Amazing Disgrace: How did Donald Trump — a thrice-married, biblically illiterate sexual predator — hijack the religious right? John Quiggin on Trumpism and religion: “Trumpism can be seen, in large measure, as a reaction by white Christians against the loss of their assumed position as the social norm, against which assertions of rights for anyone else can be seen as identity politics, political correctness and so on”. Steve Waldman on how Trump would corrupt the pulpit. Bad religion: How Trump is warping Christianity for his own gain. Kristin Du Mez on Donald Trump and militant evangelical masculinity. Some conservative Christians still object to the “heathen” in the White House.

Christopher Stroop (USF): Bad Ecumenism: The American Culture Wars and Russia’s Hard Right Turn. Faith doesn't matter anymore in American politics. Breaking faith: The culture war over religious morality has faded; in its place is something much worse. The religious Right is steeling itself for a Biblical battle on Trump’s behalf.

Luke Barnesmoore (UBC): Neoliberal Christian Extremism, Trump and the Apocalypse. For years the far Christian Right has been warning us about Godless hordes coming to destroy America and it turns out this was true — it’s just that the words were autobiographical (and more).

Avery Kolers (Louisville): Social Ontology and Territorial Rights. Srdjan Vucetic (Ottawa): “Making Identity Count” Beyond IR. Agnes Gyorke (Debrecen): Communities in Anonymity: The Remarkable Confidence of Modern Nations. Gerd Baumann on the notion of community and of national and cultural identity. Erin K. Jenne (CEU): Above, Below and Beyond the State: New Directions in Ethnic Conflict Studies. Subhasish Ray (NUS): Ethnic Inequality and National Pride. Breakdowns of social consensus: Klaus Desmet, Ignacio Ortuno-Ortin, and Romain Wacziarg on the political economy of culture and ethnicity; and Klaus Desmet, Joseph Flavian Gomes, and Ignacio Ortuno-Ortin on diversity and public goods: The more we mix, the better. Dani Rodrik on global citizens, national shirkers.

Can Chuck Schumer Check Donald Trump? After suggesting that he might be able to work with the President, the Senate Minority Leader is taking a harder line. Al Franken may be the perfect senator for the Trump era — a deadly serious funnyman (and more). The eternal sunshine of the spotless white mind: Bernie Sanders's town hall in “Trump Country” revealed a longing for a past that never was. Politicking without politics: Democratic elites are delusional — you can’t subdue the reactionary Right without a robust alternative political vision. Focus, please: Michael Quirk on a plea to the Left. Protest and persist: Rebecca Solnit on why giving up hope is not an option. Maximillian Alvarez on critique in the age of Trump: A road map.

Is Preet Bharara’s next move coming into focus? The ousted U.S. attorney is now the Democrat everyone wants, but nobody knows what to do with. The hour of the attorneys general: State Democratic AGs have assumed new importance in the effort to contain the Trump presidency.

Joseph Heath (Toronto): A Defense of Stigmatization. The mirage of the deal: Trump's grand bargains with Russia and China. The rise and fall (and rise) of "Marines United": A look inside the digital underbelly of the U.S. Marine Corps — and what it says about the treatment of women in the military. John Halstead, Stefan Schubert, Joseph Millum, Mark Engelbert, Hayden Wilkinson, and James Snowden on Effective Altruism: An elucidation and a defence. Why not limit Neil Gorsuch — and all Supreme Court justices — to 18-year terms? A former student says UC Berkeley’s star philosophy professor John Searle groped her and watched porn at work. Trump will deliver keynote address at Liberty U. commencement.

This conspiracy theory about North Korea is a big problem for the US and China: Fixing the North Korean nuclear problem is going to be difficult when two of the key players are sure they’re about to be screwed over. North Korea has no fear of U.S. sanctions move, will pursue nuclear arms. Can Trump stop Kim Jong Un? Probably not — but the least he can do is avoid making a bad North Korea situation worse (and more). Bombing North Korea is not an option: The best ways of dealing with Pyongyang are economic and diplomatic, not military. Why the sudden collapse of North Korea would be hell on Earth. Hardly the hermit kingdom: New report reveals North Korea’s global reach.

A dissident book smuggled from North Korea finds a global audience. Anna Broinowski played an “evil American wife” in a North Korean propaganda film: A documentarian goes deep in the North Korea film industry.

James Parisot (Temple): The Two Hundred and Fifty Year Transition: How the American Empire Became Capitalist. Jeremy K. Kessler (Columbia): The Political Economy of "Constitutional Political Economy". The good times are gone forever: James Livingston reviews An Extraordinary Time: The End of the Postwar Boom and the Return of the Ordinary Economy by Marc Levinson. C.J. Polychroniou interviews Ha-Joon Chang on exposing the myths of neoliberal capitalism. The IMF confirms that "trickle-down" economics is, indeed, a joke — like, a literal joke. Jonathan Baker on market power in the U.S. economy today. Kevin Carty reviews Democracy Against Domination by K. Sabeel Rahman.

Michael C George (Harvard): European America: The Effect of Underreported Transfer Benefits on Analysis of Subnational Poverty. Ingvild Almas, Alexander W. Cappelen, and Bertil Tungodden (NHH): Cutthroat Capitalism versus Cuddly Socialism: Are Americans More Meritocratic and Efficiency-Seeking than Scandinavians? Russia to our right: Trump's entanglement with Russia will pull the United States even further away from providing basic welfare. Laziness isn't why people are poor — and iPhones aren't why they lack health care. Tracy Jan on the GOP poverty agenda, decoded.

The US protects its wealthy professionals financially while throwing workers to the wolves: Mark Karlin interviews Dean Baker, author of Rigged: How Globalization and the Rules of the Modern Economy Were Structured to Make the Rich Richer. Income share for the bottom 50% of Americans is "collapsing", new Piketty research finds. The US has a lot of money, but it does not look like a developed country. Rubber and heroin in a dying city: In Akron, Ohio, the Goodyear sign tells a story of lost jobs and lost hope. Getting ahead in the city is hard — in rural America, it's even harder.

New research identifies a "sea of despair" among white, working-class Americans. Is it better to be poor in Bangladesh or the Mississippi Delta? Annie Lowrey interviews Angus Deaton on extreme poverty, opioid addiction, Trump voters, robots, and rent-seeking (and more). Trump's populist mirage: Trump promised to revitalize the blighted heartland — his policies will punish them. The politics of J. D. Vance's Hillbilly Elegy are already being used to gut the working poor. How to save coal country: Forget Donald Trump's promises to bring back mining jobs — there's a new economic strategy at work in Appalachia.

David S. Miller on how Donald Trump can keep his campaign promises, grow the economy, cut tax rates, repatriate offshore earnings, reduce income inequality, keep jobs in the United States, and reduce the deficit. Trump promised 4 percent growth — here's why we'd be very lucky to hit 3. Larry Summers on the economy under Trump: Plan for the worst. Obama's economy didn't elect Trump — but it might reelect him.

Robert Reich on 10 reasons to be angry in Trump's Washington. Trump data gurus Cambridge Analytica leave long trail of subterfuge, dubious dealing. Trump just hired an ignorant paranoiac who invented a special bow for the apocalypse: Jon Perdue is not qualified for government work. Federal staffers panicked by conservative media attacks: A spate of stories in Breitbart and other outlets have singled out individual career employees, questioning their loyalty to Trump. Trevor Martin on dissecting Trump's most rabid online following. A study finds Trump scandals make his voters like him more.

In Trump they trust: Inside the global web of partners cashing in on the president. Secret Service asked for $60 million extra for Trump-era travel and protection, documents show. Nancy LeTourneau on how conservatives are dealing with the cloud over the Trump administration. GOP takes up Russia-aligned attack on Soros: How Russian propaganda on the Balkans found its way onto congressional letterhead. Daniel Kurtz-Phelan on how Vladimir Putin has already won.