Oleg Schindler (Carleton): The "War over the Past" between Ukraine and Russia. Jared McBride (UCLA): Who's Afraid of Ukrainian Nationalism? Ivan Katchanovski (Ottawa): The Far Right in Ukraine During the "Euromaidan" and the War in Donbas. Ioana-nelia Bercean (Bucharest): Ukraine: Russia's New Art of War. Peter B. Doran (CEPA): Land Warfare in Europe: Lessons and Recommendations from the War in Ukraine. Serhiy Kudelia (Baylor): Corruption in Ukraine: Perpetuum Mobile or the Endplay of Post-Soviet Elites? Reforming Ukraine after the revolutions: Two muckraking journalists had contempt for Ukraine's corrupt political system — so they became politicians. You can download Political Culture and National Identity in Russian-Ukrainian Relations by Mikhail Molchanov (2002).

From Public Seminar, David Maddy on Trumpism: How should the Left respond? The uses of outrage: Civil society needs to take a stand. Juan Carlos Velasco (CSIC): Revitalizing Democracy through Civil Disobedience. Republicans vote to give police powers to arrest people planning peaceful protests. The anti-protest backlash: Republican lawmakers are trying to criminalize dissent — does this herald a larger and more dangerous backlash against free speech? From California, a progressive cry for state's rights: The birthplace of the modern conservative movement is now the leader of a Trump resistance founded on federalism. Jacob T. Levy on federalism, jurisdiction, and resistance: "Federalism is valuable because states can be oppositional".

After the fumble: Having dominated the Democratic Party for years, the meritocrats now find themselves in a state of crisis. You could argue that by getting behind Perez as the DNC candidate, non-Sanders Democrats have already initiated a process of preempting the Bern. The socialist takeover of the Democratic Party is proceeding nicely: The DNC race was a testament to the Democratic left’s vitality, not its impudence.

Douglas L. Kriner (BU) and Francis X. Shen (Minnesota): Invisible Inequality: The Two Americas of Military Sacrifice. The fighter: The Marine Corps taught Sam Siatta how to shoot, the war in Afghanistan taught him how to kill — nobody taught him how to come home. Janelle M. Langan (Georgetown): PTSD in Military Service Members: To Care for Him Who Shall Have Borne the Battle. Full Metal Racket: The number-one disability among vets isn’t PTSD — and it’s getting worse every year. David Spencer on how the U.S. military needs a major makeover. Trump's plan to spend more on the military may actually put US national security at greater risk. Must it always be wartime? Kenneth Roth reviews How Everything Became War and the Military Became Everything: Tales from the Pentagon by Rosa Brooks.

Waheed Hussain (Toronto): Why Care Should We Care About Competition? Peter Turchin on a quantitative prediction for political violence in the 2020s. James Comey had better treat Donald Trump just like he treated Hillary Clinton: He owes the country a public accounting of whatever his FBI agents find (and more). Why Trump's latest attack on the FDA was total nonsense. Uber case could be a watershed for women in tech. The high cost of cheap labor: There’s a crisis brewing in our fields, and it’s about to get much, much worse. Cory Doctorow on three kinds of propaganda, and what to do about them. Crispin Sartwell on Richard Rorty: Half Iggy Pop, half Rene Descartes. Far from Brooklyn, Iraq's hipsters declare war on poor dress sense.

Where in the world is Secretary of State Rex Tillerson? Julia Ioffe on the state of Trump's State Department: Anxiety and listless days as a foreign-policy bureaucracy confronts the possibility of radical change. Trump's proposal to gut the State Department runs into GOP buzzsaw.

From Boston Review, a forum on Islam: For too long we have acquiesced to Islamophobic government policies — the cost of our silence is now clear (and responses). Undoing Islamophobia: Hussein Ibish on the moment is ripe to reverse anti-Muslim narratives. How Geert Wilders became America’s favorite Islamophobe: For years, the Dutch populist quietly built ties to fringes of the Republican party — now he’s got friends in the White House. Terrorism advisor Sebastian Gorka won't say whether the Trump administration believes Islam is a religion. Four mosques have burned in seven weeks — leaving many Muslims and advocates stunned.

De-Muslimization: Rafia Zakaria on flying while Muslim after the travel ban. Trump’s “Muslim ban” is about to make a comeback — here’s what’s really driving it. The White House is undermining its own case for the urgency of a travel ban. White House drops the pretense on the politics of Trump’s Muslim ban (and more).

From Scientific American, STEM education is vital — but not at the expense of the humanities. Fritz Breithaupt on designing a lab in the humanities. What is the Western canon good for? Adam Kotsko wonders. The changing monograph market: A study suggests university presses are publishing fewer books in the humanities — experts say the publishing industry is facing more significant changes. The great shame of our profession: Kevin Birmingham on how the humanities survive on exploitation. Liberal arts college students are getting less artsy: At colleges proud of attracting students who want a broad-based, non-vocational education, numbers of majors in arts and humanities are falling.

Trump’s speech to Congress deserves to be taken seriously — here’s how. Donald Trump fact check: Almost every big claim he made in his speech to Congress was false. Salesman-in-Chief: Trump promised America could have all the cake it wants, and lose weight, too — what happens when he needs to deliver? Trump basks in the approval of the “enemy of the American people”. Pundits applaud Trump’s “presidential” call for white nationalist policies. The worst performance of Trump’s presidency now belongs to the press corps: The media's reaction to his speech to Congress was shameful. Don’t be fooled — Donald Trump didn’t pivot. There’s no reason for style to triumph over substance. Trump is performing the role of president, not doing the job. Trump played nice for a night — a technique straight out of the autocrat’s playbook.