Ziga Vodovnik (Ljubljana): Lost in Translation: The Original Meaning of Democracy. Roberto Frega (CNRS): Pragmatism and Democracy in a Global World. Annabelle Lever (Geneva): Towards a Democracy-Centred Ethics. Ivan Mladenovic (Belgrade): Justifying Democracy and its Authority. John Boswell and Jack Corbett (Southampton): Why and How to Compare Deliberative Systems. David Estlund (Brown) and Helene Landemore (Yale): The Epistemic Value of Democratic Deliberation. Scott F. Aikin and Robert B. Talisse on how the Owl of Minerva problem raises distinctive trouble for our politics, especially when politics is driven by argument and discourse.

Sanford Levinson (Texas) and Jack M. Balkin (Yale): Democracy and Dysfunction: An Exchange. Niko Kolodny reviews Democracy for Realists: Why Elections Do Not Produce Responsive Government by Christopher H. Achen and Larry M. Bartels (and more) and Against Democracy by Jason Brennan.

Tore Vincent Olsen and Christian F. Rostboll (Copenhagen): Why Withdrawal from the European Union is Undemocratic. Tobias Lock and Tom Gerald Daly (Edinburgh): Brexit and the British Bill of Rights. Wolf-Georg Ringe (Hamburg): The Irrelevance of Brexit for the European Financial Market. Brexit, pursued by despair: Brexit is just the latest alibi to mask the austerity con. Jonathan White on Brexit, populism and the promise of agency. Steven Corbett (Hope): The Social Consequences of Brexit for the UK and Europe: Euroscepticism, Populism, Nationalism, and Societal Division. Britain and the EU: An interview with Colin Crouch on a broken relationship.

EU officials are discussing how to fast-track an independent Scotland’s entry. Scotland’s independence vote will complicate Brexit in some very interesting ways. Brexit was an English vote for independence — you can’t begrudge the Scots the same.

Andrea Vianelli (Queen Mary): Brexit Scenarios: A Reasoned Overview. So what now? A few frequently asked questions on Brexit. The next phase of Brexit is about to start — here are 4 things to watch (and more).

A major new study shows that political polarization is mainly a right-wing phenomenon. Sean Illing interviews Pippa Norris on how Trump's populist appeal is about culture, not the economy. The all-male photo op isn't a gaffe — it's a strategy. A new poll on Trump's "wiretapping" shows how easily he can spread misinformation. Jeremy Adam Smith on how the science of "blue lies" may explain Trump's support: They're a very particular form of deception that can build solidarity within groups. Why lying is so easy for Trump: For New York developers, blatant deception isn't just good for business — it's completely legal.

Donald Trump has no values: This is what makes my head spin — the president is not a moral figure in any idiom, any land, any culture, any subculture. Donald Trump's embrace of conservative cruelty: As president, he's given up on empathetic populism and bought into Paul Ryan's agenda to punish the poor. America has never seen a party less caring than 21st-century Republicans: We pay our elected officials to take care of our communities and our planet — since Trump took office, the GOP has set out only to destroy. Where are the good Republicans? Many in Washington are shocked and appalled by Donald Trump's presidency, but none have the courage to say so.

Seventy days in, Donald Trump's presidency is flailing: Trump's campaign rewarded him for breaking the rules — his presidency has punished him for it. Obama's legacy is proving far harder to erase than Trump imagined. Nancy LeTourneau on how the extremism of the Freedom Caucus could open a chasm in the GOP. “We must fight them”: Trump goes after conservatives of Freedom Caucus. Trump's agenda is now squarely in Mitch McConnell's, and the Senate's, hands. Rich Lowry on the crisis of Trumpism. Big-money donors mobilize to save Trump's presidency. Trump's a dictator? He can't even repeal Obamacare — we just got hard proof that America's checks and balances are still working. "Weakness in Trump is dangerous, as for all authoritarians. Time especially for all of us to be on guard and prepare for pernicious actions".

Inauguration of the Trumpian Beauty Contest: Jay Baron Nicorvo on the ends of a representative republic. Our delight in destruction: We were surprised by Trump because we assumed both humans and history are driven by reason. The soul-sucking, attention-eating black hole of the Trump presidency: While we endlessly watch for the latest blunder or scandal, America is being pulled dangerously off course. Donald Trump and America's national nervous breakdown: Unlocking your phone these days is a nightmare.

Federico Luisetti (UNC): Decolonizing Gaia: Or, Why the Savages Shall Fear Bruno Latour’s Political Animism. Orban, prime minister of Hungary, threatens to shut down Central European University. Black women at work hashtag goes viral after Maxine Waters was attacked by Bill O’Reilly. Morgan Jenkins on how America fails black girls. Russia’s infamous “troll factory” is now posing as a media empire. Allegra Kirkland on everything we learned about the Senate Intel Committee’s Russia probe. Mark V. Tushnet on his (and Alan Chen’s and Joseph Blocher’s) book Free Speech Beyond Words: The Surprising Reach of the First Amendment. If everything can be “weaponized”, what should we fear? We risk obscuring real sources of violence when a tweet can be considered a tool of war.

Trump’s son-in-law has been tasked with making the government more efficient — good luck. Jared Kushner says government should be run like a company — here's why that's wrong: "Someone has to tell Jared Kushner that citizens are his boss, not his customers". This is why Trump’s “Art of the Deal” doesn’t work in politics.

Luke DeWeese (CUA): How Can We Distinguish Paganism, Christianity, and Secularism? Thomas White (Cedarville): Adam and Eve in History: A Theological Necessity. John Beaudoin (Northern Illinois): Immortality and Christian Anthropology. "The greatest trick God ever pulled was convincing the world the devil most definitely does exist": Benjamin Steele-Fisher reviews The Prince of this World by Adam Kotsko. Pope suggests "better to be atheist than hypocritical Catholic". Catherine o'Donnell reviews American Jesuits and the World: How an Embattled Religious Order Made Modern Catholicism Global by John T. McGreevy. What Christians should know about intersectionality. Is it time for Christians to embrace the Benedict option?

David Enoch (HUJI): The Masses and the Elites: Political Philosophy for the Age of Brexit, Trump and Netanyahu. “Populism exists because institutions are elite-driven,” but democracies don’t work well without elites, says Francis Fukuyama. Tim Harford on how some things are best left to the technocrats. Tom Nichols on how America lost faith in expertise — and why that's a giant problem. Michiko Kakutani reviews The Death of Expertise: The Campaign Against Established Knowledge and Why It Matters by Tom Nichols. In defence of hierarchy: As a society we have forgotten how to talk about the benefits of hierarchy, expertise and excellence — it's time we remembered.

Richard L. Hasen (UC-Irvine): Race or Party, Party as Race, or Party All the Time: Three Uneasy Approaches to Conjoined Polarization in Redistricting and Voting Cases. Do voter identification laws suppress minority voting? Yes. New study confirms that voter ID laws are very racist — but the Supreme Court probably won't care. One rationale for voter ID debunked, G.O.P. has another. Francis Wilkinson on the Kansas model for voter-fraud bluffing (and more). E.J. Dionne Jr. on the next GOP assault on voting rights. The Trump administration's lies about voter fraud lead to massive voter suppression.