Julie L. Novkov (SUNY-Albany): How Do We Solve a Problem Like the Donald? We know a lot about what Robert Mueller is doing; we also know nothing at all: Looking for clues in the actions of D.C.’s second-most-powerful man. Trump will fire Robert Mueller eventually — what will happen next? Richard Cohen is scared that Trump might be impeached. What are impeachable offenses? Noah Feldman and Jacob Weisberg review The Case for Impeachment by Allan J. Lichtman and Impeachment: A Citizen’s Guide by Cass R. Sunstein (and more). Roger Stone says there would be an “insurrection” if Trump were impeached — is he right? Trump could be removed for political incompetence — using the 25th Amendment.

#AlwaysTrump: No matter how he leaves the White House, we’ll never be rid of Trump — and all that he represents about America.

Reva Siegel (Yale): ProChoiceLife: Asking Who Protects Life and How — And Why It Matters in Law and Politics. A new slew of state laws are aimed at making sure abortion coverage is banned from private health insurance plans — putting the procedure still further out of reach. An excerpt from How All Politics Became Reproductive Politics: From Welfare Reform to Foreclosure to Trump by Laura Briggs. Defending abortion without “rights”: Juniper Alcorn reviews Foucault’s Futures: A Critique of Reproductive Reason by Penelope Deutscher. Let’s talk about Roy Moore’s extremism on abortion. Artificial wombs are coming — they could completely change the debate over abortion.

Aziz Z. Huq (Chicago): Judging Discriminatory Intent. Armin Falk (Bonn): Status Inequality, Moral Disengagement and Violence. From the Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Politics, here is the entry on Empires vs States by Josep M. Colomer. Latest figures reveal more than 40 million people are living in slavery. Socialist parties in Europe keep losing for the same reason. The general who turned around the response in New Orleans after Katrina thinks we’re failing Puerto Rico. Is the Steele dossier about to have its moment of truth? Trump puts another fox in charge of another hen house. Trump’s lawyers just keep stepping in it. What do most mass shooters have in common? It isn’t politics, video games or religion. Choire Sicha on Hugh Hefner, the Pajama Man.

The new Republican tax plan, explained. The GOP tax plan, explained in simplest possible terms. Trump’s tax “reform” looks like tax cuts for the rich. Trump’s tax plan: Prioritize cuts for the rich, say he isn’t (and more). Trump says his tax plan is “not good for me”, despite big cuts for the wealthy (and more and more). Hamilton Nolan on the sheer bold balls of the Republican tax cuts; and on how the Trump tax plan is an American catastrophe. The middle class doesn’t want a tax cut — it wants better government. The Trump tax cuts are going to hurt the Republican Party. Passing a tax bill should be easy — here’s why it isn’t. The tax fight is about to get real.

Bruce Bartlett: “I helped create the GOP tax myth. Trump is wrong: Tax cuts don’t equal growth”. With tax cuts on the table, once-mighty deficit hawks hardly chirp. The Republican tax plan is a sham. Let’s stop taking Trump’s tax plan seriously. Watch the tax code because that’s how they get you.

Why black families struggle to build wealth: Gillian B. White interviews Tom Shapiro, author of Toxic Inequality: How America’s Wealth Gap Destroys Mobility, Deepens the Racial Divide, and Threatens Our Future. White economic privilege as alive and well: Fifty years after Martin Luther King campaigned for black economic equality, the difference in income between blacks and whites remains the same. The American economy isn’t getting any less racist (and more). The everyday economic violence of black life: Renee Hatcher reviews Ferguson’s Fault Lines: The Race Quake That Rocked a Nation by Kimberly Norwood. Narender Strong interviews Darrick Hamilton on capitalism’s dichotomous nature and stratification economics.