Americans’ feelings about paying taxes have changed — here’s how. Americans are proud to pay taxes — except when they think others are cheating. Robert Samuelson on taxes, the great uniter? 100 years of tax brackets, in one chart. Henry Alford interviews accountants about doing taxes in the Trump age. Trump’s unreleased taxes threaten yet another campaign promise. Trump’s tax secrecy will haunt Republicans in 2018: Politicians who are abetting his corruption will have a lot to answer for in the midterm elections — if Democrats make an issue of his tax returns. The new Democrat argument on tax reform will be a tough one for Trump to deal with. How Trump’s tax returns became a liberal fantasy: There is a desperate belief that we’re just one more disclosure away from bringing down the president.

Anika Gauja (Sydney): The Legal Regulation of Political Parties: Is There a Global Normative Standard? Carlo Invernizzi Accetti (CUNY) and Fabio Wolkenstein (LSE): The Crisis of Party Democracy, Cognitive Mobilization and the Case for Making Parties More Deliberative. David R. Jones (Baruch): Party Brands and Partisan Tides. Nick Barlow (Queen Mary): A New Definition of the Centre Party. Jonathan White (LSE): The Party in Time. Jacob T. Levy on how it is little appreciated how much liberal democracy depends on strong parties — a revitalized, re-understood liberalism adequate to the moment will have to overcome a traditional distaste for partisan politics. Faisal Devji on post-interest politics: Are we looking at a political realignment?

Comedians have figured out the trick to covering Trump: Carlos Maza on why political satire is the antidote to Trumpism. Maggie Hennefeld on laughter in the age of Trump. Amusing ourselves to idiocracy: Maximillian Alvarez on The Real World: Trump Edition. 1984 is 2017’s surprise best-seller — it’s a good fit for the Trump era, but not perfect. David Micah Greenberg on poetry and agency under Trump. Eve Ewing on why authoritarians attack the arts. Perhaps there should be some talk about why so many American writers and artists as well as the organizations close to them are critical of Trump but not of the American state, or even of America itself.

Carlton Patrick (Miami): The Long-Term Promise of Evolutionary Psychology for the Law. Did President Trump do something wrong in congratulating Erdogan on the Turkish referendum? Here’s why Erdogan’s victory may come back to haunt him. Why Britain’s prime minister just called a new election — and how it could backfire. A preemptive strike on North Korea would lead to “very big war”: Zeeshan Aleem interviews Jonathan Pollack of the Brookings Institution. Heather Hurlburt on four foreign policy lessons from the North Korea showdown. Political diversity is a cop-out for overpaid media men: Can the New York Times hire a black woman opinion columnist already? #Vanlife, the bohemian social-media movement: What began as an attempt at a simpler life quickly became a life-style brand.

Cass Sunstein (Harvard): Changing Climate Change, 2009-2016. Why the U.S. government is crucial to saving the planet: Emily Atkin reviews Climate of Hope: How Cities, Businesses, and Citizens Can Save the Planet by Michael Bloomberg and Carl Pope. Richard Marshall interviews John Broome, lead author of the Fifth Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. Scientists made a detailed “roadmap” for meeting the Paris climate goals — it’s eye-opening. Paris climate agreement could bring a huge economic boom. Big Coal wants Trump to sabotage the Paris climate deal from the inside. Why Trump may stick with the Paris climate deal — and what it would mean if he did. Trump advisers abruptly cancel meeting on fate of Paris climate accord.

Why do overbearing, obnoxious people so often come out on top? What the story of a local celebrity in the remote highlands of Papua New Guinea reveals about the rise of Donald Trump to the U.S. presidency. Reagan manipulated television; Trump is controlled by it. Donald Trump’s big problem is he doesn’t know what he’s talking about. The real madman: Trump has become the real version of the man Putin plays on television — an unpredictable, temperamental, impetuous man who will push reality past the limits of the imagination. An open letter to world leaders: Please, for the love of God, ignore Donald Trump’s tweets. Trump’s old tweets are becoming a minefield of hypocrisy.

What’s left of communism: A hundred years after the Russian Revolution, can a phoenix rise from the ash heap of history? For Isaac Deutscher, exile helped him discover his real community — the internationalist left: Bruce Robbins reviews The Non-Jewish Jew by Isaac Deutscher. Notes toward a new Left internationalism: Michael Walzer, Atossa Araxia Abrahamian and Jedediah Purdy consider the major foreign-policy questions facing the Left today. Nick Pearce on how the Left should respond to the steady march of nationalism. The global Left will fail unless it understands the feminisation of the workforce. Luke Martell on the future for cosmopolitan social democracy.