Dylan Scott on the state of American health care, in 5 charts. The Left has made Medicare for All a mainstream, Democratic policy. On single-payer, the Democratic floodgates have opened. Sen. Murphy thinks he can build an on-ramp to single-payer health care (and more). Single-payer isn’t the only progressive option on health care. Nancy LeTourneau on a robust debate on options for getting to universal coverage. Dylan Matthews on the stunning Democratic shift on single-payer. Are you sure you want single payer? “Medicare for all” is a popular idea, but for Americans, transitioning to such a system would be difficult, to say the least (and more). Democrats are rushing to embrace single payer — can it be a political winner?

The same agency that runs Obamacare is using taxpayer money to undermine it. This is what Obamacare sabotage looks like. Trump takes his sabotage of Obamacare to a new level (and more). Once Obamacare repeal is dead, the GOP has no plan B. Republicans wind up one last Hail Mary to repeal Obamacare: Cassidy-Graham faces a tricky schedule and tough politics.

Mollie Gerver (Newcastle): Paying Minorities to Leave. Filip Vostal (AAU): Slowing Down Modernity: A Critique. Sabine Tsuruda (UCLA): The Moral Burdens of Temporary Farmwork. On the U.S. Virgin Islands, anger and resentment after Irma. Why Hurricane Irma wasn’t far worse, and how close it came to catastrophe. Why some people never evacuate during a hurricane, according to a psychologist. Why do three companies control Americans’ most sensitive personal information? Break up the credit-reporting racket. Study finds banning Reddit’s bigoted jerkwards worked. Someone is going to give away the house for Amazon — and it won’t go well. Trump has nominated 42 people for US attorney — only one is a woman.

From Lawfare, Benjamin Wittes on how to read a news story about an investigation: Eight tips on who is saying what. Trump’s business of corruption: What secrets will Mueller find when he investigates the President’s foreign deals? How Donald Trump lied to conceal his Moscow business partner. Russia used Facebook events to organize anti-immigrant rallies on U.S. soil. The surprising new strategy of pro-Russia bots. Russia sought a broad reset with Trump, secret document shows. The case for Trump-Russia collusion: We’re getting very, very close. Mueller is “going for the kill” on Trump-Russia investigation, Republicans believe. The Republican plan to use the Steele dossier to attack James Comey.

Russia probes pose loyalty test for Team Trump: Current and former White House aides caught up in the probe are being advised by their attorneys to tell the truth — even if that might hurt the president. All the president’s defenses: The arguments that President Trump’s lawyers outlined in two memos submitted to the Special Counsel are quite weak. Unbecoming conduct: Trump’s lawyers keep embarrassing themselves and the entire legal profession.