor; this is unsurprising, of course — tax cuts for the rich and benefit cuts for the poor is what Republicans do. Obamacare is probably toast — and a lot of poor, white Trump voters will get hurt by it. Tom Price’s plan to cut Medicaid spending, explained. Paul Krugman on the Medicare killers. A battle to change Medicare is brewing, whether Trump wants it or not. Josh Marshall on missing the horror of Medicare phaseout.

Ian Buruma on the end of the Anglo-American order: For decades, the United States and Britain’s vision of democracy and freedom defined the postwar world — what will happen in an age of Donald Trump and Nigel Farage? "Trump Effect" is already shaping events around the world. How much humiliation can the special relationship take? Donald Trump is forcing Great Britain to choose between its interests and its dignity. First Brexit then Trump — is Italy next for the west's populist wave? India is displaying classic signs that foreshadow fascism. Manash Firaq Bhattacharjee on Trump and the fascism of common sense. Tomasz Kitlinski on the resistible rise of fascists today: Trump, Erdogan, Zizek, and all of us?

What has become of conservatism? The traditional conservative voice is being drowned out by the forces of demagoguery and viciousness on the far Right. How stable are democracies? “Warning signs are flashing red”. Is ours a post-utopia world? Straightjacketed between technocracy and authoritarian reactionarism, between hopeless, reactive stasis and hopeless, reactionary change, we would do well to go back to Thomas More and his five hundred-year-old utopia.

Trump adviser Stephen Moore tells House Republicans: You're no longer Reagan's party. How Trump, with no mandate, could change Washington more than Reagan did: He lost the popular vote and his unfavorables are still high, but conditions are right for a lasting legacy. Donald Trump's takeover of the Republican Party may very well be a sign that the Tea Party is dead — but if the movement is going to revive itself during the Trump era, it's going to have to pass a very important test. The GOP’s insanely reckless Trump gamble: Republicans could rein in Trump's worst excesses — but they first have to secure their regressive tax cuts and a Supreme Court nominee. Senate Republicans can save the country — and their party — from Trump. E.J. Dionne Jr. on an ethical double standard for Trump — and the GOP?

Kyle Powys Whyte (Michigan State): Is it Colonial Deja Vu? Indigenous Peoples and Climate Injustice. David Owens (King’s College): Human Testimony. Megha Rajagopalan on how US money is backing the Philippines’ bloody war on drugs. The things they burned: A private contractor tossed U.S. military waste in Iraq and Afghanistan into giant pits and burned it; now soldiers forced to breathe the toxic fumes are sick or dying — and the government is using faulty science to evade responsibility. If the US forced people to vote, would it improve turnout? The introduction to Fairy Tales for the Disillusioned: Enchanted Stories from the French Decadent Tradition, ed. Gretchen Schultz and Lewis Seifert.

Meaning of "populism" continues to confound many on the Right. Trump's populism is about to face a rude awakening. Paul Krugman on the populism perplex: What does the white working class want? Here are some bad news for the American people about Donald Trump's policy agenda. Trump's team of gazillionaires: The self-styled champion of the working class assembles an administration that could be worth as much as $35 billion. How long before the white working class realizes Trump was just scamming them? Actually, journalists aren't failing rural America. Patrick Thorton: I'm a coastal elite from the Midwest — the real bubble is rural America (and more). Identity politics won the election — white identity politics.

“I will give you everything”: Jenna Johnson on 282 of Donald Trump’s campaign promises. This Trump tweet signals a major assault on voting — here’s what it might look like. Jonathan Chait on why Donald Trump is lying about the popular vote. Donald Trump is making a strong case for a recount of his own 2016 election win. Nate Silver: Why I support an election audit, even though it’s unlikely to change the outcome. ProPublica’s collaborative reporting experiment takes on widespread voter fraud (and finds no evidence of it). David Graham on the lasting damage from Trump’s false “voter fraud” allegations.

Scott Lemieux on how the media refuses accountability for its own malpractice. Trump has already defeated the news media — and it’s unclear what we can do about it. James Fallows on how to deal with the lies of Donald Trump: Guidelines for the media. Jacob T. Levy on ways of thinking about Trump's relationship to truth. Trump’s lies destroy logic as well as truth: Fact-checkers can't show us the real authoritarian danger posed by our dissembling president-elect. It turns out we should have taken Trump literally as well as seriously — he’s really doing what he said.

“Ironically, Hillary Clinton's ‘fatal flaws’ were due to her transparency, and not, as the media claims, her secretive nature”.