From the Congressional Research Service, a report on France’s 2017 Presidential Election. Growing anti-Muslim rhetoric permeates French presidential election campaign. It’s France’s turn to worry about election meddling by Russia. Europe has problems, but Le Pen is not the answer. Marine Le Pen wants to kill the European Union — but it actually helps pay her bills. Le Pen’s inner circle fuels doubt about bid to “un-demonize” her party. French literary boy wonder Edouard Louis on saving the working class from Marine Le Pen. The rise of Jean-Luc Melenchon and France’s “post-democracy”: The new face of French populism has upended its presidential race — and perhaps the country’s future (and more and more).

French voters may end up choosing between a radical leftist and a neo-fascist. France’s best hope against a far-right takeover is an inexperienced former banker. Cole Stangler on the trouble with Macron.

From a darling of white supremacists, a shrug and a “Who, Me?”: Bell Curve author Charles Murray wants students to know that he has nothing in common with Steve Bannon. Bannon’s decline isn’t the end of the White House’s “alt-Right”: Same white nationalism, different white nationalist. When “Western civilization” is code for white nationalism: To see what Steve King means by the term, watch how he uses it. White nationalist Matthew Heimbach sues Trump for inciting him to beat up protestors. Lawsuit: White supremacist’s trolls sent woman hundreds of threatening messages. David Futrelle goes inside the dangerous convergence of men’s-rights activists and the extreme alt-Right.

Reeves Wiedeman on the Duke lacrosse scandal and the birth of the alt-Right. Does the Religious Right’s decline help the alt-Right? There isn’t a strong relationship between religious observance and racial attitudes. InfoWars’ big alt-Right breakup with Richard Spencer — and the KKK. Dylan Matthews on why the alt-Right loves single-payer health care. White nationalist Richard Spencer gets his money from Louisiana cotton fields — and the US government. Nancy LeTourneau on countering the lies of white nationalists.

ExxonMobil seeks U.S. sanctions waiver for oil project in Russia. Quite a lot more digging is required to get to the bottom of Trump’s business dealings with Russia sources of money during the W. Bush and Obama eras — we still only know the outlines. Martin Longman revisits the golden showers. The Susan Rice scandal is based on “absolutely nothing” — and House Republicans know it, but they’re going to keep investigating it anyway. Ryan Lizza on the continuing fallout from Trump and Nunes’s fake scandal. Mike Conaway isn’t an improvement on Devin Nunes. Blackwater founder Erik Prince said to have advised Trump team. The domestic conspiracy that gave Trump the election is in plain sight.

Putin-linked think tank drew up plan to sway 2016 U.S. election. Why some national-security experts say Kremlin-gate will lead to Donald Trump’s impeachment.

Alexander Luka Flis (MIT): On Markets of Thought. Mark Geistfeld (NYU): Hidden in Plain Sight: The Normative Source of Modern Tort Law. Videos fuel charges of fraud in Erdogan’s win in Turkey referendum. Turkey arrests dozens over referendum protests. A month after dismissing federal prosecutors, Justice Department does not have any U.S. attorneys in place. The heart of whiteness: Ijeoma Oluo interviews Rachel Dolezal, the white woman who identifies as black. Helicopter parenting makes college students more supportive of government surveillance and social welfare policies. Elizabeth Warren wants to make your taxes simpler, but tax preparers won’t let her. Bye-bye, Bill O’Reilly. “this byline is a war crime” (and more).

Trump’s new “Buy American” executive order will just make infrastructure more expensive. “Made in USA” is nearly impossible for some companies. Trump companies don’t always follow his “buy American, hire American” pledge. Trump’s “Hire American” executive order has no weight without Congress.

Thomas M. Keck (Syracuse): Will Donald Trump Break Political Time? Or, Is President Trump More Like Victor Orban or Franklin Pierce? The knight’s move: Can a new Trump-inspired intellectual magazine transcend its contradictions? Trump’s true ideology has been revealed: Trump has turned over his administration to the same people he promised to vanquish. Trumpism was real and its death deserves to be mourned: The president is becoming a typical right-wing Republican, thereby preserving a flawed status quo. Why we shouldn’t celebrate Trump’s “centrism”: It blinds us to the ways in which the institutions constraining Trump are themselves flawed. Donald Trump is heading for a do-nothing presidency.

As Trump drifts away from populism, his supporters grow watchful. “At least that bitch Hillary didn’t win”: Trump voters gonna Trump — whatcha gonna do?

Bilgehan Tekin (Cankiri Karatekin): The Effect of Overconfidence and Gender on the Investment Decisions. Men under 35 are so confident that they suspect discrimination when they don’t get the job. Gender quotas and the crisis of the mediocre man: Quotas aren’t anathema to meritocracy — they increase competence levels by displacing mediocre men. “I made that bitch famous”: A brief history of men getting credit for women’s accomplishments. Thomas Edsall on the increasing significance of the decline of men. As video games get better and job prospects worse, more young men are dropping out of the job market to spend their time in an alternate reality; Ryan Avent suspects this is the beginning of something big.

The North Korean military threat to America and its allies, explained. Unpredictable, unhinged, dangerous: Asian countries look warily at Trump. South Koreans feeling cheated after U.S. carrier miscue. “The aircraft carrier story isn’t just something to laugh at. It is endangering people and alliances”. Dissembling on North Korea, Trump creates a crisis of credibility. Trump’s newest foreign policy challenge: The Iran deal is working. The Trump administration just quietly admitted that the Iran deal is working. “Beautiful kids”: How the Trump administration has weaponized photographs of agony in Syria.

Stephen Sestanovich on the brilliant incoherence of Trump’s foreign policy: The United States periodically debates whether to do more or less abroad — Trump won by promising both, but he can’t possibly deliver. Why presidential candidates (like Trump) campaign as isolationists but (like Trump) govern as hawks — the pattern goes back at least to 1900.