Josh Blackman (STCL): SCOTUS after Scalia. From the Congressional Research Service, a report on the Scalia vacancy in historical context: Frequently asked questions. After 401 days, political battle over Supreme Court reaches Senate. What to expect from the Neil Gorsuch confirmation hearings. Supreme Court nominees should weigh in on these rulings — you’re up, Judge Gorsuch. Neil Gorsuch’s “natural law” philosophy is a long way from Justice Scalia’s originalism. This is how Neil Gorsuch thinks. Newly public emails hint at Gorsuch’s view of presidential power. In e-mails, Neil Gorsuch praised Hans von Spakovksy, leading Republican activist behind voter suppression efforts. Real people, real lives: Paul Gordon on the harm caused by Judge Gorsuch.

Philip Hamburger on Gorsuch’s collision course with the administrative state. Eric Posner on Neil Gorsuch and Philip Hamburger’s book, Is Administrative Law Unlawful? (and a response and a reply).

From Lawfare, Jack Goldsmith on the Trump onslaught on international law and institutions. Thread: "This thread explains the Trump-Russia conspiracy (#Russiagate) in ten tweets. The theory & facts of the scandal aren't complicated". Donald Trump's self-defeating Obama obsession: At some point, the president will provoke a genuine constitutional emergency. Why is Donald Trump so obsessed with surveillance? Because he does it himself — he once wrote that he knew of a conservative senator who had "spent more than a few nights with his twenty-something girlfriend at a hotel I own." White House installs political aides at Cabinet agencies to be Trump's eyes and ears. Jeffrey Toobin on the courts and President Trump's words.

Donald Trump sees himself in Andrew Jackson: The president deserves the Jackson legacy, but not for the reasons he'd like (and more). Trump's military nostalgia is influenced by the war movies of his youth. So far, Trump has been mercifully incompetent. Trump still hasn't done very much. How much is Donald Trump's travel and protection costing, anyway? Trump’s visits to Mar-a-Lago are stretching Palm Beach’s budget and locals’ patience. There will never be a pivot: We have 3.8 years of this acting out left — it's time for everyone to give up on the fantasy that Trump is going to turn into an adult someday.

What happens when a president doesn't like to read? We're already finding out. Books can take you places Donald Trump doesn't want you to go. The Onion struggles to lampoon Trump: At a headline pitch meeting, the writers of the satirical newspaper try to stay away from low-hanging fruit. Meet the world's most tremendous Trump impersonator: "I've never had an impersonation evolve so much — and he's 70 years old! It's crazy".

From The Point, Scott Spillman on liberalism and the consensus view of American history. Our friendly visitors: Daniel J. Mahoney reviews What They Saw in America: Alexis de Tocqueville, Max Weber, G.K. Chesterton, and Sayyid Qutb by James L. Nolan. Lorraine Boissoneault on how the 19th-century Know Nothing Party reshaped American politics. America the unexceptional: Trump's brand of nativism could be the death knell for American exceptionalism. What is America anyway? Cypress Marrs interviews Eula Biss. Who are we Americans now? Holger Stark on how America lost its identity: What led this once mighty nation into decline?

Americans have lost faith in institutions — that's not because of Trump or "fake news": Everything about modern life works against community and trust. Rethinking our patriotism: There is no shared American ideal — clashing visions and political conflict are at the core of our national being. America's story of us: The heartland prefers an image of America more closely tied to the country's cultural past. Why does Donald Trump demonize cities? Because they show that the liberal experiment works. Will Wilkinson on a tale of two moralities: Regional inequality and moral polarization. Duck Dynasty vs. Modern Family: Josh Katz on 50 maps of the U.S. cultural divide.

States are a relic of the past — it's time to get rid of them. Maybe America is simply too big. Ana Swanson and Jonathan O'Connell on what the U.S. map should really look like. Lauren Evans on why California's plan to secede is selfish. It's time for a Bluexit: A modest proposal for separating blue states from red (and more and more and more).

From Disability Studies Quarterly, Janette Dinishak (UC-Santa Cruz): The Deficit View and Its Critics. Terence Wesley-Smith (Hawaii): Rethinking Pacific Studies Twenty Years On. All quiet on the German American front: For now, Merkel is maintaining a stiff upper lip when it comes to the Trump administration. Fired U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara said to have been investigating HHS Secretary Tom Price. Does Donald Trump know what the GOP health bill does? Housekeepers versus Harvard, feminism for the age of Trump: A feminism for the 99 percent has been forged by working-class immigrant women who confronted Harvard's first female president and Sheryl Sandberg.

Kellyanne Conway is the real First Lady of Trump’s America. Kellyanne Conway’s husband is Trump’s choice for key Justice post. Dr. Sebastian Gorka may be a far-Right nativist, but for sure he’s a terrible scholar. Ed Kilgore on Bannon’s taste for Franco-fascists. The Mercers and Stephen Bannon: Matea Gold on how a populist power base was funded and built. The reclusive hedge-fund tycoon behind the Trump presidency: Jane Mayer on how Robert Mercer exploited America’s populist insurgency. The blow-it-all-up billionaires: When politicians take money from megadonors, there are strings attached — but with the reclusive Mercer duo who propelled Trump into the White House, there’s a fuse.

Inside Trump’s White House, New York moderates spark infighting and suspicion (and more). Michael Tomasky on the daily unpredictability of life under Trump — and how there are encouraging signs of disunity everywhere. Donald Trump Jr. is his own kind of Trump.

Vincent Chetail (HEI): Sovereignty and Migration in the Doctrine of the Law of Nations: An Intellectual History of Hospitality from Vitoria to Vattel. From Political Geography, a symposium on Interventions on the State of Sovereignty at the Border. Oded Stark (Bonn): Global Integration and World Migration. Miodrag A. Jovanovic (Belgrade): How to Normatively Theorize Immigration? Demographic Politics in a Constitutional Democracy. Mathias Risse (Harvard): Humanity’s Collective Ownership of the Earth and Immigration. Idealism, realism, and immigration: Phil Parvin reviews Strangers in Our Midst: The Political Philosophy of Immigration by David Miller. Nathan Smith on a world without borders: Richer, fairer, and more free.

Anu Partanen on the fake freedom of American health care. Nancy Pelosi was right: Democrats had to pass the bill so people could find out what’s in it. Death spiral, implosion, collapse? Uh, none of the above — and that’s what Republicans really can’t stand about Obamacare: It’s working. David Frum on how Republicans can win by making their peace with Obamacare. Undoing and replacing the Affordable Care Act means bridging a vast gulf between the expectations of many working-class Trump voters and party orthodoxy. Whom to trust when it comes to health-care reform? Trump supporters put their faith in him. Why Trump’s “betrayal” of his voters won’t stick: Trump's budget would punish the rural poor and working class — but his base is broader than advertised, and they're sticking with him for myriad reasons. Agnieszka Golec de Zavala and Christopher Federico on how “collective narcissism” explains at least some of President Trump’s support.

Abandoned by both sides, a secret society of Trump regretters begins to build. Paul Krugman on conservative fantasies, colliding with reality. Here are 4 reasons why the Trump budget cuts won’t happen. Brian Beutler on what Trump might do when he realizes he’s losing: Republicans are distancing themselves from his budget, and he's doing the same with their Obamacare alternative — this could end in terrifying fashion.