From Made by History, Benjamin R. Young on how the Reagan-era invasion of Grenada drove North Korea to develop nuclear weapons. What does North Korea hope to gain by threatening Guam? If missiles are headed to Guam, here is what could stop them. North Korean missile claims are “a hoax”. The alternative to nuclear war is a revolution: Trump should stop legitimizing the regime and start helping North Koreans to change it. Jean H. Lee goes inside Kim Jong-un’s bloody scramble to kill off his family: While the world watches North Korea launch missiles, the very paranoid supreme leader has been busy eliminating anyone in his family who might knock him off the throne.

Pyongyang can miniaturize, so let’s move on to what’s important: Lucien Crowder interviews David Wright on the North Korea crisis. This is not a North Korean crisis, it’s a Trump crisis: The standoff on the Korean Peninsula is tense, but stable — unless the American president disrupts it. Trump’s latest North Korea threat is scary — it’s also a lie. Trump has been thinking about nuclear war for decades — here’s why that’s scary. Here’s what would happen if Trump ordered the military to nuke North Korea: No one could stop him. The madman and the bomb: The nuclear launch process once haunted Nixon’s aides — 43 years later, is it finally time to reform the system?

There is no one able to control this rogue president, no one who is capable of preventing him, if he so wishes, from consigning hundreds of thousands of people to a nuclear holocaust — if this does not make for an emergency, what would?

Liberals gather in Atlanta to plan Trump resistance strategy. Alice Gregory on how Rebecca Solnit became the voice of the resistance. Who’s truly rebuilding the Democratic Party? The activists. Forget Bernie bros: Meet the young people of color leading the country’s socialist revolution. Are the socialists here to ruin everything? Nancy LeTourneau on the unconscious bias of Sanders and some of his supporters. Can any Democratic candidate satisfy the Left? The recent uproar over Kamala Harris shows that the Left needs to decide how to approach flawed candidates who meet its litmus tests. How identity became a weapon against the Left: Reaction to criticism of Kamala Harris shows how the voices of progressive people of color are erased.

How the various Democratic factions can open up a dialogue. There is no such thing as us vs them — we’re all in this together: That is a foundational value that distinguishes liberals from conservatives.

Alexander Brown (East Anglia): What is Hate Speech? Part 1: The Myth of Hate. Migrants are being forced off boats and deliberately drowned by smugglers off Yemen coast. Countries around the world move to repeal “marry your rapist” laws. What it feels like on Guam, caught between Trump and North Korea. The opioid epidemic, explained: The opioid epidemic could kill as many as 650,000 people in the next decade — here’s how it got so bad. We have a political problem no one wants to talk about: Very old politicians. From Vogue, Chelsea Manning changed the course of history — now she’s focusing on herself. Most of what you think you know about human reasoning is wrong: Henry Farrell interviews Hugo Mercier, co-author of The Enigma of Reason.

Trump thanks Putin for kicking American diplomats out of Russia — this is not a joke. What does it say that half the GOP base would support Trump’s authoritarianism? Trump’s terrible deals: The president is claiming credit for a series of corporate investments in the U.S., even though they come with expensive strings attached. Republicans fall back in love with crony capitalism.

Silicon Valley’s weapon of choice against women: Shoddy science. The Google memo is poorly argued and reaches the wrong conclusion. The anti-diversity memo leaked out of Google is typical tech industry discrimination. Thread: “Look, tech problem isn’t just discrimination against women+minorities. It's hostility to ESSENTIAL skills that/because many engineers lack”. Thread: “Whether it's their Bronifestos or their skeevy DMs, men are mostly unchallenged on their beliefs that they are unique geniuses”. Diversity problems in the tech industry go far beyond Google. A Googler’s would-be manifesto reveals tech’s rotten core. Segregated Valley: The ugly truth about Google and diversity in tech. Tech’s sexism doesn’t stay in Silicon Valley — it’s in the products you use.

Why Google doesn’t need to care about employees’ free speech. Fired Google-memo author James Damore’s first stop: Alt-Right YouTube. The alt-Right finds a new enemy in Silicon Valley. Google’s fired “politically incorrect” engineer has sparked a broad ideological debate. Why the conservative response to the Google memo is hypocritical. The perfect culture war: How conservative pundits reacted to Google’s fired engineer. The culture wars have come to Silicon Valley. Behind the Google diversity memo furor is fear of Google’s vast, opaque power: Why an anti-diversity memo by a midlevel software engineer became a national scandal.

Here’s the memo that blew up the NSC: Fired White House staffer argued “deep state” attacked Trump administration because the president represents a threat to cultural Marxist memes, globalists, and bankers. Coup clucks clan: Rightbloggers blame “deep state” for Trump’s woes. Is Mike Pence the “deep state” that Trump fears? Dan Rather: Recent leaks “a public service”. White House “enemies list” drove McMaster-Bannon feud. The committee to save America: Here’s one of the most intriguing — and consequential — theories circulating inside the White House. Why is Sebastian Gorka still in the White House?

Republicans turn guns on each other in wake of Obamacare repeal fail. Jeff Flake’s ridiculous, fake anti-Trump rebellion should terrify Republicans. Trump’s insane public spat with McConnell is historically unprecedented. Trump is losing his battle with the Republican Party. Is Trump preparing to leave the Republican Party? Nancy LeTourneau on how the party of George W. and Jeb Bush is dying.