Thomas E. Patterson (Harvard): News Coverage of Donald Trump’s First 100 Days. Stef W. Kight on the insane news cycle of Trump’s presidency in 1 chart. No, Donald Trump is not “teflon”. Ritchie King on how Reddit is talking about the Trump presidency. The post-literate American presidency: Trump is truly the first TV president, and a harbinger of the decline in intelligence to come in U.S. politics. Trump’s bloody-minded jihad against the NFL must be seen as an attempt to distract from something far more dangerous to Trump: the malfeasance of his Cabinet and White House staff. Trump is never getting banned from Twitter. Why Trump is exhausting our outrage meters. Dana Milbank: “President Trump is killing me. Really”.

Daniel Fitzpatrick (Monash) and Caroline Compton (Yale): Seeing Like a State: Land Law and Human Mobility after Natural Disasters. These hurricanes prove that climate adaptation is not enough. We have no system to deal with escalating climate damages — it’s time to build one. America’s natural disaster response is its own disaster: After three major hurricanes, FEMA is facing its costliest challenge ever. From Vox, what every American needs to know about Puerto Rico’s hurricane disaster; here’s what Trump could actually do to help Puerto Rico; and it’s not just Puerto Rico: 6 other Caribbean island nations are in crisis after the hurricanes.

After the storms have passed: Alice C. Hill on rebuilding with climate change in mind. D.R. Tucker on hurricane havoc and the climate conversation.

The Folio: 100 list recognizes individuals for the tangible impact they’ve had in their jobs, on their companies and brands, or on the industry at large. What’s the greatest magazine of all time? Magazines are no fun anymore. The not-so-glossy future of magazines: A spate of departures by celebrity editors suggests that the romance of the industry has faded, as magazines grasp for new revenue streams. Rolling Stone’s sales pitch to investors: Go monthly, slash editorial budget, pivot to video — Jann Wenner and his millennial son capitulate to magazine reality. Whiting Foundation announces new grants for magazines.

Minjae Kim (MIT): A Man is Known by His Cup: Signaling Commitment via Costly Conformity. Meet the far-right party that’s bringing racism and xenophobia back to Germany. Iceland’s government has collapsed because the prime minister’s father wanted to pardon a child molester. Experts are stunned by the “sheer stupidity” of including Chad in the travel ban. Gloria Allred’s crusade: The attorney takes on Bill Cosby, rape law, and Donald Trump. One of Trump’s shitty golf courses cost Puerto Rican taxpayers millions of dollars. Scientists are trying to rescue 1,500 monkeys in Puerto Rico. A revolt at a journal puts peer review under the microscope. Anca L. Szilagyi on twenty-six notes on cannibalism.

The GOP’s two-pronged strategy to pass health care: Deceit and reckless speed. Cruelty, incompetence and lies: Graham-Cassidy isn’t an aberration; it’s more like the distilled essence of everything wrong with modern Republicans. The zombie party: The Republicans’ undying effort to repeal Obamacare is incontrovertible evidence of their political nihilism. If the U.S. adopts the G.O.P.’s health-care bill, it would be an act of mass suicide. “Repeal and go fuck yourself” is in full effect. Graham-Cassidy may be dead, but Obamacare repeal is very much alive. Will Obamacare ever be safe? Martin Longman wonders. Trump administration abandons subtlety in ACA sabotage campaign.

College football is here — but what are we really cheering? College football is a moneymaking sham: Everyone is making millions — except the players. College football gives conservatives their own safe space on campus. College football’s inevitable end: Institutions which are supposed to help students realize their intellectual and emotional capacities sponsor an activity directly linked to the opposite. ESPN football analyst Ed Cunningham had a crisis of conscience — then he quit. How watching football helped me understand people who deny climate change: Fans like me are denying science, too.

How America’s pro sports arenas became a battleground for Trump’s culture war. Football is life in Texas — then along came Trump vs. the NFL. The lone Steelers player to come out for the national anthem says it was a “mistake”. Together for what? A protest broad enough to include Jerry Fucking Jones could charitably be described as absurd, but in retrospect it could hardly have been otherwise. Is politics killing the NFL? How we can get partisan politics out of football.

“It’s two different games”: Why college football is more fun than the NFL.

Honey, I shrunk the Oval Office: Zachary Karabell on Donald Trump’s not-so-imperial presidency. Will Donald Trump destroy the presidency? He disdains the rule of law, he’s trampling norms of presidential behavior — and he’s bringing vital institutions down with him. Norms matter: Turns out a lot of politics isn’t governed by written rules — which was a good thing, until now. Michelle Goldberg on the tyranny of the minority: Most people didn’t vote to be governed like this. How Trump is helping to save our democracy. Beverly Gage reviews One Nation After Trump: A Guide for the Perplexed, the Disillusioned, the Desperate, and the Not-Yet Deported by E.J. Dionne Jr., Norman J. Ornstein, and Thomas E. Mann.