From the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis Review, a special issue: “Does College Level the Playing Field? Racial and Ethnic Differences in Family Wealth Among College-Educated Families”. Yuvraj Joshi (Yale): Bakke to the Future: Affirmative Action After Fisher; and Measuring Diversity. Steven W. Bender (Seattle): Campus Racial Unrest and the Diversity Bargain. Making top colleges more diverse is not about replacing students of one race with students of another — it’s about enrolling more working-class students of all races. Meritocratic myths: Elite universities don’t offer poor and working-class students class mobility — they maintain a rigid class hierarchy. David Leonhardt on America’s great working-class colleges.

From ProPublica, how the Trump administration may be skirting its own ethics rules. President Trump is asking to be ignored: His latest whopper on cabinet delays is another step on the road to an incredibly weak administration. Why Donald Trump needs the “administrative state” that Steve Bannon wants to destroy. The president is a they, not a he: While the president is legally a single agent, in practice he needs the support of his aides, which requires him to make concessions to them where necessary. Trump's advisers push him to purge Obama appointees: Frustrated by the gush of leaks, the president's allies say it's time to take action. Trump White House shopping for technology to plug leaks. Obama lawyers form “worst-case scenario” group to tackle Trump.

Babette Babich (Fordham): Animal Rights, Left Perspectives: Geography, Diaspora, Holocaust. Aylon Cohen (Chicago): “We Support Circus Animals Who Kill Their Captors”: Nonhuman Resistance, Animal Subjectivity, and the Politics of Democracy. Josh Milburn (Queen’s): Nonhuman Animals and Sovereignty: On Zoopolis, Failed States and Institutional Relationships with Free-living Nonhuman Animals. Richard L. Cupp Jr. (Pepperdine): Animals as More Than “Mere Things”, but Still Property: A Call for Continuing Evolution of the Animal Welfare Paradigm. Luis E. Chiesa (SUNY-Buffalo): Animal Rights Unraveled: Why Abolitionism Collapses into Welfarism and What It Means for Animal Ethics.

Mark Rowlands (Miami): Are Animals Persons? Helen Kopnina (Leiden): Wild Animals and Justice: The Case of the Dead Elephant in the Room. Sue Donaldson and Will Kymlicka (Queen’s): Locating Animals in Political Philosophy. Gonzalo Villanueva (Melbourne): “The Bible” of the Animal Movement: Peter Singer and Animal Liberation, 1970–1976. Oscar Horta (Santiago de Compostela): Egalitarianism and Animals. Ben Davies (Bloomsburg): Utilitarianism and Animal Cruelty: Further Doubts. The introduction to Animal Ethics in the Age of Humans: Blurring Boundaries in Human-animal Relationships, ed. Bernice Bovenkerk and Jozef Keulartz.

Rafael Duarte Oliveira Venancio (Uberlandia): C. S. Peirce and the Square Root of Minus One: Quaternions and a Complex Approach to Classes of Signs and Categorical Degeneration. Trump inherits a secret cyberwar against North Korean missiles. Germany’s election is actually starting to get kind of exciting. Leashes come off Wall Street, gun sellers, miners and more. Stop being shocked that teen girls give a shit about politics: Kiera Butler interviews Lauren Duca of Teen Vogue. President Trump finally went a full 24 hours without a false or misleading claim. Panpsychism is crazy, but it’s also most probably true. You can download Philosophy and Design: From Engineering to Architecture, ed. Peter Kroes, Andrew Light, Steven A. Moore, and Pieter E. Vermaas (2008).

Tom Froese (UNAM): Life is Precious Because It is Precarious: Individuality, Mortality, and the Problem of Meaning. In a study, researchers showed that separating a person's consciousness from her physical body reduced her fear of dying. How far can we push the limits of human life? George Dvorsky on why the human lifespan ends at 122. Can humans outsmart aging? Here's what science says about the case for defeating death. Craig Venter mapped the genome — now he's trying to decode death. Only human: Meet the hackers trying to solve the problem of death. What it feels like to die: Science is just beginning to understand the experience of life’s end. Can your “self” survive death? Robert Lawrence Kuhn investigates.

600 miles in a coffin-shaped bus, campaigning against death itself: Zoltan Istvan ran for president with a modest goal in mind — human immortality. Heaven freezes over: How the cryonics business promises eternal life. Freeze your head and live forever: A new generation is keeping Russia’s centuries-old fascination with immortality alive. 14-year-old girl who died of cancer wins right to be cryogenically frozen (and more).

Rachel Moran (Denver): In Police We Trust. Anna Lvovsky (Columbia): The Judicial Presumption of Police Expertise. Michael Sierra-Arevalo (Yale): American Policing and the Danger Imperative. Eliav Lieblich (Tel Aviv) and Adam Shinar Interdisciplinary Center (IDC): The Case Against Police Militarization. Samantha Deane and Amy Shuffelton (Loyola): Plato and the Police: Dogs, Guardians, and Why Accountability is the Wrong Answer. Monu Singh Bedi (DePaul): Toward a Uniform Code of Police Justice. From traffic stops to fatal force, cops are incentivized to lie — and they get away with it. How "Blue Lives Matter" went from a reactive slogan to White House policy: President Trump's latest executive orders are a show of support for police.

Justin Hendrix: “The wiretaps that Donald Trump ‘just found out’ about have been reported for weeks. I'm going to summarize here some of the discussion”. Tapping Trump: “In short, both Breitbart and Trump have advanced claims far more dramatic than anything the public evidence can support”. Benjamin Wittes has ten questions for President Trump (and ten more). Trump’s claim about Obama wiretapping him is indefensible — so his aides aren’t even defending it. The president accused Obama of “McCarthyism”, but Trump’s mentor Roy Cohn helped enforce it. Donald Trump to launch investigation into Obama administration (and more).

If the feds did wiretap Trump Tower, it's not Obama who should worry: Trump's claims could backfire bigly.