Despair is not an option: Archon Fung interviews Bernie Sanders. Bernie Sanders’s misguided attacks on the “liberal elite”: Rather than highlighting class differences, the phrase beclouds them. Being anti-Trump isn’t enough: Silvio Berlusconi’s tenure reminds us that the Left needs to attack the neoliberal center, not just the populist right. Kirsten Gillibrand is an enthusiastic no: The Democrats’ most unlikely holy warrior smells rebellion in the air. In Trump’s America, who’s protesting and why? Democrats are bad at midterm turnout — that seems ready to change. Will this midterm be different from all other midterms? The most up-for-grabs seats in an election year that could be epic.

Will Trump winning be a net positive? Scott Lemieux wonders. Rich Lowry on Trump’s normality problem. Trump: “I think we’ve had one of the most successful 13 weeks in the history of the presidency”. Republicans close to Trump say president is showing signs of mental illness. Alex Pareene on how the long, lucrative right-wing grift is blowing up in the world’s face. Nancy LeTourneau is bearish on the Trump agenda: “He is going to be limited by the fierceness of the resistance, his own incompetence, the divisions within the GOP and the institutional forces that resist change”; and on the increasing incompetence of Republican presidents. Is Trump moving to the center? Some very faint signs that he just might be.

Matias Margulis (Stirling): The Global Political Economy of Raul Prebisch. Ilkin Huseynli (Heidelberg): How to Deal with Wrongdoers? Anarchist Thinkers’ Attitudes towards Criminals. Russian media coverage of the St. Petersburg bombing has been weirdly calm. If you want to see Russian information warfare at its worst, visit these countries. Gideon Rachman on how Trump can solve his Chinese puzzle. Black mirror: Rebecca Chapman on the twin abstractions of the American dollar and the American vote. The case for rethinking the calendar: Since the early 20th century, calendar reformers have fought to smooth global commerce and unite humanity — but can adopting a new calendar bring people together in peace?

Leslie Green on Neil Gorsuch and judicial plagiarism. This is what Democrats have to gain from filibustering Gorsuch. Mitch McConnell abolished the filibuster — good. The United States Senate is a failed institution: It’s a malapportioned, anti-democratic embarrassment.

Trump’s attempts to sabotage Obamacare are making insurers nervous. Citing own medical history, top House GOPer defends core Obamacare protections. Eric Levitz on how Obamacare was a political success. After Trump suggests Susan Rice is a criminal, Democrats dare him to prove it. Ethics panel opens investigation into Nunes. Nunes steps aside — what does that mean for the Russia/Trump probe? Nunes’ successor doesn’t appear to take Russia scandal seriously. 168 hours of Syria policy in the Trump administration: In the space of a week, we’ve gone from Assad can stay to Assad must go to let’s bomb Syria. What happens when North Korea tests a missile that could reach the U.S.? Elizabeth Drew on how there is no one to blame but Trump.

Bannon’s departure solidifies McMaster’s control over the NSC. Bannon’s booting from NSC may not mean much after all. Did Bannon share too much of the spotlight with Trump? Kushner and Bannon battle for the soul of the Trump White House. The knives are out for Steve Bannon — as they should be (and more). Megadonor Rebekah Mercer urged Bannon not to resign. To defend Bannon, Breitbart has opened fire on the president’s son-in-law. Republicans tearing each other to pieces over Trumpcare debacle. Civil war rages throughout Trump administration: Trump campaign staffers are squaring off against establishment GOP types in federal agencies. It’s the war of all against all in Washington DC.