Six reasons the Trump presidency is in shambles: Sean Illing interviews George C. Edwards, author of Predicting the Presidency: The Potential of Persuasive Leadership. How the Trump administration responds to Democrats’ demands for information: It doesn’t. The Republicans have primed our government for failure: They need Democrats to govern but trained their voters to expect otherwise — this spells disaster for us all. Trump's attacks on the House Freedom Caucus force his supporters in conservative media into awkward position. Thread: “1. Jared Kushner is 36 years old and has no experience in policy or government. His only work experience is inheriting a real estate biz”.

Trump leaves science jobs vacant, troubling critics. Trump has nothing but contempt for facts and reality-based policy — now it’s backfiring. Thomas Edsall on when the president is ignorant of his own ignorance. Empty, easily distracted, vindictive, shallow, impatient, incompetent and morally small — this is not the profile of a governing party. The 25th Amendment is not a fantasy: The people who are most acutely aware of Trump’s mental deficiencies and titanic character flaws are those who have to deal with him every day.

Alex Nunn and Jamie Morgan (Leeds Beckett): World Society and a World State in the Shadow of the World Market: Democracy and Global Political Economy. From Global Justice, a special issue on Global Justice: Radical Perspectives. The introduction to Global Justice and International Labour Rights by Yossi Dahan, Hanna Lerner, and Faina Milman-Sivan. Gottfried Schweiger (Salzburg): Epistemic Injustice and Powerlessness in the Context of Global Justice: An Argument for “Thick” and “Small” Knowledge. Paul James (UWS) and Manfred Steger (Hawaii): Globalization and Global Consciousness: Levels of Connectivity. Henri C. Santos and Igor Grossmann (Waterloo) and Michael E. W. Varnum (ASU): Global Increases in Individualism.

From Philosophy and Public Issues, a symposium on Gridlock: Why Global Cooperation is Failing When We Need It Most by Thomas Hale, David Held and Kevin Young, including Pietro Maffettone (Durham) and Marcello Di Paola (Vienna): Cosmopolitanism in a Gridlocked World; Kate Macdonald (Melbourne): Beyond Gridlock: Reshaping Liberal Institutions for a Pluralist Global Order?; and Rorden Wilkinson (Sussex): Gridlock? Maybe.

In New York, searching for the reclusive and elusive Melania Trump. How Trump’s children (and their spouses) are still tied to the White House. Nick Tabor on what it’s like to live in a Trump building. Nearly 1 out of every 3 days he has been president, Trump has visited a Trump property. Trump puts a presidential-size spotlight on his brand. The Government Accountability Office will reportedly review the expenses and security protocols associated with President Donald Trump’s frequent trips to his private club Mar-a-Lago. Brace yourself, taxpayers: Trump’s plutocracy doesn’t come cheap. Richard Posner: “The real corruption is the ownership of Congress by the rich”.

John Holmwood (Nottingham): Moral Economy versus Political Economy: Provincializing Polanyi. What the Austro-Hungarian economic theorist tells us about the upheavals of our age: Nikil Saval reviews Karl Polanyi: A Life on the Left by Gareth Dale (and more and more and more). Dani Rodrik on Karl Polanyi: “We ignore Karl Polanyi at our own peril”. Want to stop fascism? Start by taming the finance sector — Kate Aronoff interviews Ann Pettifor, author of The Production of Money: How To Break the Power of Bankers, on markets, Karl Polanyi and how to reverse the rise of the Right. Here is the the English translation of Karl Polanyi’s Socialist Accounting, translated by Ariane Fischer, David Woodruff, and Johanna Bockman. Here is the text of “The Present Age of Transformation”, five lectures by Karl Polanyi at Bennington College in 1940.

Daniel L. Chen (TSE): Markets, Morality, and Economic Growth: Competition Affects Deontological Judgment; and Egoism vs. Altruism: Does Intermediation Reduce Altruism? The Organization of American States decides to have a serious talk with Caracas. Nevada is about to be the first state in more than three decades to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment. The trouble at Fox News keeps getting worse. Time for some fame theory: Meet Eric Garland, the eccentric liberal analyst whose unhinged tweetstorms have made him Twitter-famous. Gonzalo Nicolas Villanueva on a short account of a long history of defending ducks. In our Google era, indexers are the unsung heroes of the publishing world.

Why it matters that Pence won’t have dinner with a woman who isn’t his wife. It’s a problem when men avoid one-on-one meetings with women. Emma Green on how Mike Pence's marriage became fodder for the culture wars.

The new handbook for cyberwar is being written by Russia. The information war is real, and we’re losing it: “I used to be a techno-utopian. Now I can’t believe that I’m sitting here talking to you about all this”. Former FBI agent details how Trump and Russia team up to weaponize fake news. Is the Trump White House spying on the FBI? Things just went from bad to worse for Devin Nunes and the White House. The career professionals at the Central Intelligence Agency seem to have a lot of reservations about Team Trump, and now we can begin to see some of the reasons why. Flynn’s public offer to testify for immunity suggests he may have nothing to say. Sarah Kendzior on why Trump’s ties to Russia would be way worse than Watergate.

It's the golden age of climate denial: In Trump's America, more CO2 in the atmosphere is actually good. EPA head Scott Pruitt has already broken 5 of his promises to Congress. What made Pruitt's falsehood go viral? Al Roker, Stephen Colbert, and the Weather Channel all rushed to correct this untruth. Air pollution denial is the new climate denial: The latest right-wing lie is even crazier than the supposed global warming "hoax" — but it's gaining influence in the Trump administration. The Republican war on science intensifies in the Trump era. On Team Trump, influence of the "Inhofe brigade" matters. Climate deniers are winning and getting greedy: With Trump in the White House, an anti-environmental conference in D.C. should have been a celebration — instead, there was fear and loathing.

Trump's Secretary of Defense James Mattis cites climate change as national security challenge. Even Exxon thinks Trump's climate change policy is terrible. Michael E. Mann on his and Tom Toles' book The Madhouse Effect: How Climate Change Denial is Threatening Our Planet, Destroying Our Politics, and Driving Us Crazy. Victoria Herrmann: "I am an Arctic researcher. Donald Trump is deleting my citations". How Reagan's EPA chief paved the way for Trump's assault on the agency: Anne Gorsuch Burford — the mother of Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch — cut its budget by a quarter and its workforce by 20 percent.

DNC asks entire staff to resign as Democrats begin party overhaul to try to stop losing elections. Trump serves as rocket fuel for Democratic fundraising. Nancy Pelosi has leverage — she also has a plan on how to use it. Tom Perriello is not Bernie Sanders: Can a wonkier populism win? Breitbart for the Left: We need left-wing media outlets to build socialism — and the late German communist Willi Munzenberg shows us how it can be done. The rise of the hard Left: Pugnacious, mischievous, smart, and angry as hell, a new sort of liberal media has risen in the wake of Donald Trumps presidency. Meet Indivisible, the young progressives leading the resistance to President Trump. “We are relearning democracy”: 5 ways the anti-Trump movement Indivisible is redefining political action.

Back channel to Trump: Loyal aide in Trump Tower Rhona Graff acts as gatekeeper. Elizabeth Spiers: “I worked for Jared Kushner. He’s the wrong businessman to reinvent government”. White House shuffles West Wing staff after health bill collapse: Deputy chief of staff Katie Walsh is being dispatched to Trump’s outside political group. The populist nationalist on Trump's National Security Council: Michael Anton actively courts controversy with his extreme views — but how much influence does he have in the White House? Steve Bannon hates libertarians because they’re not living in the real world. Who is Julia Hahn? The unlikely rise of Steve Bannon’s right-hand woman. Eric Lach interviews Katia Kelly, the Brooklyn neighborhood blogger with the Paul Manafort scoop.