Lucio Picci (Bologna): Democratizing Gossip: Internet-Based Reputation Systems and Governance. David J. Salant (TSE): A Model of Internet Abuse. The online and social climate will only get worse before it gets better. From the Pew Research Center, a report on the future of free speech, trolls, anonymity and fake news online. A study suggests social media bubbles might not be making us more polarized after all. You are almost definitely sharing memes made by Nazis. Stacey Lantagne (Mississippi): Famous on the Internet: The Spectrum of Internet Memes and the Legal Challenge of Evolving Methods of Communication. Do you have a First Amendment right to social media? Blake Anthony Klinkner investigates.

Why Bernie Sanders’s unity tour failed: The independent senator hit the road with Democratic national chairman Tom Perez — and highlighted everything that’s tearing the party apart. “Disarray” is preface to power for Democrats. Democrats partner with political newcomers aiming to create anti-Trump wave in 2018 midterms. Joshua Holland on why opposing Trump isn’t like the GOP obstructing Obama. Shit talking is Democrats’ new strategy. No time for a negative peace: This is what a failed “resistance” looks like. Alex Arriaga on how a group that defended affirmative action evolved into an anti-Trump force. Adam Gopnik on the persistence of Trump Derangement Syndrome.

The first 100 days of resistance restored our faith in democracy — but progressives must continue to take to the streets — and push Democrats to offer a real alternative. Brian Resnick on four rules for making a protest work, according to experts. In America, “proximity and shared values” is all it takes to turn protesters into felons.

Tristam Adams (Goldsmiths): Femme Fatales, Female Psychopaths and Narrative Science. What would the second Korean war look like? The first 24 hours of war on the Korean peninsula could cost hundreds of thousands of lives. Theresa May would fire UK’s nuclear weapons as a “first strike”, says Defence Secretary Michael Fallon. Outspoken Maldives blogger who challenged radical Islamists is killed. Jeff Stein on the core contradiction of Barack Obama’s post-presidency. State Department uses government website to promote Trump’s private country club: Taxpayer dollars, used to line the president’s pockets. How to do things with genres: Marta Figlerowicz reviews Simple Forms: Legend, Saga, Myth, Riddle, Saying, Case, Memorabile, Fairytale, Joke by Andre Jolles.

The AP has released the transcript of its interview with our Yam-in-Chief, and much of it is utterly unintelligible (and more). “The ideas made it, but I didn’t”: Pat Buchanan won after all — but now he thinks it might be too late for the nation he was trying to save. Donald Trump won the 2016 election because he’s what Republican voters wanted. “Trump voters like Trump not because of anything he’s doing but because he’s Trump”. Trump voters don’t believe he has played more golf than Obama in first 3 months. Nearing 100 days, Trump’s approval at record lows but his base is holding (and more).

“Last year, Trump released a Contract With The American Voter, outlining an agenda for the first 100 days. Here’s the status of that agenda”. Winning: Trump, GOP Congress are 0-4 on major campaign pledges. Donald Trump just pulled a major flip-flop on his first 100 days in office: President Trump was for the 100 days mark mattering before he was against it. A hundred days of Trump: With his nativist and purely transactional view of politics, he threatens to be democracy’s most reckless caretaker. Robert Reich on the first 100 days: Trump and the degradation of the presidency. Marc Thiessen: “Forget the critics, Mr. President. Your first 100 days have been just fine”.

“I never realized how big it was”: President Trump is slowly coming to terms with the size of the government he now runs, and the challenges he must tackle. Donald Trump’s ignorance keeps getting in the way. Trump is writing fake executive orders because he doesn’t know how to be president. White House loads thinly staffed agencies with policy deadlines. Why Republicans will pass Trump’s yuge tax cuts for the rich. Trump’s nuclear option on Obamacare, explained: He might blow up the law or himself. Trump will provoke a crisis or be humiliated this week. Donald Trump is obsessed with winning, and that’s why he’s losing.

Republicans are holding themselves hostage, threatening a government shutdown against their own party.

What pundits are saying about the French election. “This is deadly serious”: French parties set sights on Marine Le Pen. Almost everyone in French politics is working to stop Le Pen. Le Pen calls French parties “completely rotten” as they unite to fend her off. Le Pen steps aside as National Front leader. Sunday’s election shows just how completely French voters have rejected the establishment. The French elections showed the strength of the European far Right — and its limits. What a 1973 French novel tells us about Marine Le Pen, Steve Bannon and the rise of the populist Right: Stridently anti-immigrant, The Camp of Saints was originally ignored or pilloried — now, it’s found a following.