John Tasioulas (King's College): Exiting the Hall of Mirrors: Morality and Law in Human Rights. Aguinaldo Pavao and Andrea Faggion (UEL): Kant For and Against Human Rights. Colin J. Beck (Pomona), John W. Meyer (Stanford), Ralph I Hosoki (UC-Irvine), and Gili S. Drori (HUJI): Constitutions in World Society: A New Measure of Human Rights. Adam S. Chilton (Chicago) and Mila Versteeg (Virginia): Rights Without Resources: The Impact of Constitutional Social Rights on Social Spending. Cesar Rodriguez-Garavito and Sean Luna McAdams (Los Andes): A Human Rights Crisis? Unpacking the Debate of the Future of the Human Rights Field.

Anna Unger, Stuart Wallace (Cambridge), and Tamas Dezso Ziegler (Eotvos Lorand): The Role of Human Rights in EU-US Bilateral Relations. Donald Trump's foreign policy is already undercutting human rights around the world.

Joel W. Johnson (Colorado State): Electoral Systems and Campaign Finance. Bradley A. Smith (Capital): The Academy, Campaign Finance, and Free Speech under Fire. Ciara Torres-Spelliscy (Stetson): Dark Money as a Political Sovereignty Problem. How Citizens United gave Republicans a bonanza of seats in U.S. state legislatures. When capitalists go on strike: It’s not just “money in politics” — capitalists get what they want through structural power over the economy. Anthony J. Gaughan (Drake): The Forty-Year War on Money in Politics: Watergate, FECA, and the Future of Campaign Finance Reform. Strategy for democracy: Rob Hager on why and how to get money out of politics.

B. Jessie Hill (Case Western): Kingdom Without End? The Inevitable Expansion of Religious Sovereignty Claims. Brett G. Scharffs (BYU): Why Religious Freedom? Why the Religiously Committed, the Religiously Indifferent and Those Hostile to Religion Should Care. Andrew Koppelman (Northwestern): If Liberals Knew Themselves Better, Conservatives Might Like Them Better. Robin Fretwell Wilson (Illinois): The Nonsense About Bathrooms: How Purported Concerns over Safety Block LGBT Nondiscrimination Laws and Obscure Real Religious Liberty Concerns. White evangelicals believe they face more discrimination than Muslims.

Leaked draft of Trump's religious freedom order reveals sweeping plans to legalize discrimination. Jay Michaelson on the GOP's anti-LGBT, anti-women "religious freedom" law on steroids. Trump and the Republicans are redefining "religious freedom" to favor Christians: They want to turn religious belief into a license to discriminate, and to tear down the wall separating church and state.

Suzannah Wood and Dan Hunter (Swinburne): The Laws of Design in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction. Trump’s war on terror has quickly become as barbaric and savage as he promised. Trump is dragging us into another war — and no one is talking about it. National Enquirer brands Flynn a “Russian spy”; Trump just threw Flynn under the bus — why? (and more) Trump's healthcare tweets appear to violate anti-propaganda rules. #MissingDCGirls: Aja Romano on how a seldom-discussed social issue became a social media flashpoint. Jacob Tobia on why all bathrooms should be gender-neutral. Bernie Sanders’ campaign faced a fake news tsunami — the trolls set out to distract and divide the invigorated Left.

Adam G. Martin (Texas Tech) and Matias Petersen (King's College): Poverty Alleviation as an Economic Problem. Chris Hoy (Sydney) and Andy Sumner (King's College): Gasoline, Guns, and Giveaways: Is There New Capacity for Redistribution to End Three Quarters of Global Poverty? Stand against poverty: Melina Duarte interviews Thomas Pogge. How poor countries develop rich countries: New research shows that developing countries send trillions of dollars more to the west than the other way around. Michele Alacevich (Bologna): Theory and Practice in Development Economics. What can we learn from alternative theories of economic development? Albert Sanghoon Park (Cambridge): Does the Development Discourse Learn from History? William Easterly and Ross Levine on the European origins of economic development. Daron Acemoglu and James Robinson on the economic impact of colonialism.

Dylan Matthews interviews Paul Pierson, author of Dismantling the Welfare State? on the real reason Obamacare repeal is so hard. Jonathan Chait on why Obamacare defeated Trumpcare (and more). Donald Trump is extremely bad at making deals (and more and more). “The closer”’? The inside story of how Trump tried — and failed — to make a deal on health care (and more and more and more and more). “Move fast and break things”: Trump’s Obamacare failure and the backlash ahead. In Trump country, voters know who’s to blame for the health bill debacle — and it’s not their president. Donald Trump supporters in hardscrabble Ohio have finally figured out that he is lying a lot — the truth is, they don’t care.

GOP cave on Obamacare repeal is the biggest broken promise in political history. The failure of the Republican health care bill reveals a party unready to govern. Nobody knew governing could be so complicated: The Obama years left Republicans with excellent ratings from the Heritage Foundation, and no idea how to whip a vote. Conservatives once warned that Obamacare would produce the Democratic Waterloo — their inability to accept the principle of universal coverage has, instead, led to their own defeat. Trump becomes ensnared in fiery G.O.P. civil war. Why Steve Bannon might be the winner of the GOP’s health-care civil war. Paul Ryan failed because his bill was a dumpster fire. The death of Paul Ryan, policy genius: He's always been more con artist than wonk — after the health-care fiasco, the whole world knows it.

The Mayberry Machiavellis lost a battle — but the war is not over. Affordable Care Act remains “law of the land”, but Trump vows to explode it. A way forward: What Democrats should do to capitalize on the defeat of Trumpcare. Democrats should write their own “terrific” Obamacare replacement. What comes next for Obamacare? Robert H. Frank on the case for Medicare for all (and more). Mark Schmitt: “I’m glad ACA repeal failed, but I’m angry about it too”. Schumer: “You cannot run the presidency like you run a real estate deal”. Left out of AHCA fight, Democrats let their grassroots lead — and win.

Tax reform next? Maybe not. White House blame game intensifies as Trump agenda stalls: With the president closing in on the 100-day mark, frustration is mounting throughout the administration. Trump vs. Congress, now what? After the president suffered his first defeat on Capitol Hill, can the White House still make good on its legislative promises? Heather Richardson on the showdown that exposed the rift between Republican ideology and reality. Trump is finally lashing out at the right enemies: Movement conservatism is about as popular as toe fungus. Corey Robin on the G.O.P.’s existential crisis. The GOP’s health-care failure is no one-off event — welcome to our fragmented politics.

Matthew Crippen (AUC): Egypt and the Middle East: Democracy, Anti-Democracy and Pragmatic Faith. Egypt’s nightmare: Steven Cook on Sisi’s dangerous war on terror. Ari-Elmeri Hyvonen (Jyvaskyla): Political Action Beyond Resistance: Arendt and “Revolutionary Spirit” in Egypt. Vivienne Matthies-Boon (Amsterdam): Shattered Worlds: Political Trauma amongst Young Activists in Post-revolutionary Egypt. How Egypt’s activists became “Generation Jail”: Six years after the Arab Spring, the country’s democracy activists live under constant threat of prison — or worse. Lama Abu-Odeh (Georgetown): Calling All the Statesmen: The (Not) Mubarak Trial Law and Society in Post-Revolution Egypt.